Tuesday June 25, 2019

New Mediaweek series: Christian Murphy’s Aussie Abroad

• Marketer Melissa Madden, born to be a global brand builder

The global media landscape is dotted with Aussies doing interesting things, at the centre of some of the biggest stories, working within some of the most well-known media brands, building their own media businesses and working with some of the industry’s highest profile figures. 

In a new Mediaweek series, Aussie Abroad, Christian Murphy shines a light on some of our best media exports, kicking it on the global stage.

It seems that much of Melissa Madden’s life and experience has been leading to her current role as a brand builder and purveyor of content to audiences in every corner of the globe.

Born in Australia to an Aussie mum and Brit father and raised in Hong Kong, her uniquely global point of view was formed from an early age, mixing with kids from diverse nationalities in the school playground.

“Hong Kong in those days was almost literally at the centre of the world, it was a bustling British colony in a Chinese country with nationalities from all corners of the globe, both near and far, represented in the school ground,” Madden said.

“For me it was just a normal part of life, being surrounded by and exposed to so many different nationalities, it was like being schooled in these diverse cultures.”

For Madden and her two sisters, these childhood years and their experiences left an indelible impression, one that they still carry today and one that has shaped her life and career in particular.

“The downside for me of this wonderful childhood experience, being exposed to so much, has left me with constantly, perennially itchy feet!”

Madden’s experience growing up in Hong Kong and traveling frequently between Australia and Europe would come home to roost as her career started to pick up steam. In her first significant senior career role, she was appointed GM Marketing for Qantas, the only airline she had known growing up, shuttling between Sydney and Hong Kong. 

“Qantas really was very personal to me, I felt emotionally connected to it and still do today, like many Australians. It is like coming home when you enter that plane in some far-off location.”

So it is of little surprise Madden was a driving force behind the groundbreaking campaign using Peter Allen’s brilliant “I Still Call Australia Home” that effectively launched Qantas as one of the world’s great airlines.

“Being a part of that campaign, which celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, was incredibly rewarding as it touched on so much of my experience and memories growing up.”

In addition to the personal pride Madden felt in being a part of those truly transformative years at Qantas, was the realisation that authentic, emotionally based story telling was an amazingly powerful way to engage audiences and deliver a brand message. 

That iconic campaign touched the hearts of so many people, all around the world and really confirmed for me that the combination of strong, evocative storytelling coupled with a brand was the most powerful way to engage people.

Melissa’s experience at Qantas ignited in her a passion for creative storytelling and brand building which was just what the doctor ordered as David Leckie asked her to join the team alongside Tim Worner, James Warburton and others charged with rebooting Channel Seven.

“David assembled an amazing team at Seven who all came together so well, bringing different experiences and perspectives to take on what seemed like a monumental challenge.”

At the time, Seven was an also ran behind the dominant Nine and in those days a strong 10.  Madden’s focus out of the gate was to start to rebuild the brand for the long term while keeping an eye on the immediate challenge of driving tune in for the current crop of shows and those they were about to launch.

With a lot of hard work and a little help (and luck some might say) with the US’s biggest hits in Desperate Housewives and Lost amongst others, Seven started out on the beginning of a run that ended Nine’s dominance from the early 70s and lasted for more than the last decade. The power of franchises like Desperate Housewives and Lost was not lost on Madden and something she actively developed and carefully grew throughout her time at Seven.

“When it comes to brand building for the long term, establishing and carefully nurturing a franchise is fundamental to engaging and maintaining audiences. It allows you to build an active, on-going relationship and build a community of brand advocates, not just viewers.”

After her successful stint at Seven, Madden moved to the BBC, one of the most global and storied brands in media, filled with some of the best known entertainment franchises and talent in the business.

Running marketing for BBC Worldwide brands across Australia and New Zealand, reporting up to the marketing team in London, she was now officially working with global brands and franchises, offering her the opportunity to put her own imprimatur on them.

While Madden’s role at the BBC was primarily focused on launching or relaunching the existing BBC channels on pay TV platforms and helping them grow and thrive throughout Australasia, it didn’t take long for a unique opportunity to create something completely new on a global scale to materialise.

The Sydney based team had been developing a concept for a channel using the BBC’s amazing library of drama content. I joined the team and working with London we developed the concept, built the strategy and launched this world first entertainment channel on Foxtel, BBC First.

As the first ever dedicated drama channel that the storied BBC had ever launched, which subsequently rolled out in many other markets, it wasn’t long before Madden was packing her bags for London to join her colleagues in HQ.

