No sleep for Toni and Ryan as the pair embark on 50+ hour live stream

Toni and Ryan

Broadcasting from an Airbnb in Melbourne, all they can promise is ‘expect nothing’

Spotify podcasters Toni Lodge and Ryan Jon Dunn are set to embark on a marathon 50+ hour live stream – delivering what their fans have asked for since the Toni and Ryan podcast first launched – from 9am this Friday, July 7.

Since launching two years ago, Toni and Ryan has become one of Australia’s biggest podcasts with a global community of followers around the world. Fans wanted more exclusive content, so to make their podcast possible and help produce more original content, the duo established a Patreon community.

Toni and Ryan came up with the inspired – or maybe crazy – idea to livestream for one minute for every Patreon member that signed up, with the aim to stream for 50 hours. But the minutes and hours are growing in the lead up to the livestream, as more people sign up, and the pair will add time to the tally when any new member joins during the weekend. Broadcasting from an Airbnb in Melbourne, all they can promise is ‘expect nothing’ – 50+ hours is a very very long time.

Toni said, “It’s going to be a really intense personal challenge and I’m flipping from feeling exhilarated to terrified. And a tiny bit offended because when I tell people we’re doing a marathon they say ‘not a running one obviously’ which thankfully, no, it’s not.”

Ryan said, “I’m still not sure if I’m excited or terrified. Toni googled if we could die, and she reckons we’re all good so let the livestream begin I guess.”

The Toni and Ryan podcast launched in August 2021, and last year the duo signed a deal with the global audio streaming platform Spotify, to release episodes five days a week. The podcast has continued to topple podcast charts around the world and the podcast’s video highlights have received more than one billion views across Instagram and Tiktok since launch. Toni and Ryan have a highly engaged community with two million followers across their socials.

For further details about how to watch the live stream, check out Toni and Ryan’s website or their socials.

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