Monday January 21, 2019

Tim Worner tells how Seven has managed to grow summer share

• Forget ad-free sports coverage, advertisers want access to the most valuable 30 seconds on Australian TV

By James Manning

Seven was quick to tell the market late in 2018 how successful its coverage of the first test against India had been.

It is on the offensive again, halfway through the summer and just one week into the Australia Open.

And despite the major summer codes – cricket and tennis – changing FTA channels, Seven is reporting that at the end of week 3, 2019, it is the only network to grow its share year-on-year. That includes total people and key demos. (See chart for details.)

Seven West Media CEO Tim Worner told Mediaweek acquiring those rights last year was a good move: “Over a time it will be an excellent investment. If you think about it we now have cricket for three to four months – all through summer – and then AFL all through winter.

Those two sports rights are the foundation of our company.”

That foundation needs to pay its way. Worner told Mediaweek during 2018 that if anybody could make money out of the new cricket rights it would be Seven’s Kurt Burnette. (See separate item today for more on that.)

So is Seven West Media making money in year one, or will it take time to return a profit?

“We talk in terms of profit over the length of the deal and over a whole season.” Worner indicated they are yet unsure of the revenue from hours outside of the cricket.

“We are a lot happier with the cricket than we would have been if we didn’t have it.”

Worner admitted that for a first year cricket broadcaster, Seven has learnt a lot.

He didn’t want to share too many of those learnings, but he did say: “It is a very big undertaking. I wouldn’t want to give the impression we went into this underprepared, because I don’t think we did. We had enough experience on our team to know what was coming.

“I say large undertaking because no one previously has had much of the Big Bash League plus test cricket. It has been a challenge, but of course at the same time a tremendous advantage. In the next few days you will see that when we’ve got a test match and Big Bash happening simultaneously and it is all on Seven.”

Because that is a day-night test, there will be test and Big Bash cricket simultaneously on two of Seven’s channels.

Regarding scheduling in the next few weeks, Worner said My Kitchen Rules will be launching at 7pm when it returns, with Home And Away not returning to the schedule until after the cricket.

Cricket will remain on Seven until Sunday February 17 when the Big Bash League final will be played.

The last test match of the domestic summer, against Sri Lanka, commences February 1.

“It is very useful [for the business] to have audience firepower and getting the scheduling right is something we are putting a fair bit of work into.”

Regarding the extra costs associated with mounting coverage of the matches after the acquiring of the rights, Worner said he thought Seven was realistic with its budgeting.

“We are comfortable with where we are at the moment for year one. Media companies are always looking at costs and there are lessons we have learnt this year that will result in cost savings in year two.

That could mean Seven might share more costs with Fox Sports next season. Worner said: “We are always discussing [sharing] with Fox Sports. We have a close partnership with them in AFL and now cricket.”

As to criticism from some that people without Fox Sports are unable to watch Australia’s one day team in action domestically, Worner reminded us those rights were not available because of the structure of the Cricket Australia deal with Fox Sports.

As regard to the WBBL, Worner said not only are the audience numbers strong, the quality and interest in the sport is huge. “I feel we have helped lift the profile of women’s cricket, something that we committed to during discussions with Cricket Australia.

“The profile of the game and profile of the players has gone through the roof. The quality of the games has been extraordinary. The two semi-finals we broadcast on the weekend were fantastic.”

Competing with Nine

As to any benefits Nine is getting got from its Fairfax Media merger, Worner said it was too early to tell. “Regardless of what happens, we have just got to look after what we can control. We are certainly happy with the response we are getting for the AFL this year [from advertisers].”

Worner then reinforced what he explained earlier in the interview:

The two most valuable pieces of screen real estate on Australian television – the 30 seconds at the end of an over in the cricket, and the 30 second after a goal in the AFL – are only on Seven.

“They are precious and the market recognises that.”

Breakfast TV battle

When asked about the importance of breakfast TV, Worner noted it was as critical as winning any other part of Seven’s schedule.

Although Sunrise remains well and truly ahead of Today after a week of the revamped Nine breakfast show, he said: “It is less than five minutes into the first quarter.

We are really pleased with the way Sunrise is going as a show, quite apart from its great ratings.

“The show is right in its groove and there is a team of people on and off camera working on that show who seriously know what they are doing. And you can sense that when you are watching the show.”

Content investment

Given that sports rights suck so much out of TV content spend, does it make it hard to know where to spend what is left over?

Worner: “It always has been a challenge to get most of your expenditure decisions right. Nobody gets them all correct. Over the last decade we have got many right.

“We have a good line up of content for the whole year with a foundation of cricket and AFL. Having that certainly makes some of those other decisions easier.”

Top  Photo: Tim Worner during the Seven Allfronts in October 2018

Seven’s Kurt Burnette: “Cricket the juggernaut that we predicted”

• Seven’s “spectacular summer”: Only network to grow share total people and key demos

The Seven Network has detailed how it is on track to deliver its promise to secure a 40%+ commercial share of 06:00–24:00 viewing across summer, having secured a 45% share in December:

Seven’s cricket coverage has been a massive success with Australian viewers, receiving praise for its fresh new approach and delivering huge audiences across the day and throughout primetime.

In summer viewing to date (at the end of survey week 3), Seven is the only network to grow share year-on-year, both in total people and all demos, throughout the day and in primetime.

Highlights of Seven’s Cricket coverage include:

• Total reach of over 14.6m Australians nationally, including 12m for the Tests and 11.6m for the BBL
• Average daytime commercial share of 55.6% during Test broadcast days. Even greater shares seen in key demos, with shares of 63.1% for P16-39, and 67.6% for M16-54
• Average primetime commercial share of 40.1% during BBL broadcast days. Even greater shares seen in key demos, with shares of 42.8% for P16-39 and 46.0% for M16-54

Seven’s chief revenue officer Kurt Burnette said: “Cricket has proven to be the juggernaut that we predicted, with reach eclipsing everything else, and audience growth in every demo across summer.