Taking her seat in London provided some relief to her perennially itchy feet while also extending her brand building experience. Her role to date had been solely channel focused, packaging, launching and growing the BBC channel brands through Australasia. Now Madden had the opportunity to get upstream on building the actual products, the BBC shows and franchises that were driving the channels business.

“The move to London was an exciting development as it extended my experience, opened up many new relationships, especially with producers and gave me the opportunity to flex many new and less used muscles.”

Wednesday in Mediaweek: Melissa Madden working on global BBC brands out of London and her latest international media role.

JCDecaux appoints Lauren Tyler as Queensland state sales director

JCDecaux general manager of sales, Oliver Newton, has announced the promotion of Lauren Tyler (pictured) to Queensland state sales director.

Tyler, who reports to Newton, was previously group business director at JCDecaux Brisbane and in her new role will lead the Brisbane sales team, manage and expand advertiser and agency relationships and help drive revenue growth in the Queensland market.

Tyler has more than 10 years experience in the media business. She has worked with APN Outdoor in Brisbane, most recently as group sales manager – agency. Starting her career with Mitchell & Partners as an account manager, Tyler has also worked with Bauer Media, Goa and Australian Radio Network.

Commenting on the promotion, Newton said: “Lauren has really proven herself to be a future leader in our business and has developed important advertiser and agency partnerships in the Queensland market. In her new role, Lauren will continue to grow the JCDecaux business across our billboard, transport, Brisbane CityCycle and street furniture portfolio in the expanding Queensland market.”

Tyler said: “The out-of-home market in Queensland, led by JCDecaux’s innovative digitisation program, has really driven advertiser interest in the medium because of the dynamic, creative opportunities it offers. I am excited to take on this new role to help continue that growth in Queensland.”

Tyler replaces Chris Perera, who is relocating with his family back to Perth in July.

“I’d like to acknowledge Chris’s contribution to our business over the past 10 years and wish him all the best for the future,” Newton said.

Tyler’s appointment is effective immediately.

oOh! expands digital roadside footprint with data and insights

oOh!media has grown its roadside digital inventory to more than 140 signs with the recent conversion of new sites using its world leading data and insights including reach and frequency, buyergraphics and movement behaviours.

Over the past month, the company has added four premium digital signs in the hard to reach southern Sydney and a further eight digital billboards in Queensland.

oOh!’s chief commercial & operations officer Noel Cook said the expansion of the digital roadside portfolio was strategically driven to deliver premium sites that enabled advertisers to be more dynamic and targeted with their audiences.

“In addition to a qualitative review of our sites, our investment decisions on digitisation is now also backed up by our leading data tools to identify quality locations from our already impressive inventory that will provide even more powerful audience-led opportunities for our advertisers,” Cook said.

“This new data led approach to our inventory management allows us to be more focused on developing sites that strengthens our audience metrics and therefore helps advertisers better reach more of their audiences.

“These new digital sites extend our buyergraphic performance across many key metric for industries including, but not limited to, automotive, finance and insurance.

“By digitising these prime audience sites, we are also providing advertisers the opportunity to capture the attention of audiences through contextually relevant targeting of creative based on the time of day, the temperature or current events that relate back to the product.

“And through our Classic billboards we continue to provide advertisers the big impact awareness that Out of Home has become recognised for.

“Now more than ever, we can help advertisers achieve real impact and high levels of engagement through our roadside inventory, coupled with rich data, research and insights to help better pinpoint their audiences.”

Cook said the new digital signs included four new premium overbridge signs in the southern part of Sydney, which has traditionally been a hard market to advertise using out-of-home.

“Combined these four signs help advertisers reach two in three motorists travelling to and from the southern part of Sydney towards the city every fortnight,” Cook added.

“In addition to that we have added eight new signs in Brisbane to extend oOh!’s large format digital coverage to the city’s northern and eastern pockets.

“The data driven approach will continue to be part of our decision-making process in looking at what sites we will digitise with state-of-the-art screens from our market leading Out of Home portfolio.” 

The roadside digital portfolio forms part of oOh!’s digital network of more than 9500 across its network including Retail, Commute, Fly, and Locate environments.

Radio silence: Triple M’s No Talk Day in support of Beyond Blue

On Monday, July 1, in support of Beyond Blue, Triple M is not talking so that others can.

From 6am – 6pm there will be no radio shows, no ads, no news or traffic reports on Triple M Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Instead, Tripe M is using the space where it would normally talk to encourage men and women to talk to their mates, family or a colleague about mental health and work on reducing men’s suicide.

According to Beyond Blue, this year alone 65,000 people will attempt suicide in Australia. Eight will die every day and six will be men.

