News Corp and News UK unite for investigative podcast into global cocaine trade

News Corp

Cocaine Inc. is being released under News Corp Australia’s True Crime Australia umbrella.

News Corp and News UK have united for an international investigation into the global cocaine trade to be revealed in a new podcast, video and editorial series, Cocaine Inc.

News Corp Australia reporter Stephen Drill, The Times chief reporter Fiona Hamilton, and The Sunday Times northern editor David Collins travelled 50,000 kilometres across six countries to lift the lid on the global cocaine industry, where profits are counted in billions and losses measured in murders.

News Corp Australia national editor, network news Lillian Saleh said: “This collaboration showcases our multiplatform storytelling allowing our consumers to read, watch and listen to the incredible content with bespoke video and online interactives. We have no doubt this will be the first of many international collaborations showcasing the breadth and depth of our journalism and storytelling.”

The investigation travels to England, Colombia, Mexico, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, and Australia. The reporters tracked the cocaine trade from the Colombian narco tunnels and the ports of Rotterdam, all the way to the streets of Melbourne.

Head of Times podcasts, Tim Levell, said: “This investigation and podcast series demonstrates the power of collaborative journalism. By combining our expertise and resources, we’ve shed light on the dark and often violent world of the global cocaine trade. With exclusive interviews and powerful audio, this unmissable series sets a new standard for investigating and addressing complex global issues.”

Coverage of the investigation will begin rolling out on 9 June with the launch of the podcast Cocaine Inc. as well as videos, digital interactives and editorial coverage in News’ Sunday mastheads including The Sunday Telegraph (NSW), Herald Sun (VIC), The Sunday Mail (QLD), and Sunday Mail (SA).

Cocaine Inc. is being released under News Corp Australia’s True Crime Australia umbrella.

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