Monday March 26, 2018

Advertisers invest more in digital to drive brand growth – Zenith Advertising Expenditure Forecasts 2018

• Australian ad spend projected to see 2.6% rise this year to $16 billion
• Global advertising confidence rising rapidly, 4.6% growth forecast for 2018

Amid growing industry speculation about cuts to digital advertising budgets, Zenith has found no evidence that advertisers as a whole are shifting budgets away from online advertising – in fact, its share of global advertising expenditure continues to rise rapidly. Zenith forecasts that advertisers will spend 40.2% of their budgets on online advertising this year, up from 37.6% in 2017, according to the Zenith Advertising Expenditure Forecasts report for 2018.

This growth in spend is part of the wider process of digital transformation, as advertisers invest in technology, data and innovation to revolutionise their relationships with consumers.

In Australia, total ad spend is forecast to rise by 2.6% to $16 billion this year. The rise can be attributed to the strong online classifieds sector and marginal growth in metro TV in the last quarter of 2017.

“We are observing sustained ROI from digital transformation,” said Vittorio Bonori, Zenith’s global brand president. “And we are now at the forefront of a transformation as brands shift budgets along the consumer journey, benefit from powerful algorithms and advanced machine learning techniques, and invest in new e-commerce solutions. This transformation is at the heart of driving brand growth.”

New research from Zenith demonstrates the value of investing in transformational digital marketing. Zenith created a standard index of brand growth, comparing results from prominent studies and matching brand performance with a series of communications and media benchmarks. Initial findings indicate that the fastest growing brands within categories such as communications, financial services and automotive tend to perform strongly on measures such as share of category search and website traffic, along with effective content marketing and strong performance in earned digital media.

Zenith has also seen clear correlations between brands with high capabilities in marketing and media, and categories in which digital channels have high influence on the consumer journey. This suggests a positive reinforcement between the recognition of the digitisation of consumer behaviour and the positive transformation of marketing organisations.

Globally, advertisers continue to increase the share of their budgets allocated to paid digital channels. According to the March 2018 edition of Zenith’s Advertising Expenditure Forecasts, published today, online advertising grew by 13.7% in 2017 to US$204bn. It accounted for 37.6% of global advertising expenditure in 2017, up from 34.3% in 2016.

This year Zenith expects online advertising’s market share to exceed 40% globally for the first time, reaching 40.2%. In 2017 online advertising already accounted for more than 55% of ad spend in three markets (China, Sweden and the UK), so there is plenty of potential for further growth. By 2020 Zenith expects online advertising to account for 44.6% of global ad spend.

Biggest upgrade in global ad spend forecasts for seven years

Confidence in the global ad market is currently improving rapidly. In December Zenith forecast that global ad spend would rise by 4.1% in 2018, towards the bottom of the 4%-5% annual growth range that the market has maintained since 2011. Zenith now expects the market to rise by 4.6% this year, thanks in particular to improved economic growth in China and Argentina. A 0.5 percentage point revision to the forecasts is unusual – the last time Zenith revised them upwards by so much was back in March 2011.

“In Australia, our ad spend growth is slower and fuelled by strong online classifieds and some marginal growth in metro TV during the pre-Christmas retail period. In addition, digital and out-of-home continue to enjoy growth ahead of the market. However, the rate of growth of digital out-of-home is to starting to slow,” Zenith Australia CEO, Nickie Scriven, said.

“Among advertisers, automotive and retail continue to drive growth, while government and food/produce/dairy have had the largest declines in volume.”

Zenith’s global forecasts for 2019 and 2020 are also above the forecasts it made three months ago, though not by so much. Zenith forecasts 4.4% growth in 2019 and 4.3% growth in 2020, both forecasts being up by 0.2 percentage points.

“The global ad market grew by 4.0% last year,” said Jonathan Barnard, Zenith’s Head of Forecasting and Director of Global Intelligence. “After a jump in confidence, we now expect it to grow substantially faster this year, boosted by the Winter Olympics, football World Cup and US midterm elections.”