Head of Triple M Mike Fitzpatrick said, “As a network that talks to a lot of Aussie men we feel as though it’s our responsibility to continue to encourage these men to be more aware of not only their own feelings but that of those around them. To reach out if they need someone to talk to or offer an ear to their mates.

“We know it’s sometimes hard to talk about your feelings, but it might be the most important conversation you ever have.

“We are lucky to be able to partner with an organisation like Beyond Blue to help empower our community and continue to break down the stigma surrounding mental health.”

Triple M hosts from around the country have joined forces to promote this cause and recorded the below videos to roll our across Triple M’s online and social platforms.

Sydney – 


Melbourne – 


Brisbane – 


Adelaide – 



Box Office: Families rule with Toy Story 4 and Secret Life of Pets

Disney has continued its hot streak over the last few months with another big budget release doing well in Australian theatres, this time through a cinematic icon in Toy Story 4.

By Trent Thomas

The fourth installment of Pixar’s original feature film has lapped the competition making almost four times more than any other film this past weekend. 

Animation is a recurring theme of the Australian box office this weekend with The Secret Life of Pets 2 making its debut in the number two spot after also enjoying a strong release.

Disney also occupied the number four spot this week as Aladdin has continued its strong returns during its fifth week of release bringing its overall total to $29.22m. 

Two new entries mean that two films have slipped out of the top five over the weekend, including John Wick 3 which finally ended its top five run after six weeks and making $14.52m.  The other film to fall was X-Men: Dark Phoenix which only lasted two weeks in the top five and had a second weekly decline over 60%, with its total now sitting at $5.08m.

One notable new release which didn’t make the top five was the latest addition to the Chucky franchise with the latest reboot of the original film Child’s Play making $806,352 in its opening weekend.

It was a big weekend for the Australian box office with an increase of 43% after making $18.27m, thanks in part to the two new entries to the top five and the staying power of films like Aladdin and Rocketman.

#1 Toy Story $8.03m

Toy Story hasn’t lost its lustre since the first film in 1995, or in the nine years since its most recent sequel with the film bringing back the signature voices of Tom Hanks and Tim Allen along with an ensemble cast including Annie Potts, Tony Hale, Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Madeleine McGraw, Christina Hendricks, Keanu Reeves, Ally Maki, Jay Hernandez, Lori Alan, and Joan Cusack. Despite knocking on the door of featuring in four different decades since its release,  the film hasn’t lost its appeal to audiences after averaging $13,704 on 586 screens in its first weekend in theatres.



#2 The Secret Life of Pets 2 $2.07m

Almost any film, especially animation, was going to get a silver medal when going up against Toy Story in a battle of opening weekend totals, but despite the competition Universal’s The Secret Life of Pets 2 had a very solid opening weekend, making an average of $7,404 on 280 screens which is less than half of the number that Toy Story 4 was screened on.



#3 Men in Black: International $1.89m

Despite a 51% drop off from last weekend the new incarnation of Men In Black continues to deliver strong numbers for hometown boy Chris Hemsworth, averaging $4,788 on 396 screens (the second highest).



#4 Aladdin $1.62m

After five weeks the Disney reboot is still bringing in a large audience, having a 45% decline the remake of the 1992 classic made an average of $5,904 on 275 screens.



#5 Rocketman 1.49m

After a 33% decline on its total from last weekend, the Elton John biopic continues its strong run in theatres in its fourth week of release making an average of $4,774 on 314 screens.


Voting now open for TV Week Logies Gold and Most Popular categories

• TV Guide: When and where to watch 2019 TV Week Logies
• Full details of the 50 A-list stars presenting and performing

Live voting for the TV Week Logie Awards Most Popular categories has reopened and will finish at the end of the red-carpet telecast on Nine and 9Now, Sunday, June 30.

A success last year, live voting across the week leading in to the big night gives fans the opportunity to have their say about who should take home the Gold Logie, as well as the awards in the other Most Popular categories.

Fans will be able to vote for their favourites from the shortlisted nominees at www.tvweeklogieawards.com.au

Sunday 30 June, 7pm – Nine’s Red Carpet Arrivals show

The party kicks in with the red-carpet arrivals when hosts Sylvia Jeffreys, Leila McKinnon and David Campbell give you front-row access as TV’s favourite stars make their entrance to the eagerly anticipated annual awards ceremony.

