Nova 100’s Ben Harvey and wife Sam announce birth of their baby boy – with a congrats from Beyonce

Ben Harvey

“He’s amazing. He is just so special.”

On August 8, Nova 100’s Ben Harvey announced on-air the arrival of his baby boy, Freddie James Harvey to co-hosts Liam and Belle.

Ben says his wife Sam was a real-life wonder woman:

“Watching what Sam went through was unbelievable. That’s crazy. I did nothing. When you watch childbirth, there’s nothing you can say after that isn’t just a cliche. Like, Sam obviously was incredible. Like, she’s like Wonder Woman. I have this whole new appreciation of her now after seeing what she was able to put herself through.”

Ben’s wife Sam was in labour for 26-hours and active labour for 8 hours:

“She did it all without pain meds, which is something she told herself before that she wanted to try and do. And it was just insane, like 36 hours from start to finish the actual like labour, she was in labour for 26. And then active labour, which is like, the part where she feels like she wants to die that went for about eight hours. At one point, so you’re in the birthing suite, and there’s like the room and then there’s a bathroom with a shower. And she laid on the bathroom floor for four hours.”

Talking about his new baby boy:

“He’s amazing. He is just so special. The words like you can’t describe it. You can’t describe it until you’ve got him in your arms. And then you’re like, don’t believe that you’ve made this little human in the world. But it’s just so it’s so fresh. We came home last night. So we wanted to leave the hospital as soon as we could. We didn’t want to share room. So we left the hospital 13 hours after he was born. And we came home last night. And he was so weird being at home, with our pets. In our own bed, and we’ve had a baby.”

The messages of support: 

Self-proclaimed Godfather Liam had organised messages of support from celebs around the world including Beyonce, Sean Kingston, Chad Kroeger and Nova 96.9’s Wippa.

Listen to the audio here.

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