Photo: Zenith Australia CEO Nickie Scriven

Netflix and Hoodlum start production on Tidelands and confirm cast

Netflix and super-busy Brisbane-based production company Hoodlum have announced that production will begin today on Tidelands, an Australian Netflix original series.

The series – comprising eight 50-minute episodes – will be directed by Toa Fraser (Marvel’s Daredevil, Marvel’s Iron Fist, 6 Days) and written by Stephen M Irwin (Secrets & Lies, Harrow) and will shoot in south-east Queensland.

Tidelands follows Cal McTeer, a young woman who returns home to the small fishing village of Orphelin Bay after 10 years in juvenile detention. But her hometown is shrouded in mysteries, the greatest of which is the commune of outcasts who live in a hidden pocket of the bay: the Tidelanders.

Charlotte Best (Home & Away, Puberty Blues) will star as Cal McTeer, a resilient and fiercely independent ex-con, whom everyone underestimates to their peril. Aaron Jakubenko (The Shannara Chronicles, Spartacus: War of the Damned) will star as Cal’s fisherman brother Augie McTeer, Peter O’Brien (Underbelly, X-men Origins: Wolverine) as deckhand Bill Sentelle and Mattias Inwood (Will) as Corey Welch, the handsome, conflicted Senior Constable.

Elsa Pataky (The Fast & Furious franchise) will star as Adrielle Cuthbert, the darkly enigmatic and keenly intelligent leader of the Tidelanders, a woman unafraid to do anything to meet her ruthless ends. Dalip Sondhi, Caroline Brazier and Madeleine Madden have also been cast on the series.

Executive producers are Hoodlum’s Tracey Robertson and Nathan Mayfield who produced the acclaimed Australian hit series Secret & Lies and its remake for the US, as well as Harrow.

Hoodlum’s Tracey Robertson and Nathan Mayfield

“The Netflix audience demands an international cast, and Tidelands has truly embraced what it means to bring together a stellar, diverse ensemble,” said Mayfield, chief creative officer and co-founder of Hoodlum. “We’re thrilled to be working with Netflix on this first original Australian drama series and can’t wait to share the rich and unique Tidelands universe with audiences around the world.

“The opportunity to be involved with world class Australian storytellers was too good to pass up,” said Kelly Luegenbiehl, vice president, international originals, Netflix, “We are looking forward to working with Hoodlum Entertainment to bring this incredibly unique and mysterious Aussie series to our worldwide audience.”

Tidelands is the latest of Netflix’s investments in Australian content including the recently announced Chris Lilley original series, and co-productions Pine Gap, Cargo, The New Legends of Monkey, Glitch, Bottersnikes & Gumbles, Kazoops, Mako Mermaids: An H20 Adventure and The White Rabbit Project. Netflix also licenses much-loved Australian-grown content like Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and The Code for distribution to Netflix’s 117 million members around the world.

Tidelands will premiere globally on Netflix.

ABC partners with Margot Robbie’s LuckyChap Entertainment, Hoodlum and ABC Studios International for 10-part series

The ABC has announced a partnership with Margot Robbie’s LuckyChap Entertainment, Australian production company Hoodlum and ABC Studios International for a new 10-part series, retelling the work of Shakespeare from female perspectives.

The untitled project will be led by a female creative team who will produce 10 stand-alone episodes, each based on a celebrated work of Shakespeare updated to comment on our modern, global society. The series is the first project to be announced from the partnership between the ABC, Australian production company Hoodlum (Harrow), LuckyChap Entertainment (I, Tonya) and ABC Studios International (Harrow).

Hoodlum, LuckyChap and ABC Studios International will work with female writers/writer-directors to update the Bard’s works with unique and distinct voices, and reflect different cultures and areas. Series concept creator Giula Sandler will work across the series and will also write one episode.