“Seven’s Summer of Cricket is delivering for our sponsors and clients. They bought audience, reach and integration, and we have delivered on all fronts.

“Seven has given our advertisers the best end to 2018 and the fastest start to the new year in all of TV. And this will be the case for the next five years.”

KFC’s marketing director Sally Spriggs said: “We’re delighted with our Summer Of Cricket Partnership with Seven so far and look forward to more success with the KFC BBL and the Sri Lankan Test Series.”

Top Photo: Kurt Burnette at Seven’s Allfronts 2018

MCN & Fox Sports: Ratings better than results during ODI series

• Australia v India ODI sets record ratings for Fox Cricket

Despite some rain-related delays, and the loss to India, the final One Day International match at the MCG on 18 January delivered additional audience growth for the series, helping Fox Cricket continue its run of ratings records for STV, reports MCN:

The last game drew an average of 281,000 viewers, resulting in the total series hitting an average of 327,000 people across 23 hours of live coverage. The series experienced a 27% increase on the three game Australia v South Africa ODI series, which averaged 258,000 viewers.

The platform’s highest rating ODI series in history, it also reached over 1.7 million unique viewers across live play, pre and post-game supporting coverage, plus innings breaks.

MCN said the ratings for the Australia versus India ODI series underscores the large number of Australian’s tuning into Fox Cricket this summer.

The second international one-day international match on Saturday 12 Jan 2019 drew the second highest ever ODI game audience on STV. Only the 2015 ICC World Cup Final, which had 544,000 viewers, won a larger audience share.

The men’s Big Bash League has also proved a hit with viewers, attracting an average 218,000 viewers across all games, including both simulcast and exclusive games. Overall, the BBL has reached 2.2 million people on STV to date, with the Women’s Big Bash League reaching 723,000 over the same period.

MCN CEO Mark Frain said the success of the channel is thanks to the outstanding coverage developed by the world class production team at Fox Cricket in collaboration with our advertising partners.

“The partnership opportunities we’ve delivered via Fox Cricket have set a new integration standard for not only MCN, but the wider industry and of course, our subscribers,” he said.

“Despite a challenging TV market, Fox Cricket’s ongoing performance has meant we have delivered some emphatic results for our clients over the past few months, kick starting MCN’s momentum into 2019. The channel has helped us perform ahead of the TV market, and we look forward to continuing this strong performance throughout the year as we deliver the strongest spectrum of international and local content to Australians via the Foxtel platform.”

Head of Fox Sports Peter Campbell said: “Fox Cricket’s numbers have once again exceeded all expectations, demonstrating the channel isn’t just showing us the power of live sports to attract massive audiences to STV, but it’s also pioneering seamless advertising integration in a manner that actually enhances the viewer experience. These numbers are noteworthy in terms of the overall audience over the past few months as a very significant amount of all TV viewing has been on Fox Cricket.”

MCN national sport sales director Martin Medcraf said: “What the first test, ODI series and our ongoing Big Bash League has shown us is that Australians are very much attracted to Fox Cricket’s quality broadcasting of the popular summer sport, which means strong reach for our advertisers and a deeply engaged audience. The Australia versus India ODI series has been a great ramp up to the channel’s next big test – Australia versus Sri Lanka, later this week.”

As a medium the channel has reached 3.7 million people, 99 of the top 100 programs have been on the channel over the summer, and a massive 5.72% of all TV viewing has been on Fox Cricket.

The series follows strong ratings on the Fox Cricket channel of its first ever Test series, averaging around 247,000 viewers and reaching 31% (2.4 million) of the STV population.

The ratings do not include viewers on the FOX CRICKET app, Foxtel Now, Foxtel GO or KAYO.

Running 24/7, Fox Cricket is broadcasting all formats of the game through to March 2019.

Major advertising partners include Toyota, Alinta, McDonald’s, Harvey Norman, Bunnings, Lion Nathan, bet365 and Maytronics.

News media readership: First data with Nielsen Digital Content Ratings

• emma cross-platform readership now calibrated to the IAB-accredited Nielsen Digital Content Ratings digital audience currency data
• Previously unreported digital audiences (off-platform, secure pages and mobile aged under 18) now captured in the emma figures
• Greater number of news media and magazine titles now able to report currency level total audiences

News media across all platforms are read by 17.5 million Australians, or 94% of the population, according to the latest emmaTM (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) data1 for October 2018.

The October emma data incorporates calibrated Nielsen Digital Content Ratings (DCR) digital audiences, providing a complete picture for tagged sites of audiences both on and off-platform, for the first time.

The new audience data now integrates digital news media consumers measured by DCR but previously not included in the cross-platform readership.

Digital news media is read by 15.6 million, or 84%, of Australians. Total print news media readership is 12.2 million, or 66%, of the population.

Metro newspapers are read by 9.9 million people, or 54% of consumers. Regional and community newspapers are read by 5.8 million people, or a third of the population (31%).

Additional newspaper mastheads will now receive a currency-grade total audience including regional mastheads.

NewsMediaWorks CEO Peter Miller said: “emma CMV, now with calibrated Nielsen DCR, means we can more accurately measure both on and off platform digital and print news media audiences. The data clearly demonstrates that the vast majority of Australians seek out their trusted news, entertainment and information in news media. News media offers unparalleled credible, independent journalism, which is why it comes as no surprise that it is Australia’s most trusted media channel2. That trust positively impacts purchase intent, and advertisers are taking note.”

