Next of the Best: Mediaweek and ThinkNewsBrands partner for new award

next of the best

Next of the Best entries are now open and are due on 2 April.

As part of the Next of the Best Awards on June 13,  Mediaweek has partnered with ThinkNewsBrands to introduce a new accolade that will highlight the best use of news publishing media. Next of the Best entries are now open and are due on 2 April.

The campaign based award, Best Use of News Publishing, has been made to give media agencies, creative agencies, brands/advertisers and publishers a platform to highlight and reward the tremendous campaigns in news publishing from the last twelve months.

The criteria for the award will assess the success & achievement (50%) of the campaign, the innovation & creativity (25%) used in creating the campaign, as well as the final influence & impact (25%) that the campaign created.

Nominate yourself or someone else for the Next of the Best Awards now. 

ThinkNewsBrands CEO Vanessa Lyons, said of the new award category: “”In a landscape where the influence of news publishing is often misunderstood, the introduction of this award will serve to acknowledge those who effectively harness news media to propel brands forward.”

Mediaweek’s managing director and publisher Trent Thomas added: “We are thrilled to continue working with ThinkNewsBrands on this exciting initiative. With the emergence of total news publishing, the sector has never been in a better position to excel. The work that Vanessa and her team has done in this space has been tremendous and this award is the latest example of what they are doing to drive the industry forward.”

See the full list of 2023 Next of the Best winners here.

Top Image: Vanessa Lyons

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