Margot Robbie and Brett Hedblom from LuckyChap, Tracey Robertson and Nathan Mayfield from Hoodlum, Keli Lee from ABC Studios International, and Sally Riley from ABC (Australia) are executive producers on the project, with Aran Michael from Aran Michael Management an associate producer.

LuckyChap Entertainment said: “We are thrilled about this Australian partnership as an opportunity to showcase unique, distinctly female voices in writing, and to demonstrate the high quality of the Australian film and television industry. The project will share diverse points of view from writers representing the different cultures and areas within Australia, which many would not readily associate with works of Shakespeare.”

David Anderson, director of entertainment and specialist for the ABC, said: “The ABC is thrilled to be able to develop this locally produced drama in partnership with LuckyChap Entertainment, Hoodlum and ABC Studios International.

“The ABC is dedicated to delivering high quality, relevant storytelling free to all Australians. We are excited that this female-led team celebrates strong female creative talent, transforming traditional classic tales from a very different era into modern and culturally diverse stories.”

Tracey Robertson from Hoodlum said: “This project will bring together leading and emerging female voices in Australian screen to re-imagine Shakespeare in a modern context.

“We’re delighted to partner with ABC, ABC Studios International and LuckyChap on such an ambitious and exciting project. This is an incredibly original and bold approach for a television series and I can’t wait to see the stories that will emerge.”

Keli Lee, managing director at ABC Studios International, said: “ABC Studios International is thrilled to be a partner in this unique project. This production is a chance to create something classic yet boldly original and modern. The works of Shakespeare are iconic and this will present them in a way they’ve never been seen before.”

This project will be produced in Australia, with filming anticipated to commence in late 2018.

Disney Media Distribution will handle international distribution of the series outside of Australia.

Photo: Margot Robbie (credit: Shutterstock)

Mercado on TV: Bikinis and cocktails with bigger umbrellas on Bachelor In Paradise

Are you missing Married At First Sight? Well, never fear, because Bachelor In Paradise is here to take its place and it’s got twice as much stupidity and horror given many bachelors and bachelorettes have returned to torture themselves (and us) all over again.

By Andrew Mercado

And because they’re on an island instead of a mansion, that means more bikinis, cocktails with bigger umbrellas and “more drama than High School Musical”, an opening night observation that was so meta someone must already be pitching a new HSC romance reality show.

Shows with this much narcissism can be mind-numbing at times, but turning off the volume means you can focus on its prettier aspects, like the body-hugging outfits and carefully selected jewellery statements – and that’s just on the men. The women seem more concerned about using fans to keep their makeup intact and that’s possibly because it appears that nobody has their own room and everyone is going to live on multiple cushions scattered around the bar and beach.

That may seem a bit rough, but it’s still a step up from those tiny apartments on MAFS that overlooked a freeway. Paradise offers nonstop sun but don’t expect there’ll be nothing but fun, given those promos that promise tears, tears and more tears.

There is even going to be a lesbian romance so that should give MAFS some idea on how to be even more outrageous next year. Hell, even MKR might get in on the act with dinner parties bursting with bisexuals so that nothing or nobody is off limits. Bachelor’s Fijian bartender already seems hot to trot so maybe Manu has to take it one step further than flirting if MKR wants to get back on top… and I mean that literally too.

At the very least, Bachelor In Paradise will lift TEN’s ratings after they faced a familiar problem: what to do at 7.30pm in between reality franchises.

Can we all agree that All Star Family Feud has done its dash? And that The Graham Norton Show does not become any more special just because it gets a new night and title (particularly when it’s as stupid as Super Superman Night because Superman actor Henry Cavill sits next to superstar Tom Cruise)?

Let’s give TEN a thumbs up though for starting the show in the non-ratings Easter period and they are not the only ones offering something fresh, albeit another spinoff. Young Sheldon, a prequel to The Big Bang Theory has been brought forward from Tuesday to Monday and that could be to take on Bachelor In Paradise or just a way to distract us from the multiple Transformers movies they are also airing this week.

