Premium Content Alliance to detail benefits of ads in premium media channels

• Findings from the study will be revealed later in the year.

The study will determine how premium media channels supercharge awareness, affinity, loyalty, endorsement and business outcomes.

In the first research piece since the launch of the new industry organisation, the Premium Content Alliance will quantify the benefits of placing ads in premium media environments.

The Premium Effectiveness Study is designed to understand the branding value of premium advertising inventory versus other media options such as Facebook and YouTube.

Premium media is defined as media placements that align with professionally produced content, content that is curated and overseen by experienced editors, producers and journalists. This includes news media environments as well as other content categories including lifestyle, entertainment and sport.

In recent years, studies have shown advertising in premium channels compared to non-premium platforms offers real business results. For example, in 2016, Comscore found premium media to be three times more effective in driving mid-funnel brand metrics such as favourability, consideration and recommendation. 

Conducted by MediaScience, the Premium Effectiveness Study will go deeper to dissect the performance of specific ad units including display and short-form video on desktop and mobile in premium media environments, as well as print advertising units. 

Leading the study is MediaScience CEO Dr Duane Varan, a global pioneer in lab-based research integrating biometrics, facial coding, eye tracking, response latency testing and emerging measurement methods to understand the emotional dimensions of media encounters. Dr Varan has worked with the world’s leading media companies including Disney, CBS, NBC, Discovery Channel and MTV.

Dr Varan said: “This is a landmark study testing the same ad content across a wide range of media platforms and environments. Marketers have long been calling out for a better understanding of the value of premium content and this work will make a significant contribution not only here in Australia, but worldwide.”

The study will use a broad sample to help determine which media placement choices are best based on demographics, behavioural interests and purchase intent. The research will also track the impact of context in premium media environments.

Premium Content Alliance Head of Research Steve Weaver said: “The Premium Effectiveness Study will deliver the definitive answer on the value of premium media channels helping marketers and their agency partners to produce real business results.”

Findings from the study will be revealed later in the year.

The founding stakeholders of the Premium Content Alliance are Australia’s premium content producers, providers of effective, trusted and regulated advertising environments that grow businesses: Foxtel, Foxtel Media, News Corp, Nine, Network 10 and Seven West Media.

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