This is the eighth month of emma cross platform readership data to come from Nielsen, in a new strategic collaboration announced in May. It is the first using DCR calibration.

The full integration of the IAB-accredited Nielsen DCR currency into emma will be possible with the delivery of Nielsen’s full synthetic digital respondent-level database at a date to be confirmed in the first half of 2019.

The Sydney Morning Herald is Australia’s highest-reaching title across all platforms with 7.43 million readers. The Daily Telegraph followed, reaching 4.5 million readers and the Herald Sun on 4.44 million.

(See table below).

The incorporation of calibrated Nielsen DCR digital audiences means that emma’s digital methodology has changed and there will be a trend break in the data, rendering year-on-year and month-on-month data comparisons of digital news media and total audience invalid.

The trend break will last until October 2019. Print is unaffected.

K&J star in ARN’s campaign for KIIS 1065’s fifth birthday

• HEAR IT, LOVE IT, KIIS IT: New marketing campaign launches

ARN has launched KIIS 1065’s 2019 marketing campaign featuring Kyle & Jackie O and new campaign position: HEAR IT, LOVE IT, KIIS IT.

The new campaign coincides with The Kyle & Jackie O Show’s first day back on air for 2019 as KIIS 1065 celebrates the brand’s fifth birthday.

ARN created and launched KIIS 1065 in January 2014 as the new home of Sydney’s #1FM breakfast The Kyle & Jackie O Show.

The multi-platform campaign has gone live across outdoor, digital and social with two new TVCs, to be launched in coming weeks.

ARN’s chief marketing officer Anthony Xydis said: “This campaign is the next evolution of the KIIS 1065 brand, while staying true to its essence as an irreverent, vibrant and fun station showcasing the best of Sydney and, of course, the home of Sydney’s #1FM breakfast The Kyle & Jackie O Show.

“The new campaign positioning reflects the strength and character of the Kyle & Jackie O brand. Sydney remains a very competitive market, and this high impact campaign reinforces ARN’s ongoing commitment to supporting our brands.”

This morning Kyle & Jackie O kicked off their first show of 2019 with the unveiling of a five-tiered birthday cake to celebrate KIIS 1065’s fifth birthday and their fifth year at the station. Celebrations continued throughout the morning with listeners calling in to congratulate the duo.

marie claire launches podcast partnership with The Thinkergirls

Pacific brand marie claire has partnered with The Thinkergirls to launch the podcast series, We need to talk about…

Pacific announced today:

The new series brings to life the pages of marie claire serving up all the hot topics and issues that matter most to women with a healthy dollop of Thinkergirls sass. Promising to be both inspiring and thought-provoking, the first episodes tackle a diverse range of subjects, from anxiety and same-sex marriage to the modern-day obsession with finding happiness.

The podcast is hosted by Stacey June and Kristie Mercer, the creatives behind one of Australia’s most popular and longest-running podcasts which now generates approximately 100,000 downloads each month.

The innovative partnership will give The Thinkergirls access to marie claire’s 1.3 million-plus touchpoints, while broadening marie claire’s reach to a wider millennial audience through The Thinkergirls dedicated fanbase.

Nicky Briger, editor of marie claire, said: “Launching this exciting podcast series is part of marie claire’s wider strategy to inspire women to fearlessly move forward. We’re always looking for ways to use different platforms to reach new audiences and working with the fabulous Thinkergirls presented the perfect opportunity to do just that.”

The Thinkergirls’ Stacey June said: “We’re beyond excited to partner with marie claire which continues to be such an important voice for women in this country. We’re so passionate about having conversations that are brave, aren’t always pretty, but are deeply raw and real, inquisitive and hopeful.”

Mercer added: “We’re proud to bring an audio platform to a much-loved, successful brand. Joining forces are two brands that enjoy pushing the boundaries, so we believe this partnership is a match made in heaven and the opportunities are endless.”

The episodes are available now on by following this link here.

Mediaweek Industry Awards 2018: Best Australian Media CEO

Being the leader of a media business as we near the end of the second decade of the 21st century throws up all sorts of challenges.

By James Manning

Business models are being overhauled as companies look for ways to maintain revenue streams and keep a handle on costs.

Our three placegetters did good work during 2018, but there is plenty on all of their plates for the new year.

Winner: Hugh Marks (Nine Entertainment Co)

In the space of six months Nine CEO Hugh Marks and his chairman Peter Costello raised the prospect of merging with Fairfax Media and then completed the deal.

There was/is plenty of scepticism from some quarters that it was a deal worth making.

One of the big tests in the next 12 months will be the amount of cash Nine can raise from divesting the divisions it doesn’t want and how well it assimilates the divisions it does.

Making sense for advertisers of the new media combinations will be key.

There will also be lots of opportunities for the different Nine Entertainment divisions to leverage other parts of the business from ways to make news subscriptions more compelling through to ways of upselling news or Stan subscribers with extra value.

Second place: Cathy O’Connor (Nova Entertainment)

Nova Entertainment CEO Cathy O’Connor

The year could not have ended much better for the chief executive of Nova Entertainment.

Cathy O’Connor had the #1 FM station in Australia’s two biggest radio markets – smoothfm 91.5 in Melbourne and smoothfm 95.3 in Sydney.

The Melbourne breakfast show with Mike Perso and Jennifer Hansen recorded its highest ever share – 8.9%. The Melbourne station ended the year #1 in four consecutive surveys. The Sydney station has now been #1 FM for two consecutive surveys.

Sister Melbourne station Nova 100 ended the year with share growing while its cume audience was over 1m.