Today’s TV “stars” have a lot in common with movie robots. There is no need for any discernible talent, except for how to look good, deliver snappy sound bites and have a desire to be the centre of attention. But, as Ten keeps showing us, self-deprecation goes a long way. After striking comedy gold with Sophie Monk, big things are expected of Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins. Oddly though, none of the female Goggleboxers were laughing along with him, because they were too busy talking about how he wasn’t good looking enough.

Maybe they will have more luck with the beefcake selection on Love Island, yet another romance reality show coming soon to a digital channel. It’s going to be hosted by Sophie Monk, and if that was as good as it gets after The Bachelorette, it’s no wonder she might need to spin out the truth about why she broke up with Stu.

So far, there has been just one interview on ACA and while it possibly was a pitch for a spinoff series (Sophie Wants A Baby), it revealed nothing else apart from Stu’s teenage daughters needing to be considered. That’s admirable, but it probably would have been better for everyone if Stu had thought of his kids before going on national TV to chase a hot blonde. So, let the singles mingle because the dads are duds.

ARIA Chart Report: XXXTentacion & Billy Ray Cyrus highest chart album debuts

• Singles: Lil Dicky & Chainsmokers only chart debuts in top 50
• Albums: XXXTentacion & Billy Ray Cyrus highest chart album debuts

By James Manning


Little movement at the top with Drake continuing to top the chart.

There was just one newcomer to the top 10, with XXXTentacion (pictured) seeing “Sad!” jumping from #22 to #9 in its third week.

The sole two top 50 debuts were:

#18Lil Dicky with “Freaky Friday” featuring Chris Brown
The Chainsmokers with “Everybody Hates Me”

Last week we optimistically hoped Jessica Mauboy’s Eurovision entry “We Got Love” might climb higher this week after its debut at #49 last week. That certainly didn’t happen – in fact Australia turned its back on the tune big time and it dropped out of the top 100 in its second week! We can only hope Europeans are a little more supportive.


“?” from XXXTentacion was the week’s big deal with a chart debut at #3, pushing its way amongst Ed Sheeran albums clogging the top 10.

One album from lower down the chart found its way into the top 10:

#17 to #9Dua Lipa with “Dua Lipa” after 36 weeks on the chart – her current tour has pushed the album to a new peak.

Two other albums debuted inside the top 50:

#20Billy Ray Cyrus with “Thin Line”
#38Stone Temple Pilots with “Stone Temple Pilots”

TV Ratings Analysis: Sunday March 25

• Bachelor In Paradise launches with 750,000 for TEN
• Australian Spartan returns with 473,000 for Seven
• But Nine wins the night with 60 Minutes & Blue Planet II

By James Manning


Seven’s first Sunday afternoon AFL game of the year in Melbourne was a cliffhanger and ran to just after 6pm, which helped push the metro news number to 1.13m with 390,000 in Melbourne.

Australian Spartan was not able to hang onto those numbers for its Easter resurrection with just 473,000 watching after its launch earlier this year on 816,000, which turned into 524,000 a week later.

Sunday Night then did 436,000.


60 Minutes got the early slot for Nine with Tom Steinfort opening the show reporting from the gun control rally in Washington. The episode ranked #3 for the night on 778,000.

Blue Planet II then had a Sunday slot with 591,000, which is similar to what the show has been doing on Saturday nights. The new series had close to 250,000 watching in both Sydney and Melbourne.


The channel had its second 14%+ share in four days thanks to the launch of Bachelor In Paradise. The reality spinoff using contestants from earlier series of both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette launched with 750,000, which is the channel’s best audience since a couple of episodes of I’m A Celebrity did better than that. The Bachelor In Paradise numbers secured TEN first place 25-54.

NCIS then did 371,000.

