Next&Co expands operations to US market

Next&Co expands operations to US market. Pictured - Nick Grinberg and John Vlasakakis

The agency is set to start servicing US brands throughout Oregon, Washington and California.

Melbourne-based independent performance agency Next&Co has unveiled its plans for global expansion. The agency, established in 2010, is set to extend its footprint to the United States, including servicing brands throughout Oregon, Washington and California, where its office will be based.

Next&Co co-founder, John Vlasakakis, said: “Our expansion into the US marks a major milestone for the evolution of Next&Co. Over the past 14 years, we’ve seen the agency grow to new heights and now feel the time is right to expand our operations.

“Our technology, including the Prometheus platform, has given us the power to scale our business internationally, but also deliver higher performance and ROI for our clients.

“We’re excited to bring Prometheus to brands in the US, who have been looking for an auditing tool that gives them oversight of their digital ad spend wastage.”

Next&Co moved to a full-service agency model in 2022, adding traditional media buying and planning across television, radio, print, out-of-home and cinema to its suite of services, spurred by growth across the business.

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Last year, sustainable social media app WeAre8 also officially launched in the States. With an existing presence in the Australian, New Zealand, and UK markets, the app making its US debut marked its first time in the Americas. 

 Lizzie Young, chief executive officer Asia Pacific and global growth officer at WeAre8, said to Mediaweek: “The US is the largest advertising market in the world, and of course, given our business model, that’s really exciting for us.

“That means we can divert an incredibly significant amount of money into impact, and back to people, planet, and causes that matter. 

For us to enter the US market makes complete sense, because it’ll really demonstrate the power of people and brands coming together to change the world.”

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Top image: Nick Grinberg and John Vlasakakis

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