Mindshare Australia celebrates its 25th birthday

In Sydney, the occasion was marked with video messages from global CEO Adam Gerhardt and WPP CEO Mark Read

Mindshare Australia celebrated its 25th year this week with events across its offices in Sydney and Melbourne.

In Sydney, the special occasion was marked with video messages from global CEO Adam Gerhardt and WPP CEO Mark Read.

Mindshare formed in APAC when the media departments of JWT and Ogilvy came together to form a strong, insights-driven media specialist. The agency is now a network of 10,000 people across 86 countries.


Story time with Sparrow

Mediaweek’s contributing editor Greg Graham, who launched Mindshare in Australia and served as its managing director, also attended the festivities.
Graham also spoke about the heritage and history of the agency alongside the current leadership team.

It has been a successful year for the agency, winning Australian Labor Party and retaining Foxtel.

Mindshare team

Mindshare also marked ten years with NAB and welcomed Maria Grivas as the new CEO of Australia and New Zealand.

Grivas said of the milestone: “25 years is an amazing celebration for Mindshare, and it’s been such a wonderful time to join the agency and the global network.
“Reflecting on the heritage that sits within the agency – the legendary culture and a reputation for pushing boundaries with great work are what made me want to be part of it.

“I’m so excited to celebrate this milestone with our team, building on all the successes, achievements, and lessons of the past 25 years to help us shape the future with energy, empathy and impact. The future’s bright – the future is purple!” Grivas added.

Meanwhile, Graham, the recipient of the 2022 MFA Hall of Fame, said of the milestone: “My dream came true with Mindshare – working with smart people who were leading the way.

“During tough times and the good, everyone at Mindshare bands together – there’s always been true leadership, great thinking, and an awesome culture. The Purple People truly are a family that live and breathe their values,” he added.

Top image: Mindshare Australia team


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