Earlier in the day the Australian Grand Prix did 612,000 for the race. The 2017 Australian GP did 705,000.

The Sunday Project was then live from the Melbourne F1 track and had 424,000 watching after 7pm, well up on last week’s 250,000. Waleed Aly reported from Washington on the gun control march.


Grand Designs did 624,000 followed by the Melbourne Comedy Festival Gala with 366,000.


The channel’s biggest audience came after 8.30pm with the doco Wasted! The Story Of Food Waste on 194,000.

Week 13 TV: Sunday (Easter Survey Break)
ABC Seven Nine Ten SBS
ABC 12.3% 7 17.9% 9 18.8% TEN 14.3% SBS One 4.8%
ABC 2 2.6% 7TWO 3.7% GO! 4.8% ONE 2.4% VICELAND 0.6%
ABC ME 0.7% 7mate 3.5% GEM 4.0% ELEVEN 1.7% Food Net 0.7%
ABC News 1.7% 7flix 2.3% 9Life 3.0% NITV 0.1%
TOTAL 17.4% 27.3% 30.6% 18.4% 6.2%


ABC Seven Affiliates Nine Affiliates Ten Affiliates SBS
ABC 13.1% 7 18.4% 9 17.9% WIN 10.1% SBS One 4.3%
ABC 2 2.8% 7TWO 4.0% GO! 5.7% ONE 2.5% VICELAND 1.0%
ABC ME 1.0% 7mate 4.0% GEM 6.0% ELEVEN 1.7% Food Net 0.9%
NEWS 24 1.3% 7flix 2.8% 9Life 2.6% NITV 0.1%
TOTAL 18.2% 29.2% 32.2% 14.3% 6.3%


80.4% 19.6%
All people rankings

Friday Top 10

  1. Seven News Seven 804,000
  2. Nine News Nine 729,000
  3. Seven News / Today Tonight Seven 721,000
  4. Nine News 6:30 Nine 705,000
  5. Seven’s AFL: Friday Night Football Seven 626,000
  6. ABC News ABC 564,000
  7. Better Homes And Gardens Seven 525,000
  8. Harrow ABC 473,000
  9. The Chase Australia Seven 466,000
  10. A Current Affair Nine 417,000