7:30pm – Live broadcast of the 61st TV Week Logie Awards

Comedy legend Tony Martin returns as the voice of the Logies, while a cavalcade of stars will take to the stage in The Star Gold Coast Pavilion Ballroom to announce the honours. This year’s presenting line-up is:

Hamish and Andy, Boy George, Kelly Rowland, Rebecca Gibney, Sigrid Thornton, Carrie Bickmore, Kat Stewart, Tom Gleeson, Shaun Micallef, Georgie Gardner, Julia Morris, Costa Georgiadis, Peter Helliar, Richard Wilkins, Jane Kennedy, Mick Molloy, Tracy Grimshaw, Sam Neill, Sophie Monk, Amanda Keller, Bernard Curry, Todd Sampson, Edwina Bartholomew, Nicole da Silva, Ryan Corr, Grant Denyer, Scott Tweedie, Anton Enus, Rob Collins, Dan Wyllie, Andrew Winter, Dilruk Jayasinha, Dr Chris Brown, Dylan Alcott, Stephen Curry, Aaron Pederson and Leah Purcell.

The cast of Nine’s hit US comedy, Young Sheldon, will make a special guest appearance and an all-star lineup of music acts – Delta Goodrem, Guy Sebastian, Jessica Mauboy and American boy band Why Don’t We – will perform live.

The 61st TV Week Logie Awards will take place on Sunday, June 30, at The Star Gold Coast in Queensland. All the action from the red-carpet arrivals and awards-show celebrations will be telecast on the Nine Network and 9Now.

Photo: TV Week Gold Logie nominees as pictured in the current edition of TV Week magazine

Foxtel announces Scott Pape four-part doco: Money School

Foxtel and Screen Australia have announced a four-part documentary series from Essential Media with best-selling author and media commentator Scott Pape, called Money School.

Premiering on Foxtel’s Lifestyle Channel in early 2020, Money School follows behind the scenes as Pape attempts to launch a financial revolution in schools.

The money education program Barefoot Money Movement designed for primary and secondary schools has received an overwhelming response since its launch in May, with 8991 principals and teachers supporting the initiative, and over 2000 schools, or one in five of all Australian schools, applying to be part of the program, which he hopes to roll out to every school in Australia – beginning with a number of pilot schools this year.

Scott Pape said: “Kids spend a total of around 2,300 days at school. Yet not even one of those days is dedicated to teaching them essential money skills.  Debt is tearing families and communities apart – a quarter of the nation can’t repay their credit cards, and a million homeowners are under stress.  It’s clear that money education needs to be better. 

“Too many Australians don’t have the skills to pay the bills.  Most of us had to learn these skills the hard way because we were never taught them in school.  Our kids deserve better.  My goal is that by teaching the kids, we help their parents too.  And when we help parents, we can change the nation.”

Wendy Moore, Foxtel Group General Manager, Lifestyle, said: “It’s incredibly rewarding for the Lifestyle team to be working with Scott to capture such a fabulous, positive movement that literally starts from the ground up. That we can take this knowledge to such a wide audience is so powerful, and the fact that it is so authentically Australian makes it a perfect project for our audience.”

Money School is produced by Essential Media exclusively for Foxtel, with principal production investment from Screen Australia.

Head of Documentary at Screen Australia, Bernadine Lim, said: “Culturally we can be hesitant to talk about our personal finance, so the premise of this documentary stood out to us as a unique opportunity to explore a touchy subject. Coupled with the fact Essential Media have a proven track record in delivering insightful Australian content that is highly accessible, Money School will definitely be one to watch.”

Money School is currently in production and will premiere on Foxtel’s Lifestyle channel early next year.

Top 10 Game Charts: Older Games Dominate

There have been almost no changes to the top 10 retail games sales according to the latest charts. The top three games – Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and the much-maligned Fallout 76 – are unchanged.

By, Luke Reilly, games editor, IGN Australia

 The single new entry is Nintendo’s ever-popular Mario Kart 8, which has snuck back into the top 10, displacing one of the many Sony first-party developed games in the list (Detroit: Become Human).

They’re also, as you may note, all from 2018 (there are only two games in the top 10 this week that were released this year, and they’re the same two games as the week before: Days Gone and Mortal Kombat 11).

There are a few reasons for the dominance of older games in the charts for the past fortnight; it’s been another quiet week in terms of new releases, and many of these games are currently available for deep discounts (the mid-year sale at specialist games retailer EB Games, for instance, has seen prices for some games in stock cut by 50%). Expect this to change next week, however. Activision’s highly-anticipated Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled was just released on Friday and is probably an absolute lock for next week’s number one.

TV Ratings Analysis: June 24

• The Voice, Adam Lambert and Queen help Nine to big win
• Nine’s best Monday share since end of Married At First Sight

Monday Week 26 2019

By James Manning

Seven News 1,096,000/1,021,000
• Nine News 973,000/952,000
• A Current Affair 811,000
• ABC News 741,000
• 7.30 609,000
• The Project 336,000/543,000
• 10 News First 449,000
• The Drum 205,000
• SBS World News 116,000

Breakfast TV

• Sunrise 292,000
• Today 195,000


Home And Away was on 651,000. The week 25 average audience was 654,000, down from 673,000 in week 24.

