Perth Radio Ratings 2021, Survey 8: Nova and Mix lead the pack

perth radio ratings

• 6PR ends on a high, Triple M struggles

Perth Radio Ratings
GfK Survey 8, Survey Period: Sunday September 26 to Saturday December 4

UP: MIX 94.5 +0.8
DOWN: 96FM -0.7

Nova 93.7 12.6% (12.6%)

Cume: 559,000 (-2,000)
2020 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 14.3% (12.0%)
Best Breakfast 15.9% (13.5%)

Staying steady with a 12.6% share, Nova has ended the year on top in Perth. After briefly losing the top spot to Mix 94.5 in survey five, Nova reclaimed the crown in survey six and are looking to keep it that way.
In more good news for Nova, despite an 0.4% dip the breakfast show of Nathan, Nat and Shaun is once again #1 again with a 12.7% share. 
Nova also continues to dominate drive, almost a full point ahead of their closest competitors in the slot. The national program of Kate, Tim and Joel has come in at 13.4%.
The battle for control of the weekends saw Nova pull ahead in the last survey, and a boost of 0.3% has seen them stay there in survey eight. With a weekend share of 12.6%, Nova has widened the gap between itself and 96FM to 1.5 points.
Nova has dominated across demographics, claiming the #1 share in the 10-17, 18-24, and 25-39 demographics.

Mix 94.5 12.0% (11.2%)

Cume: 493,000 (+5,000)
2020 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 12.7% (10.1%)
Best Breakfast 12.4% (8.7%)

Hit Network’s Mix 94.5, will be eyeing off the crown next year as they come in only 0.6% behind Nova to finish the year.
Coming second to Nova’s breakfast team in every survey so far this year, Mix 94.5’s breakfast lineup of Pete, Matt and Kymba hasn’t managed to break the curse just yet, but have come tantalisingly close. This survey, they came in with a 12.1% share, just 0.6 points behind Nathan, Nat and Shaun.
The national drive show of Carrie Bickmore and Tommy Little also stayed steady in second place to Nova, with a small rise of 0.1 bringing them to a share of 12.5%. 
In the afternoons, however, Mix 94.5 has finally broken away from Nova to win the slot with a share of 13.5%.
Mix was the #1 station with the 40-54 demographic, with a 17.5% share.

96FM 10.7% (11.4%)

Cume: 410,000 (-40,000)
2020 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 13.6% (11.3%)
Best Breakfast 13.3% (8.3%)

After posting its lowest 10+ and breakfast shares in over five years in the first survey of the year, ARN’s 96FM bounce back has stalled. After a dip of 0.8 points last survey, in eight it has slid by another 0.7%.
In their sixth full ratings survey together, the breakfast show The Bunch with Dean Clairs and Lisa Shaw saw a drop of 0.6 points. After a spike in surveys 5 and 6 – including the show’s highest share so far of 11.7% in survey 6 – The Bunch has come back down to 8.9%, the exact same number it began the year with in survey one.

6PR 8.9% (8.3%)

Cume: 171,000 (-20,000)
2020 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 8.6% (6.3%)
Best Breakfast 11.2% (8.0%)

After survey 6 saw 6PR post its lowest share since the end of 2020, the Nine Radio station has continued to bounce back. Survey eight saw a lift of 0.6 points, taking the station to 8.9%. 
The breakfast show hosted by Gareth Parker has risen 0.6 points, bringing the show to 9.9%.
The drive show hosted by Oliver Peterson has seen an increase as well, jumping 0.2 points for a share of 9.0%.
6PR has claimed the #1 station for the 65+ demographic, with a share of 16.5%.

6iX 5.7% (5.3%)

Cume: 157,000 (-6,000)
2020 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 5.3% (4.5%)
Best Breakfast 4.5% (3.5%)

6IX continues to make up ground after sliding 1.5 points in survey six. The station has regained 0.4 points, bringing it to a share of 5.7%. The Breakfast show with Ian Blackley stayed steady with a share of 5.1%. 
The station did best in the 65+ demo with an 11.4% share.

92.9 Triple M 5.3% (5.9%)

Cume: 275,000 (-11,000)
2020 results: Best/worst as Hit 92.9
Best 10+ 10.1% (8.7%)
Best Breakfast 10.1% (7.4%)

Triple M ends its first year struggling to find its footing in Perth, dipping 0.6 points for a share of 5.3%. 
This is the station’s eighth survey after changing over to Triple M from the Hit Network. Compared to its predecessor, Hit92.9, this would be the lowest share in over 5 years.
The breakfast team of Basil, Xav and Jenna – led by Perth Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas – has remained steady, bringing in a share of 5.8%.
In better news, the station’s strongest demo remains 18-24 where it has an 11.1% share, up 1.2 points.

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