Noisy Beast: Jamie Clifford and Taz Liffman join as Liz Simpson is promoted

Noisy Beast

Jamie Clifford and Taz Liffman join the agency, while Liz Simpson is promoted to the agency’s creative department

Noisy Beast has welcomed new hires and announced an internal promotion at the agency.

Jamie Clifford and Taz Liffman join the agency from Cummins & Partners. Clifford takes on the role of art director, while Liffman steps in as copywriter.

Meanwhile, Liz Simpson has been promoted from social media coordinator to the creative department, which comes after she placed in the Top 3 at the AWARD School 2022.
David Brown
, Noisy Beast’s managing director and partner, welcomed the new hires. He said: “We had Jamie and Taz come in for some freelancing work last year… and then basically couldn’t bear the thought of them leaving. Humble, hard-working, and – at their own insistence, ‘handsome’ – they’re a great fit for Noisy.

On Simpson’s promotion, he added: “As for Liz, we always knew she was a weapon – that was why we hired her. But to then see her go and crush it at AWARD School… suffice to say, formalising her role in the creative department became a matter of priority, fast.”

Murray Bransgrove, Noisy Beast creative director and partner, said: “Whilst we don’t take anything for granted, we are in a mini-celebratory mood at Noisy right now. New clients. New work. New digs. And now, new talent.

“The hard work we put into 2022 really helped us build a strong platform for growth across all areas of the agency – not only in the creative department, but in media and digital as well,” he added.

Last year, Noisy Beast’s MD Brown spoke to Mediaweek heavily investing in the digital side of its business in the year ahead.
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Brown said that the decision to invest in the digital side of the business has been influenced by the impact of the pandemic.
“What’s happened is that buyer behaviour has changed. I think a lot of clients have lots of data, lots of clients have had their digitalisation accelerated over the last couple of years. We are now in the process of very quickly and rapidly building out the extension to our media team and in the digital sense,” he said.

Top image left to right: Liz Simpson, Jamie Clifford and Taz Liffman

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