At Nova 969 in Sydney, the station also has a cume audience over 1m while breakfast with Fitzy and Wippa posted their best-ever share of 8.4%.

When it comes to networked daytime and evening shows, Nova is hard to beat.

In drive, Kate, Tim & Marty were Australia’s #1 drive show for a 16th consecutive survey. Meanwhile in evenings, Smallzy maintained his run as the #1 show for a 43rd consecutive survey!

Despite lots of competition, Nova’s Red Room remains the premier live event that connects radio station audiences with the cream of the world’s best artists. The Red Room brand ended the year with four special shows during ARIA Week, which included an exclusive performance from Keith Urban for a handful of Nova listeners.

Like all media executives, Radio Hall of Famer O’Connor walked the fine line of keeping costs down while not impacting on the product.

Among initiatives launched during the year was a pop culture platform for Millennials, GOAT.

Third place: Craig Hutchinson (Crocmedia)

Larry Kestelman and Craig Hutchinson

It was a year of deals (again), for the Crocmedia co-founder and chief executive Craig Hutchison. A reverse takeover of broadcaster Pacific Star was completed early in the year.

The company’s radio station was overhauled with the country’s best sports broadcasters taking over key timeslots including Gerard Whatley in mornings, Garry Lyon and Tim Watson in breakfast. The station also beefed up afternoon and drive and its weekend AFL broadcasts.

Hutchison managed to keep his on-air role, hosting Off The Bench on Saturday mornings, a show which runs for three, and sometimes four, hours.

There is no room here to list all the rights deals Hutchison completed during the year.

His biggest achievement perhaps was the launch of SEN South Australia on an AM narrowcast frequency. That station has its own dedicated breakfast and drive shows, taking networked content across the rest of the week.

He also managed to continue co-hosting one of the best Australian podcasts, The Sounding Board, with Triple M’s Damian Barrett. Trade Radio is also worth a mention that has grown from a niche online broadcast to a major product attracting major advertiser investment.

The pace looks like being frantic again in 2019 with cricket and tennis rights deals supplying content to SEN listeners on air and online, with the Super Bowl to follow in February, which is always a big focus for Hutchison and his colleagues.

One of the CEO’s skills has been his ability to mix his content smarts with advertising and sponsorship opportunities. There is no better example of how he blends the two than his Saturday morning radio show.

Along the way this year, Crocmedia also invested in NBL team Melbourne United with a 25% stake.

Top Photo: Mediaweek’s James Manning and Hugh Marks

ARIA Chart Report: Soundtracks continue to dominate

• Singles: Sam Smith and Normani top 20 with highest new entry
• Albums: Want to get to #1? Get on a movie soundtrack


Post Malone & Swae Lee extended their stay at #1 with Sunflower to three weeks.

Australian artist Kian lifted another spot this week with Waiting up from #17 to #16 after 22 weeks on the chart.

The highest new entry this week just made the top 20 – Sam Smith & former Fifth Harmony vocalist Normani with Dancing With A Stranger at #19.

Sam Smith and Normani

Meanwhile new at #25 is French producer Gesaffelstein and The Weeknd with Lost In The Fire. They previously collaborated on The Weeknd’s 2018 release My Dear Melancholy, which peaked at #3 on the album chart in April of last year.

Florida artist Dominic Fike slipped into the chart at #42 from outside the top 50 after three weeks with 3 Nights, a track from his 2018 six-track release Don’t Forget About Me, Demos.


Soundtracks continue to feature high on the charts. After three months charting, Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody (The Original Soundtrack) continues its stay at #1. Soundtracks have topped the chart for the last 13 weeks.

Reaching a new peak this week is the soundtrack for Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse as it lifts from #12 to #11.

A significant mover was Mumford & Sons with Delta up 19 places on the chart to #30. The album originally peaked at #5 in November of 2018.

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

No album debuted in the 50 this week, but the highest new entry on a quiet week for new releases was A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie’s Hoodie SZN at #37. The second studio album by the American rapper (aka Julius Dubose) is his first ARIA chart appearance.

Top 10 Game Charts: Super Smash Bros. knocked off by Mario Bros.

For the first time in many weeks number one on the retail games charts in Australia is not Red Dead Redemption 2 or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It is, however, a port of seven-year-old Wii U game: New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe.

This new Switch version of Super Mario Bros. U is an enjoyable re-release but doesn’t stand quite as tall next to modern platformers, like Rayman Legends, Celeste, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, or the incredibly inventive Super Mario Odyssey.

There have been a few jiggles elsewhere on the charts but, as predicted, there haven’t been any other especially seismic shifts for this week. The likes of Resident Evil 2 Remake and Kingdom Hearts III are sure to make an impact at the end of the month, however, and February is stuffed with new games that will almost certainly crack the top 10, like Crackdown 3, Far Cry: New Dawn, Metro Exodus, Anthem and several others.

TV Ratings Analysis: January 21

• Australian Open metro audience tops 1m to start week 4
• Nine’s primary share over 30%, combined share over 40%
• As Shane Crawford arrives on Celebrity, reality trails tennis
• Sunday FTA Big Bash League audience close to 400,000

By James Manning


Although Seven’s summer of cricket has lifted the station’s share year-on-year, share was down to 14.5% last night, well behind the best night of the Australian Open so far on Nine.

The Big Bash League game between Sydney Sixers and Brisbane Heat was third in the slot early in the night, but moved into second spot after I’m A Celebrity ended. The cricket crowd was 422,000 for the first session and then 380,000 for the second.

Seven ended week 3 a clear leader in breakfast against Nine’s revamped Today. However as Seven’s Tim Worner tells Mediaweek elsewhere today, it’s very early in 2019 to be claiming victory.

