Nexxen launches cross-screen measurement solution in Australia


Nexxen has also upgraded its Total Attribution solution to include linear TV sources.

Nexxen has launched its Cross-Screen Measurement solution in Australia.

It is designed to enable advertisers to effectively measure unique and co-viewer reach as well as audience demographics across CTV and linear television, Nexxen says Cross-Screen Measurement offers a more comprehensive view of advertisers’ campaigns and audiences.

Nexxen has also upgraded its Total Attribution solution to include linear TV sources; it integrates online digital activities – including CTV streaming and now linear TV – with website visitor behaviours to offer insights into the impact of omnichannel campaign strategies across all digital screens.

Nexxen states that together, these offerings empower advertisers and agencies to directly link activation to specific campaign goals, leverage insights to refine advertising strategies and measure the effectiveness of their investments.

Cross-Screen Measurement and Total Attribution are part of Nexxen TV Intelligence – a full suite of audience insights, activation and measurement solutions – and both are powered by exclusive automatic content recognition (“ACR”) data from more than 1.3 million opted-in devices across Australia, provided by VIDAA – the Smart TV operating system powering Hisense, Toshiba and other original equipment manufacturer (“OEM”) brands.

In April, Nexxen partnered with VIDAA and its exclusive access to VIDAA ACR data will enable the provision of a full-fledged TV solution.

Nexxen’s approach is supported by shared infrastructure and technology between its demand-side platform and supply-side platform. 

Josif Zanich, managing director JAPAC at Nexxen, called the launch a “huge milestone” for the platform in the JAPAC region.

“Having exclusive access to VIDAA’s ACR data will not only enable us to push the boundaries of what’s possible, delivering advanced TV solutions to advertisers, but will also allow us to exponentially enhance the effectiveness of TV buys across all screens, unlike ever before.”

Jay Kim, director of analytics and solutions at Nexxen said: “Advertisers know too well the challenge of measuring TV and digital campaigns together effectively. 

“Through our exclusive ACR data, we have been able to supercharge our measurement and reporting capabilities. giving our partners even deeper insights into audience behaviour and campaign performance. As a result, they’re able to optimise their advertising strategies with greater precision and achieve higher ROI across both linear and digital platforms.”

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