Shutterstock rebrands Newsroom to Splash News


Newsroom rebranded to Splash News following Shutterstock’s May acquisition

Global creative platform and digital marketplace Shutterstock announced a rebrand of its Newsroom vertical to Splash News, which it acquired in May. Shutterstock’s customer base will retain access to Shutterstock’s image archive as well as the live feed of images uploaded by photographers daily.

The acquisition of Splash News in conjunction with Shutterstock’s AP, ITV, The Condé Nast Collection, The A+E Networks® Archive and more now gives Shutterstock the title of one of the world’s largest archival collections.

The announcement comes only two months after Paul Hennessy took over as CEO, which came into effect on July 1 when Hennessy succeeded Shutterstock’s founder and interim CEO Job Oringer.

Following the announcement of his appointment in July, Hennessy said: “Together with our talented senior leadership team, Jon and our Board, I am confident we will successfully herald Shutterstock into a new era,” of which Newsrooms rebranding appears to be one of the first steps into that era.

Hennessy boasts over 20 years of experience in digital marketplace industries and has thus been integral in overseeing Shutterstock’s execution of reforming its platform into a disruptive technology that has “the potential to reshape the industry”.

Candice Murray, the vice president of editorial at Shutterstock confirmed Hennessy’s comments about Shutterstock’s future, saying: “Over the last 30 years, Splash has built a strong legacy based on brand recognition and a commitment to quality within the entertainment industry, and we’re thrilled to herald this legacy into a new era.”

Murray continued:  “This rebrand confirms Shutterstock’s positioning as best in class for premium celebrity and entertainment content, and we’re excited to build on Splash’s brand affinity, elevating Splash’s visual storytelling capabilities to our customers around the world.”

A busy year for the creative agency, Shutterstock released its Creative Trends report in January. The report used data to predict themes and marketing campaigns that would define the industry for 2022, with the report delving into what Shutterstock customers search for.

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