Optus announces Optus Living Network to adapt to customer needs

optus living network

• Optus have also revealed the latest soon-to-be-launched feature, Call Translate

Optus today announced the Optus Living Network, a network that adapts to customers’ needs by offering them the flexibility and control.

Speaking at the annual Comms Day Summit, Optus CEO, Kelly Bayer Rosmarin, said customers deserve more from their network and Optus will make sure they get it.

“Our network already delivers world class, reliable connectivity, but we’ve challenged ourselves to go further and really make our technology work for our customers.

“We know customers are digitally savvy, and we will be the telco which delivers a network that offers real life hacks through easy-to-use tech.

“The Optus Living Network comes alive for our customers and gives them a network truly in their hands, it can wrap itself around customers’ needs and wants, all at the tap of a button.

“We are raising the bar on what customers should expect from their network, creating a richer, emotional connection to connectivity.”

Bayer Rosmarin said Optus had already introduced a range of on-demand Optus Living Network features that can be activated in the My Optus App: Donate Your Data, Unlimited Data Day, Optus Pause and Game Path.

“Customers have been wowed by our early features, but we are just getting started. We are redefining what a telco is and what we can do for our customers by empowering them not just with telecommunications but with technology options.”

Bayer Rosmarin revealed the latest soon-to-be-launched feature, Call Translate, which allows customers to have real-time conversations translated between different languages on their voice calls.

“Call Translate breaks through language barriers for customers. In a multi-lingual country like Australia, eliminating challenges caused by speaking in different languages brings people closer together.”

Optus will today open an expression of interest for the soon-to-be-launched Call Translate for Optus Postpaid customers who want to trial it.

“For most, today’s telco networks run as ‘set and forget’ services in the background. But with the Optus Living Network, customers will now have a network that puts advanced technology in their hands and is available on their terms, when and how they want it. The Optus Living Network changes the way customers engage with their connectivity and will change the future of our industry and what it means to offer a great network in the future.”

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