MFA celebrates 15 years of NGEN Halloween presented by News Corp Australia

MFA NGEN Halloween

Melanie Aslanidis: “It’s an opportunity for NGENers to celebrate a year of learning and kicking career goals”

The Media Federation of Australia (MFA) is celebrating its 15th NGEN Halloween with a soirée, presented by News Corp Australia.

This year’s theme, Op Shop Met Gala, is a combination of the thrill of NGEN Halloween with the glamour of the Met Gala for a night of haunting yet chic celebration. Attendees can unleash their creativity and transform thrift store treasures into couture masterpieces.

The celebration comes after a year filled with face-to-face workshops and webinars that empowered the MFA’s NGEN community with fresh knowledge, insights, and skills.

It is also an opportunity for NGENers to connect with their industry peers, forge new friendships, and build valuable networks. All of this is made possible with the support of News Corp Australia, NGEN’s National Sponsor, ensuring an unforgettable event.

Melanie Aslanidis, MFA’s head of NGEN, said: “NGEN Halloween is an important event on the NGEN calendar, it’s an opportunity for NGENers to celebrate a year of learning and kicking career goals. In our 15th year, we can celebrate that we have helped 7 out of 10 people in our industry today build their careers, and we’re excited to continue to make an impact on the careers and personal development of our industry’s young media professionals.”

News Corp Australia - Lou Barrett

Lou Barrett

Lou Barrett, News Corp Australia’s managing director national sales said: “News Corp Australia has a longstanding tradition of supporting NGEN and we are so proud to sponsor the Halloween party in 2023, now in its 15th year.
“This support however goes beyond sponsorship; it represents our commitment to acknowledging and appreciating the emerging generation of media professionals who prioritise continuous learning and growth. It also serves as recognition and gratitude for their valuable contributions to the industry, and for that, I say a personal thank you to you all.”

For priority access to tickets, NGENers must have attended three or more NGEN workshops throughout the year.

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