House Rules Monday was on 591,000, down from 626,000 a week ago.

Seven’s Monday night movie was John Wick: Chapter 2 with an audience of 271,000.


A Current Affair started its week with items about the NBN, food allergies and an $80m Lotto jackpot. The opening night did 811,000 after average audience for the past two weeks of 756,000 in week 24 which dipped to 741,000 in week 25.

Team George and Team Kelly culled some of their singers last night with more to come tonight on The Voice. The episode also featured Adam Lambert. Despite the guest, the numbers dipped to 832,000, the smallest audience this season.

From Adam Lambert, Nine segued into the doco – The Show Must Go On: The Queen – Adam Lambert Story. The special did 337,000.


The Project started its week on 543,000 after 7pm with the show stepping up its campaign to get Waleed Aly another Gold Logie. Aly meanwhile had an incredible story about a woman who remembers every day of her life in detail. She has also memorised every Harry Potter book and can recite any chapter!

MasterChef then featured no pressure test and a visit from Adelaide superstar chef Jock Zonfrillo. The episode did 684,000 after 648,000 a week ago.

Have You Been Paying Attention? was up week-on-week from 718,000 to 750,000. It was the #1 show under 50 and the program’s biggest under-50 audience this year. Welsh comedian Lloyd Langford was on the panel and the guest quizmasters included Gold Logie nominee Costa Georgiadis.

10 noted the total audience for last week’s episode grew to 1.174m adding timeshift, BVOD and encore screenings.

Kinne Tonight gets better each week and last night was a cracker. Guests included his director Max Price who didn’t look old enough to be piloting a TV show, but he’s doing a good job. Kinne worked in front of his small studio audience wearing a Miller Gold Agency T-shirt, which would have thrilled Entourage fans. The episode did 297,000.


The second episode of the new season of Back Roads visited the community (there’s no town!) of Tolmie in north-eastern Victoria with 610,000 watching.

Four Corners was then on 413,000 featuring the fight to save Australia’s endangered species from reporter Stephanie March.

Media Watch did 417,000 followed by Q&A on 355,000.


The final of the three part 63 Up did 271,000.

Medicine Or Myth was on 210,000 followed by 24 Hours In Emergency on 155,000.

Week 26 TV: Monday
ABC Seven Nine 10 SBS
ABC 12.7% 7 17.9% 9 23.4% 10  14.8% SBS One 5.0%
ABC KIDS/ ABC COMEDY 2.4% 7TWO 2.9% GO! 1.8% 10 Bold 3.6% VICELAND 1.2%
ABC ME 0.5% 7mate 3.4% GEM 3.0% 10 Peach 1.8% Food Net 0.9%
ABC NEWS 1.2% 7flix 1.3% 9Life 1.5%     NITV 0.1%
    7Food 0.4%            
TOTAL 16.8%   26.0%   29.8%   20.2%   7.1%


ABC Seven Affiliates Nine Affiliates 10 Affiliates SBS
ABC 12.0% 7 20.1% 9 19.1% WIN 11.5% SBS One 4.4%
ABC KIDS/ ABC COMEDY 2.8% 7TWO 3.7% GO! 3.6% WIN Bold 3.1% VICELAND 1.3%
ABC ME 0.7% 7mate 3.9% GEM 5.1% WIN Peach 1.8% Food Net 1.0%
ABC NEWS 0.6% 7flix (Excl. Tas/WA) 1.5% 9Life 1.5% Sky News  on WIN 1.9% NITV 0.1%
    7food (QLD only) 0.5%            
TOTAL 16.0%   29.7%   29.3%   18.2%   6.8%


86.6% 13.4%
Monday FTA
  1. Seven News Seven 1,096,000
  2. Seven News / Today Tonight Seven 1,021,000
  3. Nine News Nine 973,000
  4. Nine News 6:30 Nine 952,000
  5. The Voice Nine 832,000
  6. A Current Affair Nine 811,000
  7. Have You Been Paying Attention? 10 750,000
  8. ABC News ABC 741,000
  9. Masterchef Australia 10 684,000
  10. The Chase Australia Seven 674,000
  11. Home And Away Seven 651,000
  12. Back Roads S5 ABC 610,000
  13. 7.30 ABC 609,000
  14. House Rules Seven 591,000
  15. Hot Seat Nine 543,000
  16. The Project 7pm 10 543,000
  17. 10 News First 10 449,000
  18. Media Watch ABC 417,000
  19. The Chase Australia-5pm Seven 414,000
  20. Four Corners ABC 413,000
Demo Top 5