Saturday Top 10

  1. Death In Paradise ABC 762,000
  2. ABC News ABC 716,000
  3. Nine News Nine 714,000
  4. Seven News Seven 682,000
  5. David Attenborough’s-Blue Planet II Nine 550,000
  6. Innocent ABC 523,000
  7. Seven’s AFL: Saturday Night Football Seven 431,000
  8. Seven’s AFL: Saturday Night Football – Post Match Seven 399,000
  9. Aust FIA Formula One World Championship 2018-Qualifying Ten 390,000
  10. Aust FIA Formula One World Championship 2018-Pre-Qualifying Ten 279,000
Sunday fta
  1. Seven News Seven 1,130,000
  2. Nine News Nine 990,000
  3. 60 Minutes Nine 778,000
  4. Bachelor In Paradise – Launch Ten 750,000
  5. ABC News ABC 715,000
  6. Grand Designs ABC 624,000
  7. Aust FIA Formula One World Championship 2018 – Race Ten 612,000
  8. David Attenborough’s-Blue Planet II Nine 591,000
  9. Australian Spartan Seven 473,000
  10. Seven’s AFL: Sunday Afternoon Football Seven 464,000
  11. Sunday Night Seven 436,000
  12. Aust FIA Formula One World Championship 2018 – Pre-Race Ten 431,000
  13. The Sunday Project 7pm Ten 424,000
  14. Aust FIA Formula One World Championship 2018 – Race Day Ten 376,000
  15. NCIS Ten 371,000
  16. Aust FIA Formula One World Championship 2018 – Supercars Race 4 Ten 369,000
  17. Melbourne Comedy Festival: The Gala ABC 366,000
  18. Aust FIA Formula One World Championship 2018 – Post-Race Ten 293,000
  19. The Sunday Project 6.30pm Ten 285,000
  20. Aust FIA Formula One World Championship 2018 – Podium Ten 281,000
Sunday multichannel
  1. Border Security – Australia’s Front Line-PM 7TWO 195,000
  2. Border Security – Australia’s Front Line E2-PM 7TWO 185,000
  3. The Big Bang Theory TX3 9GO! 178,000
  4. Bananas In Pyjamas-AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 174,000
  5. The Big Bang Theory TX2 9GO! 174,000
  6. Fixer Upper 9Life 169,000
  7. Midsomer Murders 9Gem 168,000
  8. Play School-AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 162,000
  9. Sarah & Duck-AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 154,000
  10. The Big Bang Theory TX4 9GO! 151,000
  11. Hey Duggee-AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 150,000
  12. Dinosaur Train-AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 149,000
  13. Noddy Toyland Detective-AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 145,000
  14. Peppa Pig-AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 144,000
  15. Transformers 9GO! 143,000
  16. Border Security: International E2-PM 7TWO 140,000
  17. PJ Masks-AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 135,000
  18. Ben And Holly’s Little Kingdom-AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 134,000
  19. Border Security: International-PM 7TWO 133,000
  20. Insiders-AM ABC NEWS 130,000
Sunday subscription tv
  1. Live: Motorsport: F1: Australia Race FOX SPORTS 506 279,000
  2. Live: NRL Roosters v Knights FOX LEAGUE 263,000
  3. Live: AFL West Coast v Sydney FOX FOOTY 239,000
  4. Live: AFL Melbourne v Geelong FOX FOOTY 192,000
  5. Live: Supercars Melbourne Race 6 FOX SPORTS 506 185,000
  6. Live: NRL Sunday Ticket FOX LEAGUE 182,000
  7. Live: NRL Titans v Dragons FOX LEAGUE 171,000
  8. Live: F1: Australia Pit Lane Race Day FOX SPORTS 506 170,000
  9. Live: Bounce FOX FOOTY 165,000
  10. Live: Supercars Live Melbourne Sunday FOX SPORTS 506 146,000
  11. Live: AFL GWS v Western Bulldogs FOX SPORTS 503 134,000
  12. Live: Sunday Night With Matty Johns FOX LEAGUE 128,000
  13. Live: Cricket: RSA v Aus 3rd Test Day 4 FOX SPORTS MORE 121,000
  14. Live: Supercars Melbourne Supports FOX SPORTS 506 119,000
  15. Live: Supercars Live Melbourne Sunday FOX SPORTS 506 108,000
  16. Wonder Woman Foxtel Movies Premiere 82,000
  17. Live: Cricket: RSA v Aus Pre Match FOX SPORTS MORE 81,000
  18. Live: Cricket: RSA v Aus 3rd Test Day 4 FOX SPORTS MORE 78,000
  19. S.W.A.T. FOX8 60,000
  20. Live: NRL Sunday Ticket FOX LEAGUE 59,000

Media News Roundup

Cricket Cheating Scandal

The media reacts: "Shame", "Sack them all", "Why I've got some sticky near my dicky"

Newspaper front pages summed up how big the cricket story was. The Herald Sun reflected the thoughts of many with its “sack them all” headlines.

The two Sydney dailies both ran with “Shame”.

The Courier-Mail asked for the authorities to “show some balls” while the Northern Territory News was, as is often the case, the most quoted with its page one headline “Why I’ve got some sticky near my dicky”.

Fairfax Media’s Jenna Clarke had a roundup of international press reaction to the scandal under the headline:

“Simply astonishing”: How the world reacted to Australia’s cheating scandal.

