Prosper and Bastion Agency launch ‘Strong, Safe, Fabulous’ campaign

Arley Pearce in 'Strong, Safe, Fabulous' initiative by Bastion Agency for Prosper (Project Australia)

Niki Bentley: “The messaging will make a difference in the community, changing opinions for the better.”

Prosper (Project Australia), an organisation dedicated to supporting disadvantaged children and families, has launched the Strong, Safe, Fabulous campaign via Bastion Agency, aimed at preventing domestic and family violence within the LGBTQIA+ community.

Produced in collaboration with Rainbow Families, a charity geared at supporting, empowering and advocating for LGBTQIA+ parents and their children, the campaign seeks to challenge negative stereotypes and foster long-term behavioural change through the sharing of authentic stories from LGBTQIA+ families.

The campaign features a series of videos showcasing LGBTQIA+ members overcoming personal struggles with the support of family and friends.

Sixteen-year-old Arley Pearce shared their experience: “When I was in a bad place, I thought I was all alone until I really accepted that my family cared, and with their support, I was able to push through,” said Pearce.


Karen Craigie OAM, executive director of Prosper, commented on the urgency of addressing domestic and family violence within the LGBTQIA+ community.

“There is a high level of domestic and family violence within all communities,” Craigie said, “but the rate amongst the LGBTQIA+ community is even more alarming, with more than 40 per cent of people reporting abuse in an intimate partner relationship.

Craigie emphasised the need for change, highlighting the importance of education.

“To help reduce these staggering figures, we need more education around the impacts of violence and abuse while showcasing the life-changing benefits of offering support,” she said.


Niki Bentley, senior broadcast producer at Bastion, an integrated communications and creative agency, said the campaign aims to spark conversations within the community.

“The cast were so generous, donating their time and sharing their stories, allowing us an insight into their lives and family,” said Bentley.

“The messaging will make a difference in the community, changing opinions for the better. It’s wonderful to be able to release these examples of healthy, strong relationships and show how truly  amazing the LGBTQIA+ community is.”  

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Client: Prosper (Project Australia), Karen Craigie OAM  
Client: Rainbow Families @rainbowfamiliesnsw, Ashley Scott  
Agency: Bastion Agency  
Managing director: Jacqueline Archer  
Senior agency producer: Niki Bentley  
Production company: DIVISION  
Director: Lula Cucchiara  
Managing director / executive producer: Genevieve Triquet  
Producer: Sarah Nichols  
Director of photography: Kate Cornish  
Casting: Lucky Break Creative  
Editor (long-form): Grace O’Connell (The Editors)  
Editor (short-form): Dave Wade (Bastion Agency)  
Colourist: Fergus Rotherham  
Sound House: Rumble Studios  
Music Composer: Rino Darusman

Top Image: Arley Pearce

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