Paramount Upfront 2024: Paramount ANZ to extend dynamic video capabilities of BrandBOOST ad product suite

paramount dynamic videos

Industry data shows 78% of consumers prefer brands offering personalised experiences

Paramount Australia in partnership with Innovid, is extending dynamic video capabilities to the BrandBOOST ad product suite, offering personalisation and relevancy at scale to drive campaign efficiencies and deliver brand outcomes.

This enhanced capability builds on BrandBOOST’s success in market and will integrate data triggers such as time of day, day of week, weather, and location, to automatically generate real-time and relevant creative content.

Combining data-driven solutions and dynamic creative optimisation, BrandBOOST will automate content creation delivering tailored messages in real-time to target audiences, with precise and highly relevant personalisation.

Rod Prosser, chief sales officer, Paramount Australia said: “Research shows us that consumers want personalised experiences.

“And we’ve also seen the results that dynamic video can deliver and are excited to expand dynamic capabilities to our premium BrandBOOST product suite.”

Industry data shows 78% of consumers prefer brands offering personalised experiences demonstrating the need for marketers to provide contextual advertising.

Working with several brands including Perfection Fresh and Somat, Paramount Australia also undertook comprehensive and independent brand lift studies via Lucid, in partnership with KERV.

These brand lift studies tested the impact of dynamic video campaigns in MasterChef Australia with results surpassing local and global benchmarks.

The studies showed significant uplifts in brand metrics with dynamic video campaigns cutting through the clutter resulting in an average uplift of 22% in ad recall and increasing brand awareness by 14%. Challenger brands saw even greater results seeing a 19% uplift in brand awareness.

Consideration grew on average 23.6% with some brands witnessing up to 39% uplift and purchase intent was also positively impacted with an average uplift of 8%, with some product categories seeing growth of up to 50%.

The expanded BrandBOOST product suite is in market now and joins dynamic video powered by KERV as part of Paramount Australia’s premium advertising solutions, offering marketers the tools, insights, and metrics necessary for crafting successful, outcome-driven marketing strategies.

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