[Read the original]

South Africa cheating scandal: Impact on cricket broadcast rights and sponsorship

The AFR’s John Stensholt and Max Mason report on the effect of what Australian cricket captain has allowed:

The actions seem likely to damage Steve Smith’s and Cricket Australia’s reputation and potentially put a big broadcast deal, for which the governing body is now negotiating with television networks, and sponsorships at risk.

The team’s biggest sponsor Magellan fund manager Hamish Douglass told The Australian Financial Review: “We’re deeply concerned about it. It involves cheating. In no way would we condone it in what we do.” He added he believed it was appropriate for Cricket Australia to respond quickly to the crisis.

Overseas Test team sponsor Qantas, whose brand currently adorns the players’ shirts, said via a spokesman: “This is deeply disappointing and certainly not what anyone expects from our national cricket team. We are in discussions with Cricket Australia as this issue unfolds.”

[Read the original]


Breakfast radio on cricket drama: From 2GB, 3AW & Fiveaa to Triple M, Nova & KIIS

Radio was engulfed with talkback calls from the moment the news broke very early on Sunday. SEN 1116 put its new weekday morning host Gerard Whateley to air at 11am Sunday with a two-hour special, which included the Cricket Australia press conference.

The scandal was the major talking point on radio this morning.

TalkingLifestyle hosts John and Garry started coverage after 5am with their first caller saying he was giving up on cricket after a lifelong relationship.

“Cricket Australia is completely out of touch,” said 3AW’s Ross Stevenson, who spent part of the weekend talking to former test cricketers who were stunned with the CA reaction to what happened in South Africa.

2GB’s Alan Jones wondered if Cricket Australia should have sent a “common sense” officer to South Africa. “The board of Cricket Australia should go,” said Jones.

“Win at any cost… good on you,” said Kyle Sandilands on KIIS 1065. “Did they do something to the ball?” asked Jackie O on a program not noted for its sports coverage. Executive producer Bruno Bouchet discussed the scandal on his highlight segment in the first hour of the show. He asked: “Is this not the most Australian thing you could do? We are a nation of convicts. Look at you, Kyle… your whole career is based on a lie.” The KIIS Sydney breakfast show tried to call Kyly Clarke, wife of former cricket captain Michael, but she didn’t answer.

Triple M Melbourne’s Hit Breakfast opened the show with Eddie McGuire and Luke Darcy scratching the surface of what happened in South Africa, noting they would be covering the story in much detail later in the program. Qantas CEO Alan Joyce was an early guest, mainly to talk about the maiden Perth-London nonstop flight. When asked about its cricket sponsorship, Joyce said: “We are disappointed and have been talking to Cricket Australia to make sure it is addressed very fast. This is not good for Australia’s image.” The program then spoke to former fast bowler Merv Hughes, who was shown on the Fox Sports coverage at the ground as he hosted a touring party to the match. “As a former player I feel betrayed,” said Hughes. “If the whole team knew about it they are all complicit.”

Sam Pang opened the Nova Melbourne breakfast show with Chrissie Swan as Jonathan Brown was on a plane back from covering the AFL in Perth for Fox Footy. Pang searched for a cliché and said, “It was one of the darkest days in cricket.” Swan admitted she knew little about cricket, but said she had heard it happened all the time, but the shame is getting caught.

At Nova Sydney, Sarah McGilvray agreed with hosts Fitzy and Wippa that the punishment was too lenient for the crime.

Fiveaa’s David Penberthy was expected to be off on a long run this morning after an angry tweet yesterday calling the board at Cricket Australia “piss weak”. “I can’t remember ever feeling disgust about another Australia team. They are a joke. If a fish rots from the head, then James Sutherland is the biggest stunned mullet in Australia right now.”

Garry Lyon and Tim Watson spoke with former Australian cricket coach John Buchanan on SEN 1116 breakfast about playing hard yet staying within the rules.

Business Of Media

Facebook’s Wil Easton tells advertisers: “Products comply with all applicable laws”

Facebook’s local boss Will Easton has issued a rare public mea culpa to advertising executives in a bid to damp down concerns the data breach of 50 million users could widen to include client data, reports The Australian’s Darren Davidson.