Breakfast TV Seven v Nine: Week 3


• Sunrise 427k (Metro 266k Regional 161k)
• Today 311k (Metro 197k Regional 115k)
• News Breakfast 173k* (Metro 103k Regional 70k)


• Sunrise 444k (Metro 275k Regional 169k)
• Today 303k (Metro 202k Regional 102k)
• News Breakfast 163k* (Metro 100k Regional 64k)


• Sunrise 425k (Metro 251k Regional 174k)
• Today 342k (Metro 238k Regional 105k)
• News Breakfast 173k* (Metro 103k Regional 70k)


• Sunrise 461k (Metro 289k Regional 173k)
• Today 295k (Metro 206k Regional 90k)
• News Breakfast 161k (Metro 91k Regional 70k)


• Sunrise 464k (Metro 281k Regional 182k)
• Today 308k (Metro 212k Regional 96k)
• News Breakfast 184k (Metro 110k Regional 74k)

Doesn’t include ABC News simulcast audience


The broadcaster has enjoyed its biggest ratings with the Australian Open on a day that saw some of the top seeds bundled out. In the first week of the tournament Nine’s best primetime metro primary share was 20.5% on Saturday. They blew away that record last night with a share of 31.9%.

Nine’s combined channel share last night pushed above 40%, which doesn’t happen much any more for any broadcaster.

See our separate features this week with a deeper dive into the Australian Open TV ratings from the first week of the tournament.

The Sunday metro tennis audiences were as follows:

• Day 7 evening 1,036,000
• Day 7 day 611,000
• Day 7 late 617,000


I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! started its second week facing off against the biggest night of the tennis yet.

Despite grand slam tennis on Nine and Big Bash League action on Seven the reality audience for 10 was over 700,000 as Shane Crawford was revealed as the first intruder. The launch episode a week ago was just over 1m.

Elsewhere on the channel The Sunday Project did 402,000 after 7pm with Joel Creasy a guest.

Later in the night two episodes of NCIS did 296,000 and 175,000.


Grand Designs House Of The Year was on 313,00.

British crime drama Vera did 393,000 with a repeat episode.


A night of Slow TV featured a camera travelling along Britain’s wonderful canal system. It was really slow, yet very relaxing, Slow TV, with 145,000 watching.

Week 3-4 TV: Friday-Sunday
ABC Seven Nine 10 SBS
ABC 11.7% 7 16.8% 9 28.5% 10  7.8% SBS One 6.1%
ABC 2 2.6% 7TWO 3.0% GO! 2.4% 10 Bold 3.7% VICELAND 1.6%
ABC ME 0.7% 7mate 2.9% GEM 1.8% 10 Peach 2.3% Food Net 1.3%
ABC NEWS 1.5% 7flix 1.8% 9Life 2.5%     NITV 0.2%
    7Food 0.8%            
TOTAL 16.5%   25.3%   35.2%   13.8%   9.2%
ABC Seven Nine 10 SBS
ABC 10.6% 7 12.7% 9 29.8% 10  6.6% SBS One 3.8%
ABC 2 3.6% 7TWO 4.4% GO! 7.0% 10 Bold 2.4% VICELAND 1.0%
ABC ME 0.6% 7mate 3.7% GEM 2.3% 10 Peach 2.4% Food Net 1.4%
ABC NEWS 1.5% 7flix 2.3% 9Life 3.0%     NITV 0.4%
    7Food 0.6%            
TOTAL 16.3%   23.7%   42.1%   11.4%   6.5%
ABC Seven Nine 10 SBS
ABC 9.1% 7 14.5% 9 31.9% 10  13.1% SBS One 4.0%
ABC 2 2.2% 7TWO 3.1% GO! 3.0% 10 Bold 1.7% VICELAND 0.8%
ABC ME 0.5% 7mate 3.6% GEM 2.9% 10 Peach 2.3% Food Net 1.2%
ABC NEWS 0.9% 7flix 1.4% 9Life 3.0%     NITV 0.3%
    7Food 0.5%            
TOTAL 12.8%   23.0%   40.8%   17.1%   6.3%
ABC Seven Affiliates Nine Affiliates 10 Affiliates SBS
ABC 10.5% 7 12.8% 9 25.9% WIN 12.8% SBS One 4.4%
ABC 2 3.1% 7TWO 3.7% GO! 3.6% WIN Bold 1.9% VICELAND 0.8%
ABC ME 1.0% 7mate 4.9% GEM 4.0% WIN Peach 2.6% Food Net 1.1%
ABC NEWS 1.3% 7flix 1.4% 9Life 3.4% Sky News  on WIN 0.1% NITV 0.6%
TOTAL 15.9%   22.8%   36.9%   17.4%   6.9%


86.2% 13.8%


All People Rankings

Friday Top 10

  1. Seven News Seven 867,000
  2. 2019 Australian Open Day 5 -Night Nine 791,000
  3. Seven News / Today Tonight Seven 777,000
  4. Nine News Nine 727,000
  5. Nine News 6:30 Nine 671,000
  6. ABC News ABC 556,000
  7. The Chase Australia Seven 506,000
  8. Endeavour: The Young Morse (R) ABC 423,000
  9. Better Homes And Gardens Summer Seven 422,000
  10. 10 News First 10 380,000


