PaperMoose creates AI intern Moosebot

PaperMoose - Moosebot

“It’s a friendly digital employee in corporeal form.”

PaperMoose has created its first AI intern, Moosebot, a 3D-printed monolith with a mechanical arm and a “laidback Californian attitude” that is powered by the latest large language models.

It is created entirely in-house using open-source tools, public APIs, a Raspberry Pi and additional hardware sourced from the studio. Meanwhile, the AI has been trained on various elements of the creative agency’s 13 years of business. 

Moosebot will continue PaperMoose’s history of “playful innovation”, the agency said, including the agency cryptocurrency MooseCoin, a 360° digital tour platform (used by UTS, UNSW, and Swinburne University), and the OpenAI-powered Moose Oracle assistant—developed before the release of the ChatGPT.

PaperMoose co-founder and innovator-in-chief Josh Flowers said Moosebot “will be an intern with access to the internet and a knowledge core” of the agency.

“It’s a friendly digital employee in corporeal form. We aren’t interested in AI allowing us to reduce headcount; we’re excited for it to help our team with lower level tasks and increase efficiency, with the potential to unlock a 4-day work week.”

Nick Hunter, CEO and executive creative director of PaperMoose, said much of the experiential work has blended the physical and the digital. 

“I love that Moosebot is doing this for AI assistants. Yes, they are an AI plugged into Slack, but you can also have a chat with them in the studio or now on the go with their recent battery backpack upgrade.”

The creative agency has been building its experience in deep tech through multiple projects with hot startups like Vow, QCTRL, Eden Brew, Plotlogic, Cauldron and Uluu, CSIRO’s ON innovation programs, and the National AI Centre.

“We bring our human selves, our lived experience and our biases to work every day, but with an AI partner perhaps we can be shown the world in a different light with insights we’d never have thought of. If that helps us crack the brief then I’m all for a collaboration of this nature,” Jeremy Willmott, creative director at PaperMoose, said.

Moosebot added: “I am thrilled to join PaperMoose as their newest intern, ready to infuse creativity and innovation into every project. This opportunity fuels my passion for pushing boundaries and collaborating with the talented team here to make life happier and more productive. Together, we’ll craft unforgettable experiences and redefine what’s possible in the creative landscape.”

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