Easton said, “Facebook’s advertising products fully comply with all applicable laws,” when asked whether the company was confident client data was being protected.

“There is no connection between past violations of our platform policies involving Cambridge Analytica and use of our advertising tools today,” Easton said in his first public comments on the issue. “As Mark Zuckerberg said last week, we have a responsibility to everyone who uses Facebook to make sure their privacy is protected, and we are taking action. We will tell people affected by apps that have misused their data… Moving forward, if we remove an app for misusing data, we will tell everyone who used it.”

[Read the original]

News Brands

The Sunday Telegraph publishes an apology to businesswoman Roxy Jacenko

The Sunday Telegraph has published a short apology to Roxy Jacenko:

Some readers may have inferred from the article published on December 17, 2017 titled “The celebs most in need of extra Christ Cheer” that Roxy Jacenko had recent breast augmentation surgery for entirely cosmetic reasons.

Ms Jacenko’s breast reconstruction was necessary as a result of a medical procedure in 2016 to treat breast cancer.

We are pleased to clarify the record.


Network Ten schedules fly-on-the-wall documentary series Ambulance

Network Ten has announced a new documentary series Ambulance, a fly-on-the-wall insight into the daily efforts of emergency workers in some of the world’s largest and most populous cities, premiering on Saturday April 21 on TEN and WIN Network.

From the high-pressure control room to the dedicated crews on the streets, each extraordinary episode will go beyond the flashing lights to provide a gripping and authentic look at the demands and dilemmas faced by first responders.

In the premiere episode of Ambulance, the London Ambulance Service is forced to bump patients down the queue so they can prioritise casualties, deal with time-wasters and cope with the ever-present threat that a major incident is just an emergency call away.

Seven Brisbane expecting news dominance with Gold Coast Comm Games

The competition between Channel 9’s and Channel 7’s 6pm weekday news bulletins in Brisbane remains tight, reports News Corp’s Kristy Symonds.

Nine’s News fronted by Melissa Downes and Andrew Lofthouse managed to edge out Seven’s with Sharyn Ghidella and Max Futcher last week, winning three out of the five nights.

Nine started the week strongly, taking out both Monday and Tuesday night’s ratings battles – with 204,000 and 192,000 to Seven’s 189,000 and 177,000 respectively.

Seven bosses will be expecting to gain ratings dominance on the back of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games broadcasts and the network will this week launch a record-setting period of coverage.

[Read the original]

Sports Media

Three-way play? Nine, TEN and Fox Sports consider carving up cricket rights

Fox Sports is ready to consider moving its attention to Tennis Australia and the English Premier League after a joint bid from Nine Entertainment and Network Ten has potentially locked them out of being a part of Cricket Australia’s next broadcast deal, reports The AFR’s Max Mason.

Fox Sports bid for the entirety of Cricket Australia’s next six-year broadcast deal, but executives are said to be frustrated with restrictions imposed by the anti-siphoning list, which dictates the sports free-to-air broadcasters have first rights to bid on, combined with Nine and Ten working together on cricket has left the sports broadcaster on the outer looking in.

The Australian Financial Review reports the tender for the next broadcast deal for the English Premier League is out and bids are due April 30. In 2015, Optus swooped on rights to the world’s most popular domestic football competition, the English Premier League, with a three-year $63 million annually deal, three times the $20 million Fox Sports was paying under the previous contract.

[Read the original]

The AFR added in a later item:

Nine Entertainment and Network Ten will continue to work with Cricket Australia on a bid for its next broadcast deal and are open to bringing in Fox Sports, paving the way for a three-way agreement.

[Read the original]

On Triple M Melbourne this morning Eddie McGuire said the visiting CEO of CBS Studios International Studios, Armando Nuñez, is scheduled to meet with Cricket Australia broadcast executives today.

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