News Corp Australia, Samsung Electronics and CHEP launch campaign with Vogue Australia

News Corp Australia - Vogue Australia

The campaign stars Australian singer and online sensation Mia Rodriguez who will perform at the VAFNO launch in October

News Corp Australia, Samsung Electronics Australia and CHEP Network have partnered to launch a major campaign for the new Samsung Galaxy Z Series led by Australia’s leading fashion media brand Vogue Australia.

The ‘Join the Flip Side’ campaign, brought to life by Vogue Australia and Newsamp, the client strategy and solutions division of News Corp Australia, in conjunction with Samsung Electronics Australia and its agency CHEP, positions the Samsung Z series in the context of Gen Z fashion as the ultimate accessory and the choice for individuals that choose their own style.

The multi-platform fashion content has been created by and for Gen Z to convey the launch of the Galaxy Z Series in a unique and fashionable format. It spans print, to provide a curated view, and digital, vertical and interactive video and social channels such as Snapchat and TikTok, to bring the flip side of fashion to life in the palm of readers’ hands.

The centrepiece of the campaign is a bespoke magazine entitled ‘Miz Vogue’ inserted in the bumper September issue of Vogue Australia, out today, that celebrates the next generation of talent.

Vogue Australia editor-in-chief Christine Centenera said: “In many ways, magazines are the flip side to the endless scroll of the internet. They offer a highly curated snapshot of people and ideas influencing culture right now in ways big and small. We believe the creatives featured in these pages are not only defining the current moment but shaping the years ahead.”

The campaign stars Australian singer and online sensation Mia Rodriguez who will also perform at Vogue Australia’s Fashion’s Night Out launch in October.

Vogue Australia

Mia Rodriguez

News Corp Australia managing director national sales Lou Barrett said: “When Samsung approached Newsamp with the idea of creating something special to mark the launch of its new Samsung Galaxy Z Series, we couldn’t think of a better brand than Vogue Australia to connect with their target audience of 18-29 year-olds. Showcasing the phone features in the context of fashion for the campaign provided the perfect framework to bring this partnership to life in an impactful way, whilst also delivering Samsung high level integration at scale.”

Joanna Baxter, Samsung MX head of marketing communications, said: “We are incredibly excited about our partnership with Vogue Australia, marking a pioneering collaboration where Samsung continues its connection with the realm of fashion. The campaign’s content is meticulously designed to strike a chord with those who embrace self-expression. The multi-platform approach across print, social and digital has provided us with a wonderful opportunity to authentically engage with the fashion-forward audience and make a meaningful impact.”

Catherine Shen, CHEP head of media, Sydney, said: “The creation and execution of this campaign is testament to collaborative efforts of CHEP, Samsung, Vogue Australia and Newsamp. The Samsung Z Series Flip and Fold phones are unique and we needed to find a unique way to connect with consumers and showcase the phone features. Our goal is to spark curiosity, ignite a sense of adventure, and encourage participation in the flip side movement. Integrating within the world of fashion and Vogue Australia promises to fulfil that aspiration.” 

Edwina McCann, Vogue Australia editorial director and publisher, said: “The genius of Samsung and CHEP in partnering with Vogue Australia is they have recognised the brand’s reach directly with Gen Z’s on social platforms such as TikTok which will then drive sales of the magazine with its retro cool appeal to younger generations.”

The Join the Flip Side campaign will be amplified through high impact display, social and video on and the wider News Corp Australia network.

Top image: Mia Rodriguez

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