Next of the Best: JustEggs Digital’s Nik Kontoulas on the “significant opportunity” that lies ahead

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“The media market is evolving at a rapid rate, and there is no doubt that the same applies to talent”

On May 26th, Mediaweek’s Next of the Best awards celebrated the best of under 40s talent across the media industry – including TV, radio, media agencies and PR.

Taking home gold for Ad Tech was Nik Kontoulas, founder and CEO, JustEggs Digital.

Kontoulas founded JustEggs in 2013, with the team specialising in the convergence of creative, media, and data. Having helped over 100 brands drive customer acquisition and retention, the team say that their mission is to evolve the digital ad market with effective and measurable digital ad solutions, that drive relevancy for consumers and real world results for retail marketers.

Mediaweek caught up with Kontoulas about his Next of the Best win and the future of the industry.

Congratulations on winning gold! How do you feel about the win?

“I feel great, truly humbled to be recognised for all of the team’s efforts and accomplishments in such a meaningful way. As I mentioned In my speech I already thought I was a winner when seeing the finalists list come out, such high-level talent in every category.”

How does this award reflect the work of you and your team?

“A huge amount, it really serves as validation of not only our skills and abilities but also what we are trying to achieve in the market. This will continue to motivate us to keep striving for excellence in our field.”

In your view, what are some of the major hurdles the industry is facing?

“Ever since our inception, we have been focused on unifying creativity, media, and data in a transparent way. We still believe, as a business, that transparency in supply chains and media models for agencies and brands will be the key to creating an advertising ecosystem where agencies, brands, and publishers can flourish together.”

The Next of the Best is an under-40s award, how will today’s upcoming talent impact the industry in the future?

“The media market is evolving at a rapid rate, and there is no doubt that the same applies to talent. We can all learn so much about new technologies, ideas, and fresh perspectives. One of the most exciting aspects of working in this industry is witnessing the emergence of future leaders and their contributions to new media practices, approaches and technologies.”

What’s your outlook for the year ahead?

“The general expectation is that the digital market in Australia will remain flat next year. However, we perceive this as a significant opportunity because it necessitates maximising the impact of media spends to achieve client growth. Our models are designed to deliver real-world results rather than focusing on vanity metrics. Therefore, we are enthusiastic about providing transparent, outcome-based digital solutions to both existing and new clients.”

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Top Image: Nik Kontoulas

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