Paul Luckett exits News Corp Australia as its head of ad tech and commercial innovation

News Corp Australia - Paul Luckett

“I arrived at NCA nearly 7 years ago, with one goal, change the way News Corp Australia views and does Ad Tech.”

Paul Luckett has shared news of his departure from News Corp Australia after almost a decade with the publisher.

He took to LinkedIn to say that his role as head of ad tech and commercial innovation was among those impacted by the recent restructuring.

“I arrived at NCA nearly 7 years ago, with one goal, change the way News Corp Australia views and does Ad Tech,” he said.

“When I arrived there was no dedicated ad tech department, and I was given the privilege and honour of building it up from scratch. Doing so, alongside an amazing boss and legendary employees, was the highlight of my career to date.”

He said that although the department he and his team built had come to an end, he was proud of all they had achieved together.

Luckett noted that it wasn’t until recent weeks he had realised he had achieved his goal a long time ago.

“As a very competitive person with a very high standard for output, I never stopped to take a moment to reflect on my teams’ achievements, just always pushed harder and aimed higher. But the number of people across the business that reached out and said such amazingly kind things, telling me how much of an impact I’d had on them, was heart-warming, to say the least,” he said.

Luckett went on to share his pride in the work he and his team achieved and thank News Corp Australia colleagues and friends across the industry for their support over the years.

“As the cliché goes, the end of every journey, is the start of another, and I already know the next one will be incredible. My new goal won’t be just changing a business, but changing an industry. See y’all soon.”

Luckett’s departure from the company comes after a number of exits from News Corp last month including Michael Wilkins, managing director of national sport brands, Marcus Hooke, general manager of print production, Michael Desiere, head of sales – NSW independent agencies and major direct, Alexandra Bliekast, head of national trading and NSW consortium agencies, Lisa Muxworthy, editor-in-chief of and John McGourty, the Editorial Innovation Centre’s group director.

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