Meeting of the Minds: Daniel Nutman and Tasma Hunt from Common Ventures

Nutman and Hunt from Common Ventures share their perspectives, thoughts and opinions.

This week’s Meeting of the Minds sees Daniel Nutman and Tasma Hunt from independent agency Common Ventures reveal their leadership heroes, current streaming binge and career goals.

The Mediaweek series showcases their diverse perspectives, thoughts and opinions by bringing together two different points of view from an industry rookie and an experienced expert.

Common Ventures - Daniel Nutman

Daniel Nutman, senior creative, Common Ventures

Best career advice – “You can have anything, not everything”
I can’t remember who said it, and it’s more life advice than career, but really – is there a difference between the two?

My favourite podcast/read – Pivot for tech news. On Strategy with Fergus O’Carroll for strategy inspiration. David Saderis for relief and writing inspiration.
Current streaming binge –
As a new father, binging has been replaced by intermittent fasting. But lately, the Youtube homepage/recommended videos have made me their son.

Leadership hero – Leadership starts with “What needs to be done?” That can’t be answered without listening.
Brian Grazier has made a career of active listening and keeping a curious mind. He founded Imagine Entertainment in 1986 with Ron Howard, and has helped create some of cinema’s greatest movies.
A few years ago he wrote, A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life. It’s one of the most rewarding books I’ve read.

I wish someone had told me – I feel I’m still waiting for this advice.

Guilty content pleasure – Squid Game Reality Show (Netflix) is the Neapolitan of guilty pleasure viewing.
The challengers of Survivor sandwiched between the voyeurism of Big Brother and the drama of MAFS. Delicious.

Best training course/session –  Mark Ritson Mini MBA
For most of my life, I’ve focused on creativity. But more recently, that focus has turned to business more broadly.
The Mini MBA was eye opening. It made me release the challenges and goals of clients and put my role into perspective. Also, it sharpened up my question asking skills during discovery sessions with new clients/briefs.

Your mentor – All my current mentors are people from history (R.I.P.) or too famous to actually give me advice. But I know the benefit actual mentors can bring. So I’m on the lookout for someone.
After all, I can’t really grab a coffee with Anthony Bourdain, and David Saderis is terrible at returning my emails.

Hot medium or show – Augmented or filmed OOH executions that are really created for social feeds. See Oatley’s latest work filmed on the streets of Paris.

Favourite media event – Cannes in Cairns

Wish I’d done that – I wish I’d written Kayak’s brain surgeon. I wish I’d written Uncommons’ Insure your happiness. I wish I’d written F*ck the poor. I wish I’d written any of the songs from Hamilton. I wish I’d written Robin William’s speech in the park scene from Good Will Hunting.

Career goal for 2023 – Gaining knowledge is great, but it’s a waste of time if you don’t put it into practice.

I’ve read a lot of Byron Sharp, Mark Ritson, Robert Heath and a stack more over the last year. My focus now is to actually practice those principles in the real world. You know, real briefs that don’t have the research and data of P&G or the budgets of Maccas. My aim is to build the confidence to have the conviction to influence those around me. I believe in it, I need to make others believe as well.

TLDR: My ‘24 motto “Don’t just read the book. BE THE BOOK.”

Common Ventures - Tasma Hunt

Tasma Hunt, account manager, Common Ventures

Best career advice – If you don’t laugh you’ll cry.

My favourite podcast/read –  Read: Any of the Bronte sister’s novels. Don’t let their age or size worry you, you won’t be able to put them down. And, falling in love with a mean, broody and unavailable man is a trope that still stands the test of time.

Or ‘The History of Art without Men’ by Katy Hessel. It’s a great rage-read if you’re looking to learn some art history whilst simultaneously discovering just how brutally excluded women have been from the arts for centuries.

Podcast: Binchtopia. The hosts are so funny, and put in the hard yards to research niche topics like the manosphere, trad-wives, and gossip as an act of feminist resistance!

If you’re feeling a bit more broey, Last Podcast on the Left is hilarious and SO well-researched. The breadth of topics is next level if you’re a nerd for horror. Serial killers, hauntings, aliens, the plague and terrible, terrible lost-at-sea stories. Not for the squeamish.

Current streaming binge – I’m doing my best to minimise screen time, so I wouldn’t say I’m binging anything at the moment. But during a recent bout of the flu, I watched all of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. It’s sort of an underdog in the Real Housewives franchise, but the backdrop of uber-religious Utah makes the drama absolutely off its rocker.

Leadership hero –  The devil works hard, but Kris Jenner works harder.

I wish someone had told me – You’re doing amazing, sweetie.

Guilty content pleasure – Love Island, but I don’t feel guilty about it.

Best training course/session – Am I allowed to say my Bachelor’s degree?

Your mentor – I don’t have an “official” mentor as such, but as the youngest at the agency, I count myself lucky to work with some pretty A+ senior creatives and suits. The culture at Common Ventures is egalitarian enough that if you’re looking for some sage advice, you’ll easily find it from a designer through to the ECD, delivered without judgment. The only exception is Daniel. Don’t take advice from Daniel.

Hot medium or show – Pat McGrath recently creative directed the makeup at the Maison Margiela Couture Spring/Summer 2024 show by John Galliano. The porcelain skin look resembles a statue and it has been driving the internet bonkers trying to figure out what product she used to create it. Makeup and hair are such an underrated medium when it comes to telling a story and creating a character.

Favourite media event – I haven’t attended a whole lot of media events just yet, but SXSW was pretty cool and my Account Director, Alex and I managed to snag seats at Chance the Rapper’s keynote. Bonding moment <3

Wish I’d done that – I wish I’d bought the Dilara Findikoglu ‘witches’ hoodie when it was on sale in 2021.

Career goal for 2023 – I’m hoping that some projects I’ve worked on like the ‘Unforgettable Cake’ for Meals on Wheels NSW will get picked up for some industry awards this year.

I think it goes without saying, but I’m also just hoping to get generally better at my job, hone in on the things I’m good at, and improve on some things I’m not so good at. It’s all a constant work in progress!

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