16-39 Top Five

  1. Have You Been Paying Attention? 10 244,000
  2. Masterchef Australia 10 196,000
  3. The Project 7pm 10 144,000
  4. The Voice Nine 141,000
  5. Seven News / Today Tonight Seven 140,000


18-49 Top Five

  1. Have You Been Paying Attention? 10 394,000
  2. The Voice Nine 328,000
  3. Masterchef Australia 10 312,000
  4. Nine News 6:30 Nine 266,000
  5. Nine News Nine 259,000


25-54 Top Five

  1. Have You Been Paying Attention? 10 434,000
  2. The Voice Nine 378,000
  3. Masterchef Australia 10 347,000
  4. Nine News 6:30 Nine 338,000
  5. Nine News Nine 312,000
Monday Multichannel
  1. Bluey AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 210,000
  2. Peppa Pig AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 194,000
  3. Peppa Pig PM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 169,000
  4. Rusty Rivets ABCKIDS/COMEDY 169,000
  5. Dino Dana ABCKIDS/COMEDY 163,000
  6. Molly And Mack PM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 161,000
  7. NCIS (R) 10 Bold 159,000
  8. Fireman Sam PM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 156,000
  9. PJ Masks AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 155,000
  10. Peter Rabbit ABCKIDS/COMEDY 154,000
  11. School Of Roars PM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 153,000
  12. Luo Bao Bei ABCKIDS/COMEDY 150,000
  13. Hey Duggee AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 144,000
  14. Nella The Princess Knight AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 144,000
  15. Bluey ABCKIDS/COMEDY 141,000
  16. Floogals ABCKIDS/COMEDY 139,000
  17. Play School AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 139,000
  18. Neighbours 10 Peach 139,000
  19. Bondi Rescue Ep 2 (R) 10 Bold 135,000
  20. Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures ABCKIDS/COMEDY 134,000
Monday STV
  1. Aussie Inventions That Changed The World History Channel 79,000
  2. Paul Murray Live Sky News Live 67,000
  3. The Bolt Report Sky News Live 66,000
  4. Live: AFL 360 FOX FOOTY 66,000
  5. Live: World Cup: Ban V Afg FOX CRICKET 61,000
  6. Big Little Lies FOX SHOWCASE 58,000
  7. Credlin Sky News Live 57,000
  8. Big Little Lies FOX SHOWCASE 57,000
  9. Live: NRL 360 FOX LEAGUE 57,000
  10. Live: On The Couch FOX FOOTY 54,000
  11. Family Guy FOX8 52,000
  12. Family Guy FOX8 49,000
  13. American Dad! FOX8 47,000
  14. The Flu That Killed 50 Million History Channel 45,000
  15. The Simpsons FOX8 44,000
  16. Live: World Cup Innings Break FOX CRICKET 43,000
  17. The Simpsons FOX8 42,000
  18. Kenny On Media Sky News Live 39,000
  19. NCIS TVH!TS 36,000
  20. American Dad! FOX8 36,000

Shares all people, 6pm-midnight, Overnight (Live and AsLive), Audience numbers FTA metro, Sub TV national
Source: OzTAM and Regional TAM 2018. The Data may not be reproduced, published or communicated (electronically or in hard copy) without the prior written consent of OzTAM

Media News Roundup

Business of Media

Scaleup Mediafund launches second fund to provide ads to start-ups   

Scaleup Mediafund is to launch a second three-year fund and the call for applications from start-ups aiming to grow their business and brand.

In addition, REA Group will be joining the fund, offering its digital media network as inventory, along with shareholders News Corp Australia, Nova Entertainment, Network Ten, Foxtel and Fox Sports. To date, shareholders have committed a total capacity of over $30 million in advertising and marketing inventory to the fund.

Scaleup Mediafund has so far supported seven growth businesses, including the recently listed PointsBet which raised $75 million in its June listing and is looking to expand to the United States. Other start-ups include pet boarding business Mad Paws; Hey You – an app allowing people to order ahead at cafes and restaurants; Local Agent Finder – a leading real-estate agent comparison service; Spacer – Australia’s leading marketplace for self storage and parking spaces; neighbourhood babysitting and nanny network, Juggle St; and Mable, a marketplace to find aged care and disability support workers in their local area.

