Ogilvy PR launches B2B capability to help brands add weight to their stories

Ogilvy PR - Business Influence team

“There’s a great opportunity for B2B marketers to engage a wide range of credible experts in their business storytelling”

Ogilvy PR Australia has launched a specialist capability to match B2B brands with authentic third-party voices who add weight to their stories.

Called Business Influence, it provides B2B marketers with access to a broad range of credible industry experts who have earned trust with audiences. Business influencers help to boost brand awareness, facilitate relationships and improve employee engagement. 

Ogilvy PR’s Business Influence team will work with clients to develop B2B influencer strategies, identify the right talent, manage engagement, build and run campaigns, and measure success using a suite of tools.

Brian Corrigan, Ogilvy PR’s editor-in-chief, said: “Influencer marketing is still seen predominantly as a consumer play, but there’s a great opportunity for B2B marketers to engage a wide range of credible experts in their business storytelling. These business influencers impact buying behaviour in ways that brands can’t achieve on their own.”

“Ogilvy PR’s Business Influence will help B2B marketers identify the right influencers based on campaign relevance, platform performance and brand risk. It’s about using authentic third-party voices more frequently and prominently to drive sales.”

In launching the new capability, Ogilvy PR is also releasing research into the growing impact of business influencers. Among the key findings, 96% of senior decision makers said their buying decisions are swayed by business influencers on social platforms other than LinkedIn*.

Louise Jones, Ogilvy PR’s digital director, said: “Our research challenges the assumption that LinkedIn is the only relevant social platform for B2B brands. So there’s an opportunity to engage these valuable audiences when they’re in a more fun or relaxed mindset.”

“It also means B2B marketers should think about different influencers playing different roles in different channels. Who would be best to deliver a social impact story on Instagram, how-to content for YouTube, or community engagement moments on TikTok?”

*Ogilvy PR commissioned YouGov to survey 250 senior business decision makers in March 2023. Full research results and further insight into how B2B decision makers are working with business influencers will be discussed during a special lunchtime webinar on 13 July.

Registrations are now open here.

The ANZ Business Influence offering is part of a global capability that was launched late last year.

Top image: Business Influence team

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