Saturday Top 10

  1. Nine News Saturday Nine 741,000
  2. Seven News – Sat Seven 732,000
  3. 2019 Australian Open Day 6 -Night Nine 634,000
  4. ABC News-Sa ABC 546,000
  5. 2019 Australian Open Day 6 -Late Nine 503,000
  6. Little Women ABC 376,000
  7. 2019 Australian Open Day 6 -Night Pre Match Nine 363,000
  8. 2019 Australian Open Day 6 -Day Nine 322,000
  9. 10 News First Sat 10 316,000
  10. House Nine 312,000
Sunday FTA
  1. 2019 Australian Open Day 7 -Night Nine 1,036,000
  2. Seven News – Sun Seven 867,000
  3. Nine News Sunday Nine 924,000
  4. I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! Sun 10 710,000
  5. ABC News Sunday ABC 591,000
  6. 2019 Australian Open Day 7 -Day Nine 611,000
  7. 2019 Australian Open Day 7 -Late Nine 617,000
  8. Seven’s Cricket: Big Bash League – Syd Sixers V Bris Innings Seven 434,000
  9. Seven’s Cricket: Big Bash League – Syd Sixers V Bris S1 Seven 422,000
  10. Vera (R) ABC 393,000
  11. The Sunday Project 7pm 10 402,000
  12. Seven’s Cricket: Big Bash League – Syd Sixers V Bris S2 Seven 380,000
  13. Grand Designs: House Of The Year (R) ABC 313,000
  14. 10 News First Sun 10 301,000
  15. Seven’s Cricket: Big Bash League – Syd Sixers V Bris Pre Game Seven 271,000
  16. NCIS Sun (R) 10 296,000
  17. Weekend Sunrise – Sun Seven 253,000
  18. Seven News At 5 Seven 228,000
  19. Seven’s Cricket: Big Bash League – Syd Sixers V Bris Post Game Seven 230,000
  20. Weekend Today Nine 213,000
  1. Live: Between The Innings FOX CRICKET 203,000
  2. Live: BBL: Sixers V Heat FOX CRICKET 180,000
  3. Live: BBL: Sixers V Heat FOX CRICKET 158,000
  4. Live: BBL Post Game FOX CRICKET 108,000
  5. Live: B4 The Bash! FOX CRICKET 73,000
  6. Live: Football: A-League Melb V Well FOX SPORTS 505 47,000
  7. Live: Football: A-League Ccm V Bris FOX SPORTS 505 40,000
  8. NCIS TVH!TS 40,000
  9. Midsomer Murders UKTV 39,000
  10. NCIS TVH!TS 38,000
  11. The Cricket Tragic FOX CRICKET 38,000
  12. 24 Hours In Emergency LifeStyle Channel 37,000
  13. Nella The Princess Knight Nick Jr. 35,000
  14. Forrest Gump Foxtel Movies Greats 35,000
  15. The Secret Life Of 4 And 5 Year Olds LifeStyle Channel 34,000
  16. The Big Bang Theory COMEDY CHANNEL 33,000
  17. Criminal Minds TVH!TS 31,000
  18. Paw Patrol Nick Jr. 30,000
  19. Paw Patrol Nick Jr. 30,000
  20. How It’s Made Discovery Science 30,000

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Source: OzTAM and Regional TAM 2018. The Data may not be reproduced, published or communicated (electronically or in hard copy) without the prior written consent of OzTAM

Media News Roundup

Business of Media

Henry Tajer back agency in world as Dentsu Aegis APAC CEO

Six months after signing on as managing director of Amazon Media Group Australia, Henry Tajer is returning to agency world in Australia. In February Tajer will start work as the new chief executive of the Dentsu Aegis Network for Australia and New Zealand (DAN APAC), replacing Simon Ryan who accepted a role as Carsales last year

In 2015 Tajer left Australia where he was executive chairman of IPG Mediabrands Australia for a global role out of New York. While his predecessor Simon Ryan was based in Melbourne, Tajer will work out of Dentsu Aegis in Sydney.

Speaking of the appointment, DAN APAC CEO Nick Waters said: “I am delighted to bring Henry into the group. We have a large and diverse business across Australia and New Zealand, which requires the high calibre leadership that Henry will provide.

“An exceptional operator, Henry’s appointment will reinforce our leadership position as we enable our clients and staff to navigate the complexities of a rapidly changing market.”

Incoming DAN ANZ CEO Henry Tajer said: “I’m really excited to join Dentsu Aegis Network and team. The opportunity to be part of a diverse, progressive and agile organisation like DAN was one I couldn’t resist.

“I can’t wait to get to know the team and work with our clients to enjoy shared success moving forward. The Australian advertising market is one of the most exciting in the world. I feel very lucky to be a part of it.”

Henry Tajer assumes the new role from Monday 18 February.

News Brands

Fiveaa breakfast co-host joining 10 Adelaide as news sports presenter

Adelaide radio broadcaster Will Goodings (pictured) is joining Network 10, as weekday sport presenter for 10 News First Adelaide.

Will, who co-anchors Adelaide’s leading commercial breakfast radio show on Fveaa, will join news presenter Rebecca Morse at the desk from Monday, 28 January. He will report to 10’s network director of news content Ross Dagan.

Dagan said: “I know Will is a fantastic fit for our outstanding Adelaide team. I haven’t met a more enthusiastic sports fan, so he is perfect to front our sports coverage. His radio role means he is already well placed to know what matters most to the people of South Australia.”

Goodings said: “I couldn’t be more thrilled to be joining the team at 10 News First. Sport is a passion of mine and the opportunity to work on the biggest sporting stories in 2019 with the dynamic group at 10 is an incredible one.

“Continuing to watch, read, and tweet about sport but getting to call it work is pretty exciting too.”

Goodings career spans over 11 years with Nova Entertainment’s commercial AM talkback radio station Fiveaa, where he has held a number of roles from producing to on-air announcing across the day. In 2015, he joined the breakfast show line-up alongside David Penberthy and prior to this he had a two-year stint in local politics as a senior media advisor.

