Red Havas welcomes new appointments to its health and social communications teams

Red Havas Health

Kelly Smith joins as ethical health director, with Natalie Karaminas as account director, health and social

Red Havas has strengthened its growing healthcare PR and strategic communications offering with two key appointments.

Kelly Smith has taken the role of ethical health director and will focus on continuing to elevate excellence in the agency’s growing integrated digital and social work, and Natalie Karaminas has joined as account director, health and social.

Smith will lead ethical pharmaceutical accounts, including Novartis and UCB Australia, reporting to Sue Cook, managing partner health & wellness, and joins the health leadership team of Sue and Nicole Phillips, client services director.

Smith has more than 10 years of experience working with organisations and stakeholders across the health sector, including pharmaceutical companies, patient advocacy groups, professional societies and government bodies.

“We see continued opportunity to partner with our clients in the health and pharmaceutical sector, particularly when it comes to managing strategic and authentic communications that amplify our consumer partners voice, whilst leveraging social, digital and media channels effectively,” Smith said.

“Applying our pioneering Red Havas methodology and learnings we build confidence in the digital and social arena for our clients, as well as creating authentic conversations with our content partners – whether they be connectors, influencers or Australians living with health conditions that are keen to share their experience.”

Karaminas has transferred within the group from the UK, a great example of the network enabling professional development and growth. Across the global Red Havas network more than ten company transfers have taken place in the past few years involving Australian team members.

Karaminas has a wealth of consumer health, pharmaceutical PR, social media, and creative communications experience across disease areas including diabetes, rosacea and cardiovascular and has been championing influencer and social media integration with pharma sector clients.

Karaminas led on Rosacea: Beyond the Visible, the first and only pharma-led disease awareness social media and influencer-led campaign in this therapy area, recognised by the PM Society, winning Gold for ‘Effectiveness in Building Digital Communities’ at the PM Digital Awards 2021.

James Wright, global CEO of Red Havas and Global Chairman of the Havas PR Global Collective, said while visiting Australia: “Never has health and healthcare been more important and high profile with governments, businesses, and our communities. We are living in the health age.

“Since the pandemic began pharmaceutical brands have become household brands, we have seen transformation in health systems and how we approach drug development.

“With the elevation of health comes a lot of misinformation and disinformation. We need to be where these discussions are across social and digital platforms to help our clients drive accurate and positive conversations.”

Sue Cook, managing partner health & wellness Red Havas, said: “We have really expanded our offering and work this year partnering with our colleagues in social, experiential and corporate/public affairs and look forward to what we can achieve in 2023.”

Wright added: “We are seeing brands across all types of industries and sectors pivoting into health. From sports brands to big tech, the transport industry to Government, health is a critical topic in boardrooms everywhere.”

The agency operates in 14 markets, with 24 offices and of its 450 staff, 150 are working in health and wellness reflecting the increasing demand for healthcare services and expertise from clients.

Top image, left to right: Claudia Warren, Daisy Bartlett, Sarah Pryke, Sue Cook, James Wright, Nicole Phillips, Kelly Smith, Natalie Karaminas and Alice Cullam

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