Mediaweek’s Ad Placement of the Month: A super launch captures a new generation of gamers

Mediaweek’s Ad Placement of the Month

This month’s winner is the partnership between Initiative, MBCS, and You Know Media for the launch of The Boys Gen V

Mediaweek’s Ad Placement of the Month examines submissions of creative and clever placements over the past few weeks.

As judge of the monthly series, Darren Woolley, global CEO of TrinityP3 and Mediaweek’s marketing/agency editor-at-large, is looking to see how media ideas enhance creative.

This month featured a great selection of contenders in some really interesting and innovative channels, from gaming to a popular app and good old-fashioned newspapers. All with strong consumer insights and as examples of where content and channel go hand in hand to make that magic happen.

After careful consideration and deliberation of all entries, this month’s Mediaweek Ad Placement of the Month winner is:

Launch of The Boys Gen V – Initiative, MBCS, You Know Media and Prime Video

Gaming platforms are often overlooked as media opportunities, either because they are not considered or because of the false belief it is the wrong audience or that it is simply too hard.

So this month’s Ad Placement of the Month is for the launch of Prime Video’s newest series from The Boys universe, Gen V, aimed at a totally new audience to the traditionally masculine franchise… young adult women.

To do so Initiative and partners tapped into the beloved and nostalgic online role-playing gaming, The Sims. The Sims 4 has has over 70 million players worldwide across all platforms as of April 2023 according to EA. 

Mediaweek’s - Ad Placement of the Month - October

In a competition tournament titled ‘Supe My Sim’, eight key gaming talent ran a series of streams playing as characters inspired by the soon-tobe-supes from the Gen V series. Each streamer got a taste of college life at Godolkin University (where Gen V is set) by completing challenges related to the themes of the show.

A terrific use of a gaming platform to not just reach an audience but engage them in the content to change perceptions of the new series of The Boys Gen V – but this time for women.

Client: Prime Video
Media Agency: Rufus, powered by Initiative
Media Partner: You Know Media
Creative Agency: Media brands Content Studio (MBCS)

Following were regarded as commended:

Letter to all Wallabies Fans – Havas Village (Havas, Havas Media and Havas Red) and Tourism Fiji

Whoever said newspapers were dead was totally wrong. This can only be done in newspapers. For the first time in history, and to the shock of whole country, the Wallabies were knocked out in the pool stages of the Rugby World Cup.

To capitalise on this and get people to rally behind another country who were still in it – Fiji – they ran a double-sided print ad combined a message with an immediate action, not just offering a solution but literally putting that solution into the hands of Australian rugby fans.

Mediaweek’s - Ad Placement of the Month - October

Appearing in the sports section of the Sydney Morning Herald the day after the Wallabies were knocked out by Fiji getting a bonus point for losing by less than seven points. Great use of the medium and great use of full page colour. 

Justin Ruben – Executive Creative Director
Adam Smith – Senior Copywriter
Rua Perston – Senior Art Director
Nic Adamovich – Head of Design
Ant Moore – Managing Director
Maisie La Costa – Account Director

Havas Red
Stuart Hood – Executive Director, Social & Content
Georgina Thompson – Client Services Director
Abbey Farlow – Account Director

Havas Media
Drew Groves – Group Business Director
Marek Stutika – Account Director

Tourism Fiji
Srishti Narayan – Chief Marketing Officer, Tourism Fiji

Only one way to wear a seatbelt correctly – Essencemediacom, Publicis, The Queensland Government’s Department of Transport and Main Roads and Uber

Uber is a standout partnership opportunity to remind people on the correct use of seatbelts, a action that has become a mindless action for drivers and passengers.

Partnering with Uber means the creative message can be delivered to the audience when they have just booked their ride, when the ride had been despatched, and when the trip was underway.

Mediaweek’s - Ad Placement of the Month - October

This is a great example of delivering the creative message at the right time in the right place. With 18.7 million Uber trips completed each day globally, in Queensland this should deliver a reasonable audience at scale.

Department of Transport & Main Roads – Queensland Government

“Ad Selector” BVOD format across 10Play’s Connected TVs – Avenue C, Paramount, Lendi Group and Innovid

Three different audiences for the same product? In a challenging market for mortgage owners, Lendi launched a campaign to help both refinancers, prospective buyers and investors.

Whilst the ad can’t be a one-size fits all approach, through 10Play technology with Innovid, viewers could choose to find out more information, via their remote and brought them to tailored portal designed for either “First Time Buyers”, “Refinancers” or “Investors” with a unique TVC for each.

It is a media first for the ad format, especially when combined with the data attribution of Innovid to measure website performance & qualified leads. Paramount are now taking the technology and rolling out to other markets internationally.

Karen Shin & Daniel Cutrone from Avenue C
Nick Robertson, Phil Hammond, Shani Kugenthiran, Di Ho & Zoe Kostos from Paramount
Emer Hogan, Bonnie Ross & Sharon Sarinas from Lendi Group
Linda Truong & Stanislav Vainstein from Innovid



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