Goodings replaces Nick Butler who after five years in Adelaide, has made the decision to return home to Melbourne, accepting a position with Melbourne’s 10 News First and 10 Sport. Butler’s last day with the Adelaide team is Friday, 25 January.

Sky News ramps up media coverage: new shows launch January 28

Sky News is ramping up its news and current affairs coverage, with new shows hosted by Chris Kenny and Peter Gleeson plus coverage from regional Australian towns ahead of the federal election, reports The Australian’s Lilly Vitorovich.

Sky News anchor and associate editor of The Australian, Chris Kenny, will host two new programs, Kenny on Media and the Kenny Report, and former Sunday Mail editor Peter Gleeson will anchor The Front Page. The changes mark the first major programming revamp under the network’s new chief executive Paul Whittaker.

Sky News’s highest-rating program, Paul Murray Live, will broadcast from 10 regional locations across Australia, looking at the issues and challenges facing voters. The first stop on the ‘‘Our Town, Our Show’’ tour will be Toowoomba in Queensland on February 20, which will go to air at 9pm.

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Rita Panahi to co-host Outsiders on Sky News in revamp of show

Herald Sun columnist Rita Panahi is leaving 3AW to expand her role at Sky News, reports News Corp’s Brigid O’Connell.

After a year at the radio station, yesterday was her last time co-hosting the 3AW Sunday Morning program before fronting the controversial TV political commentary program, Outsiders.

“It was the hardest professional decision I’ve ever had to make because I love the station and I love radio,” Panahi said.

“But at the end of the day, the opportunity at Sky was too good to pass up.”

From next Sunday, Panahi will be one of three co-hosts in a revamp of the beleaguered 9am TV show.

She will join current host Rowan Dean and James Morrow, the opinion editor at The Daily Telegraph, in Sky’s Sydney studio.

Since the show’s launch in 2016, two hosts – former Labor leader Mark Latham and Ross Cameron – have been sacked for their controversial comments.

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ABC TV reporter leaves in wake of women’s complaints

A male ABC TV reporter accused of inappropriate conduct towards a number of women has left the corporation, reports The Australian’s Matthew Denholm.

The Weekend Australian understands the journalist recently left the ABC, although management denied he had been sacked or pushed out.

“We do not comment on staff matters,” an ABC spokesman said. “However, any suggestion that (he) has been dismissed from the ABC is wrong.”

The journalist, whose promotion is understood to have been cancelled in the wake of the allegations last year, yesterday declined to comment.

He instead threatened The Weekend Australian with legal action. However, multiple sources confirmed he had recently left the ABC.

In late October, The Australian revealed the journalist faced a series of complaints – estimated by sources to number as many as 12 – from female staff at the ABC and at least one other news outlet. The complaints had been investigated by the ABC, which said it had taken “follow-up action”.

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Joe Aston: Barnaby Joyce shown no quarter by The Australian

Well, we’re back for the year, and how better to kick off 2019 than on 2018’s greatest self-immolator, Barnaby Joyce, writes The AFR’s Joe Aston in the first Rear Window column for 2019.

Reading Joyce’s “Chaos is just a vote away” for The Australian was to witness in real time a man perish of brain liquefication.

In receipt of the beetrooter’s Anchorman manifesto, The Oz employed a fundamental tenet of trial law (and of Andrew Denton’s): sit back and allow him all the rope he wants.

Chris Dore (who was on leave) is The Oz’s newish editor-in-chief. As editor of Sydney’s Daily Telegraph in February last year, and to much superior tut-tutting by its competitors, Dore published the revelation of Barnaby’s impending “Bundle of Joyce” and with reporters Sharri Markson and Kylar Loussikian later took home a Walkley for the effort. An early leader right there for this year’s most delicious coincidence.

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Fashion queen Anna Wintour in Melbourne for the Australian Open

Style icon Anna Wintour made a fashionable touchdown in Melbourne on Sunday, reports News Corp’s Jackie Epstein.

The American Vogue editor-in-chief is a huge tennis fan and will be here for a week of appearances and courtside visits.

A close friend of Roger Federer and Serena Williams, she will headline the AO Inspirational Series on Thursday as a keynote speaker, ahead of the women’s semi-finals.

She will be honoured at a special ceremony between the semi-final matches.

Wintour will also attend a designer showcase hosted by Vogue Australia together with the NGV and the AFC (Australian Fashion Council) on Friday.

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ABC loses head of factual as Steve Bibb departs after four years

The ABC’s head of factual Steve Bibb (pictured) is departing the organisation today after four years in the role.

“I’ve left my role as head of factual at the ABC,” Bibb told Mediaweek. “My last official day was Friday. I have a few things to tie up on a Monday in the office but then that’s that.

“After four very successful years, the time is right to move on and to look for a new meaty challenge. I’m pleased to be leaving on a creative high.

“Running factual at the ABC has been the most fulfilling and rewarding period of my career. I’m proud to say I’ve changed the landscape at the ABC. To be given the freedom and responsibility to create an ambitious strategy is a privilege but the real test of success is delivering the goods. I’m pleased to have done that with a slate that’s brought praise, new audiences, social impact and a swag of awards including four AACTAs and two Logies.

“I’m really proud of all our great shows such was War On Waste, Employble Me, Stargazing Live and Anh’s Brush With Fame that now define the ABC.”

Bibbs commissions during his time at the ABC also include Conviction, Back In Time For Dinner, Hawke: The Larrikin And The Leader, Exposed: The Case Of Keli Lane, Ask The Doctor, Ice Wars, Bullied, Keeping Australia Alive, Brian Cox: Life Of A Universe, Restoration Australia, Barrenjoey Road and Gatwick: The Last Chance Hotel.

