Matt Nunn on reclaiming $90 million Spotlight Retail Group account from PHD

Nunn Media - Matt Nunn

The independent agency previously held the account from 2014 to 2020 before PHD Media took over from 2020 to 2023.

Nunn Media has won the Spotlight Retail Group media account and will manage integrated digital, online and broadcast media buying campaigns for brands such as Spotlight, Anaconda and Harris Scarfe.

The independent agency won the account, which is reported to be worth $90 million, following a three-way pitch against incumbent agency PHD and Stratosphere. 

The win sees the agency return to Nunn Media, which previously held the account from 2014 to 2020 before PHD Media took over from 2020 to 2023.

Matt Nunn, managing director of Nunn Media, told Mediaweek the win was a “testament to the product” they have in market.

The win caps off a solid new business run, which saw the agency pick up Melbourne Airport and Bakers Delight as new clients, adding to its $500 million billings across Australia, New Zealand, and the US.

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Nunn denied industry speculation that the account win was due to Spotlight co-owner Morry Fraid’s relationship with the agency – Fraid is a board director of Nunn Media.

Nunn told Mediaweek his position would not be a conflict of interest.

“Morry’s been on our board of directors for 10 years. We lost the account when he was on our board in 2020, and he’s been on the board during that whole period.

“I would say that has no influence at all given that we lost in 2020. He’s there now in 2024.”

Instead, Nunn pointed to the agency’s strengths in retail. 

“We have a very long history in retail, and are very strong in that area. So, we definitely have the expertise in that area, which obviously suits the Spotlight Group,” he added.

Nunn also noted that his agency won the Baker’s Delight account from PHD. “If you look at what’s happening there, they’ve obviously lost a fair few clients. I’m not sure what they’re offering, but perhaps it’s not hitting the mark.”

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Nunn revealed the agency is set to expand its services in the US, particularly with their performance agency, Alley Group, in Melbourne, Sydney, and the US.

“We’ve got some great traction in the US market with two or three major pitches over there. We’re continually looking to develop our product; we’ve got a few new products and proprietary-based software tools that we’ll introduce.”

Nunn also said the agency is developing how the business will integrate AI in a changing landscape and how it can better its offering to better results for its clients.

Top image: Matt Nunn

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