Comfortable Nesters, Home Lifestylers, Functional Extroverts: How Aussies consume media in the home

REA and OMD team up for a first-of-its-kind study

Room to Roam and media agency OMD have teamed up for a first-of-its-kind study to understand how Australians consume media in the different rooms of their homes.

The research, Room to Roam, identified psychological differences in people’s relationships to the home, characterised by three personalities: Comfortable Nesters, Home Lifestylers and Functional Extroverts. The personas are split fairly evenly across the population, although women (44%) are more likely to be Home Lifestylers than men (33%).

OMD Insights Director Carl McLean said, “We wanted to understand consumers’ emotional connection to their home and the rooms within it. A number of our clients operate in the home improvement space and we were keen to see how we can use these deeper consumer insights to better inform client campaigns and planning.” Executive GM – Media & Content Elizabeth Minogue said, “By exploring the mindsets of comfortable nesters through to functional extroverts by room, our deep understanding of consumers enables us to create engaging, relevant content and media products across our experience.”

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