In 2018, his Stargazing Live smashed a Guinness World Record when more than 60,000 Australians attended star parties to gaze at the moon for 10 minutes. The series also won a prize from the Astronomical Society of Australia.

Bibb’s upcoming documentaries include Old People’s Home For Four Year Olds, Magical Land Of Oz and The Cult Of The Family.

Before joining the ABC, Bibb was executive producer – factual for CJZ. He was a co-founder of production company Landmark Television in 2004 and prior to that he spent eight years with Nine as an executive producer.

MKR turns 10: Why Manu owes Pete for his job on Seven series

Ten years ago, when Seven was looking for a way to spoil 10’s MasterChef party, producers went in search of the perfect cooking couple to host their new series, My Kitchen Rules, reports News Corp’s Holly Byrnes.

After making it to the final audition phase as a judge on MasterChef, French-born chef Manu was back at his day job at now shuttered Paddington restaurant, L’Etoile, still smarting over the axing when he first heard about MKR.

Overlooked for MasterChef because of his thick accent, Feildel jumped at his “second chance” and agreed to try out for the secret show Seven hoped would counter 10’s then dominant cooking competition.

“I did the [MKR] pilot and everything went well and then my agent called and said, ‘you’re off the list … one of the executives had a problem with your accent.”

Instead, the gig would go to another Sydney-based chef, Pete Evans who had begun filming – albeit awkwardly – with another female host.

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AFL Footy Show regular moves form Nine to 10 for Celebrity

Hawthorn great and former Footy Show favourite Shane Crawford is overcoming his fears to enter the South African jungle to impress and entertain his kids, reports the Herald Sun.

The Brownlow medallist entered I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! as an intruder last night and he hoped his four sons – Charlie, Ben, Harry and Jack – would enjoy watching him.

Crawford said he parted with Channel 9 to go on the show because it was time to do something out of his comfort zone.

“I’ve had a great long- term relationship with Nine and I’ll still do stuff moving forward,’’ he said.

“I was ready to change things up and as you get older you want a different challenge. I had to listen to what my heart was telling me, so I decided to commit and go for it.”

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Gillian Anderson to play Margaret Thatcher in Netflix’s The Crown

There is only one British prime minister whose portrayals on screen have variously been described as “flirtatious and coquettish”, “almost a glamour puss”, “a she-wolf” and as a “figure of awe for her personal strength and grit”, reports London’s Sunday Times.

Margaret Thatcher is returning to British television screens, and this time she will be played by the X-Files actress Gillian Anderson, who is swapping her FBI badge for a handbag in the fourth series of the blockbuster Netflix series The Crown.

Anderson, 50, is following in the footsteps of Meryl Streep, Greta Scacchi, Andrea Riseborough and a Spitting Image puppet voiced by a man as the latest incarnation of the Iron Lady.

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Sports Media

Australian Open becomes Asia’s grand slam as rights/sponsorship grow

Ashleigh Barty, 22, became the first Australian woman in a decade to reach the quarter-finals at her home grand slam, beating former number one Maria Sharapova at Melbourne Park on Sunday, reports The AFR’s Patrick Durkin.

Roared on by a raucous home crowd that included Prime Minister Scott Morrison and men’s great Rod Laver, her victory was also watched by as many as 70 million tennis-mad Chinese fans, where the time zone has the Australian Open the biggest sporting event in Asia over these two weeks.

Tennis Australia has responded to the surging demand from Chinese tennis fans by boosting broadcast and sponsorship deals, announcing one of its biggest ever deals last October with Chinese distillery Luzhou Laojiao with signage for their high-end liquor 1573 prominent at Rod Laver and Margaret Court Arena, with court 2 rebranded as 1573 Arena.

Korean motor company Kia is another long-term partner with the rise of Asian tennis stars like Japan’s Naomi Osaka, South Korea’s Chung Hyeon and China’s Zhang Shuai fuelling the tennis appetite of Asia’s rising middle class.

Apart from the new $350 million, six-year broadcast deal struck by Nine, broadcast rights to the rest of the world – including Japan’s NHK and WOWOW and China’s state broadcaster CCTV and digital broadcaster iQIYI – deliver about another $80 million extra each year. China’s WeChat has launched a mini program with live scoring this year and the Weibo blog site for the Open has passed 150 million views.

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Budget saving: ABC should pull up stumps on sports coverage

The ABC should announce that it is ending all coverage of sport, writes Crispin Hull in a column in The Sydney Morning Herald.

The savings would go to meeting [budget cuts] and any money left over go to Australian drama and documentaries. SBS should do the same.

The screams from the politicians, particularly the Coalition, would be loud indeed. But the ABC could quite reasonably argue that conservative commentators have long urged the ABC not to replicate what the commercials can do.

Of course, that commentary has been directed at news and current affairs, but the fact is the commercials do not do news and current affairs the way the ABC and SBS do – concentrating on news of consequence, investigating matters of public importance and exposing malfeasance.

However, the ABC’s sports coverage is little different from the commercial coverage. Further, sport is a spectacle and a result. Bias and error are rare and quickly correctable, unlike political coverage.

Further, there is little of public importance in sport. It does not matter one whit whether NSW or Queensland wins the State of Origin or whether Australia or England wins the Ashes.

Elite competitive sport is a business. The ABC should not be wasting precious public money paying the eye-watering amounts of money demanded for the right to televise 30 or so, usually men, move a ball across the ground.

Nor should it contribute to sport’s exposure and audience generation, which amounts to free advertising and drives the cost of broadcast rights ever higher. The commercial channels can do it well enough.

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