REA Group launches Spacely for short-term & co-working

Spacely will evolve over the coming months

REA Group has launched Spacely, a new listings site that will make it easier for Australians to find short-term commercial rentals and co-working spaces that meet their needs.

Spacely, available on, will launch as a new beta experience and will evolve over the coming months. Multiple updates and improvements to the site are expected as more short-term commercial listings are added.

Tracey Fellows, REA group chief executive officer, commented: “The launch of Spacely sees us enter a new market and allows us to bring something to Australians that we know they’ve been searching for.

“With almost 600,000 Australian businesses renting a short-term commercial space last year alone, there is a clear opportunity to make it easier for Australians to find the solution that’s right for them.”

Joseph Lyons, REA group executive general manager – Spacely, commented: “The nature of work is changing and there are a growing number of short-term commercial spaces for rent or lease in Australia. The current difficulty is they are spread across multiple websites depending on location and type of space.

“Spacely fills a gap in the market that currently exists and makes it easier for Australian businesses to find the space that’s right for them, in the one place.”

For customers with shorter-term commercial spaces available, Spacely provides a place for all their listings no matter the type of space, including co-working, offices, creative environments, retail spaces, event locations and even meeting rooms.

To view the listings, visit

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