Pip Bingemann and Amy Tucker join forces to launch Trilingual

Trilingual - Pip Bingemann and Amy Tucker

“The focus for Trilingual is tackling problems from all angles”

Pip Bingemann and Amy Tucker have joined forces to launch their new marketing, advertising, and experimentation studio, Trilingual.

Bingemann and Tucker share a similar career path, beginning in PR. Both learned their craft in media agencies at UM, Ikon and Bohemia and moved to San Francisco to join creative agencies 215 McCann and Cutwater before ending up in senior client roles in tech and web3, including Twitter, Shopify, and Unstoppable Domains.

Bingemann said of Trilingual’s point of difference: “The focus for Trilingual is tackling problems from all angles, having worked in media agencies, creative agencies, and client-side roles, we speak all languages. But it’s not just about experience, we partner that experience with technology and AI to help us to move faster.

“Working with agencies and clients directly, Trilingual is positioned to plug holes in a seamless manner,” he said.

Tucker said: “We call ourselves a plug and play studio, on one side we fill gaps, but on the other we are committed to experimenting because we believe the best learning comes through play.”

Over the past few months Trilingual has worked on everything from global research projects, to pitch support for creative and media agencies, brand architecture, forecast models and workshops focused on using AI within the creative, branding and marketing process.

Trilingual’s full offering includes research, marketing strategy, GTM plans, brand strategy, creative strategy, creative development, media planning and buying, training, data analysis, project management, agency management, and short and mid-term cover for parental leave or holiday cover.

Kira Carfagnini, director of brand at Kelly Services (a global leader in workforce management solutions) spoke highly of Trilingual’s services.

“Trilingual has a unique ability to bring data and marketing together. Amy and Pip are my go-to team when it comes to bridging the gap between high-level strategy and brand data.
“Beyond this, they are masters on brand strategy and creative fundamentals and have delivered on developing strategies and educating our C-suite. I admire how they work with speed, urgency, and always a joyful demeanour,” Carfagnini added.

Top image: Pip Bingemann and Amy Tucker 

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