Richard Skimin

Scaleup Mediafund chairman and general manager of M&A and strategy at News Corp Australia, Richard Skimin, said: “We are proud of the fund in successfully helping to grow the next generation of Australian start-ups. The unrivalled reach of the Scaleup Mediafund partnership means we can deliver niche audiences at scale to start-ups aiming to build their brand.”

Michael Lamont

Michael Lamont, fund manager of Scaleup Mediafund said: “We have had a massive three years. When we started the fund we had the ambition of being a driver of brand and customer growth for great start-ups that had a clear need for advertising. Today with a portfolio of successful investees we can point to the realisation of that ambition.

“With Scaleup Mediafund 2.0 we are looking to grow our portfolio with early stage businesses that have a strong product fit and a clear case for media and marketing support.”

James Warburton and CVC Limited eye Prime Media

A consortium led by former APN Outdoor chief executive James Warburton is believed to be running the numbers on Prime Media and has bought a small stake in the regional broadcaster, reports The AFR’s Max Mason.

The consortium is understood to include ASX-listed investment firm CVC Limited, which is believed to have quietly built up a small stake in Prime of just under 5 per cent, meaning it does not need to disclose itself as a significant shareholder.

Sources said the consortium believes there is value in the broadcaster – which has been efficiently run by management with a focus on costs and debt management in an uncertain time for regional free-to-air broadcasting – that may be better realised by taking the business private.

Prime chief executive Ian Audsley said “we don’t speculate on speculation” when contacted by the Financial Review.

[Read the original]

Thrones cemetery and Monty cricket app take Lions’ share

A 2000sq m cemetery to promote Game of Thrones and a cricket app that warned viewers when a wicket was due to fall helped Foxtel pick up two awards at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity last week, reports News Corp’s Stephen Drill.

The Grave of Thrones: Final Resting Place campaign, which took home a gold Lion, was praised by jurors for its innovation. Created by advertising agency DDB Sydney, the campaign saw a cemetery with gravestones for dead Game of Thrones characters constructed in Sydney.

Meanwhile, Foxtel’s Monty app, produced by Mindshare Sydney in collaboration with Google, was awarded a silver Lion at the annual advertising awards festival. The artificial intelligence program plotted more than 500,000 deliveries from the Australian national men’s team to predict when a wicket was likely and alert users to tune in.

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ABC and News Corp take court action to challenge AFP raids

The ABC yesterday released a statement by David Anderson, ABC managing director, on Federal Court proceedings:

The ABC has lodged an application in the Federal Court of Australia to set aside the warrant that authorised the Australian Federal Police (AFP) raid earlier this month and to demand the return of seized files.

It is important that Australians be advised of this action and of the determination of the ABC to defend our journalists and the crucial work they do informing the public.

The ABC is asking the Court for a declaration that the warrant was invalid on several technical grounds that underline the fundamental importance of investigative journalism and protection of confidential sources. We are also challenging the constitutional validity of the warrant on the basis that it hinders our implied freedom of political communication.

The ABC is also seeking a permanent injunction to prevent the AFP accessing the material seized and to return it to us immediately. It is currently being held by the AFP in sealed envelopes.

The ABC will be using every avenue over the next few weeks to defend the actions of its journalists and to seek legislative changes that protect the media’s ability to report on matters of public interest.

A short statement from Michael Miller, executive chairman of News Corp Australasia said:

We will challenge the validity of the warrant used to conduct the Australian Federal Police raid on the Canberra home of journalist Annika Smethurst because we are determined to fight for journalism and for the public’s right to know.

We also invite the AFP to confirm that it is discontinuing its investigation into both Annika and News Corp.

Facebook ruling sparks call for defamation law overhaul

Media companies will be held legally responsible for posts by readers on Facebook under a landmark court ruling that has prompted calls for an urgent overhaul of defamation laws, reports The Australian’s Lilly Vitorovich.

NSW Supreme Court judge Stephen Rothman found that major media companies News Corp Australia and Nine Entertainment could be regarded as the publishers of Facebook comments made by users of the social media platform.

The ruling came in the case of former Northern Territory youth detainee Dylan Voller against media outlets over comments made by readers on Facebook.

Voller, whose mistreatment in the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre triggered a 2016 royal commission, is suing The Australian and The Centralian Advocate, Sky News Australia’s The Bolt Report, and Nine’s The Sydney Morning Herald.

News Corp Australia last night said the “ruling shows how far out of step Australia’s defamation laws are with other English-speaking democracies and highlights the urgent need for change”.

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News Corp’s Herald Sun offers journalists cash bonuses for clicks

The News Corp tabloid newspaper the Herald Sun is offering journalists a financial bonus of between $10 and $50 for driving digital subscriptions and traffic through their own stories, reports Guardian Australia’s Amanda Meade.

