Pollinate launches sustainability division to deliver change for businesses


Pollinate Sustainability will help businesses identify the cause of their sustainability issues

Pollinate, The Influence Group’s strategic consulting and insights company, has announced the launch of a purpose-built division to deliver meaningful sustainability initiatives for businesses: Pollinate Sustainability.

The company, which was awarded the AFR’s Sustainability Leader of 2022, has a 17-year history of solving problems for businesses and government, helping them understand society’s expectations for sustainability and guiding them through the complexities of adjusting business goals, rules and parameters to meet shifting demand.

Having worked on more than 150 projects in sustainability for clients including the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, MLA, Nike, Google and Bega, the new division comprises six experts across the Pollinate business led by its chief executive officer, Howard Parry-Husbands, who has spent 10 years on the Board of Planet Ark, one of Australia’s most trusted environmental organisations.

Parry-Husbands said: “Sustainability as a concept is nothing new for Pollinate. However, it is very clear we’re in a paradigm shift around the way businesses and consumers deal with sustainability.

“Right now consumers have a set of expectations around sustainability that are pulling businesses in many directions, from location of manufacturing to product pricing. It’s understandably confusing, particularly with the market being flooded by consultancy offers around the subject.

“In this environment, we have identified the need to offer a purpose-built division that uses our track record to help provide clear and meaningful paths to a sustainable future, improving business outcomes and exceeding consumer needs,” he added.

Pollinate Sustainability will help businesses identify the cause of their sustainability issues across the business functions of purpose, process, product and promotion, delivering solutions that range from marketing and communications to product development and supply chain management. The division will also conduct training programs to launch in early 2023.

The Pollinate Sustainability team also includes Pamela Souvlis (head of society), Nathan Saville (COO), Morgan Owen (Adelaide MD), Bronte Rice-Jenkins (account manager), and Lilia Blanari (senior research manager).

Pollinate will launch the most recent findings of its marquee Pulse survey, keeping a running tab on Australian society’s relationship with sustainability initiatives, via a live webinar on 17 November. The Pulse surveys have been conducted twice a year since 2007.  To register for the webinar, click here.

Pollinate is part of the fast-growing marketing and strategic consulting business, The Influence Group, which also owns Social Soup, the largest influencer marketing business in Australia and New Zealand. Together, Pollinate and Social Soup employ 50 people around Australia and have recorded revenue growth of 30% a year over the past five years.

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