If readers land on a paywalled story and they decide to subscribe to access the full story, the reporter will be financially rewarded after a certain target is reached. Some reporters will be receiving hundreds of extra dollars in payments per week, sources told Guardian Australia.

The data on individual performance is available via a proprietary analytics platform called Verity.

Most major digital publishers use analytics platforms, including Guardian Australia which has a tool called Ophan.

All News Corp mastheads, including The Australian, use Verity and identify staff who have done particularly well each week. But the Herald Sun is believed to be the first masthead to hand out financial bonuses to individuals.

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ARN appoints new content director for Adelaide’s Mix and Cruise

ARN has appointed Barry Keohane to the role of content director for its Adelaide radio stations Mix 102.3 and Cruise 1323.

ARN’s national content director Duncan Campbell said: “Barry brings with him a wealth of knowledge and skills to this role which will enhance and complement the experience that already exists within the content team in Adelaide. I welcome Barry to ARN and I look forward to working with him as we continue to build on the success in Adelaide across Mix 102.3 and Cruise 1323.”

Keohane has previously worked at SCA as assistant content director/music director and as a general manager for content in China overseeing the launch of 10 stations in markets of over 10 million people. Most recently he was content director at ABC Adelaide.

Keohane also mentors and teaches up and coming talent in his role as head lecturer for the Radio Content Management and Leadership Course with the Australian Film, Television and Radio School.

Keohane will begin his role on Wednesday July 10 – the day after the next radio survey results are released.


TV Tonight’s Gold Logie Guide: Sunrise and Seven entrant Sam Mac

Sam Mac is pumped to be nominated for the Gold Logie.

“I’m a TV nerd. I’ve grown up watching it and I’m thrilled to be a part of it!” he tells TV Tonight.

Indeed, the artist formerly known as Sam MacMillan (a radio host told him to shorten it), made his start at Community TV in Adelaide.

“I hosted from my single bed with a studio audience in my lounge room, with comedy sketches, vox pops, musical parodies. A lot of similar stuff to what I’m doing now but not as good or with as much of a budget.”

Before he became the Sunrise weather guy in 2016, Mac was part of The Project and the short-lived Wake-Up on 10.

But not even he expected to be centrestage for a Gold Logie campaign mounted by those within Sunrise. After all, he’s not the host of the show.

“I was told to just come into Martin Place and they would do the weather crosses from there but I got in there and they had pulled together a full campaign. There were staff members with t-shirts with my face, Vote 1 Sam Mac for Gold posters, and a slogan ‘Mac the Logies Great Again!’ Nikki Webster, who I recorded a song with, was singing…” he laughs.

“I was a bit bamboozled by it, but just ran with it. But it was just one morning, so I took it as a nice compliment. Then I found out I was nominated so it was a huge surprise.”

Why should viewers vote for Sam Mac?

“A vote for me is a vote for everyday Australians. I actually visit people at their cricket clubs, schools, workplaces and houses. All of the other contenders are in their ivory towers and studios, in perfectly-lit rooms and teams of make-up assistants! I’m the real Aussie battler, on the ground, doing the hard yards. I’ve probably been to your town, and I’ll probably visit it again and talk about it on the telly. I’m getting in touch with real Australia and this is their chance to Mac the Logies Great Again.

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ABC Commercial sells Exposed: The Case of Keli Lane to Discovery UK

ABC Commercial has sold the Logie-nominated Australian crime investigation series Exposed: The Case of Keli Lane (3 x 60 mins) to Discovery in the UK. The three-year license agreement gives exclusive rights in the region premiering on Discovery owned Really later this year.

In the series multi award-winning journalist Caro Meldrum-Hanna investigates one of Australia’s most notorious cases: the disappearance of two-day old baby Tegan Lane and the conviction of her mother Keli Lane for her murder. Lane breaks her silence for the first time, speaking exclusive to Meldrum-Hanna from prison.

Exposed: The Case of Keli Lane is an excellent example of the high-quality, original factual production that sits within our robust portfolio of award-winning television content,” said Jessica Ellis, head of ABC content sales and distribution. “We’re thrilled to be working with Discovery to bring this ground-breaking Australian series to British and Irish audiences.”

“The case of Keli Lane is like no other,” said Meldrum-Hanna. “How can a two-day old baby disappear without a trace, in broad daylight in sunny Sydney, from a busy public hospital, never to be seen again? No witnesses, no murder weapon, no forensic evidence, no body. A litany of lies and multiple secret pregnancies. Her mother is in jail for murder, claiming innocence. She’s finally agreed to talk. But where does the truth lie?”

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