Mediaweek TV Guide: 30 June 2016

Australian politics, games on the streets of New York, and British slang – all featured in today’s TV recommendations.

Every day Mediaweek offers TV viewing highlights from enthusiasts Andrew Mercado [AM] and Dan Barrett [DB]

Kitchen Cabinet
8pm on ABC
Last time Malcolm Turnbull appeared with Annabel Crabb, he gave tips on how to peel pomegranates from his country estate. Three years since then he returns, but as Prime Minister, with one final pitch for Saturday’s election. [AM]

Billy On The Street
8pm on SBS2
Comedian Billy Eichner reinvents the well-worn man on the street genre with ridiculous pop-culture games fueled by his own manic/angry energy. Tonight in addition to the usual game For a Dollar he plays “Where in the World is John Mayer’s Penis?”. Laughter will ensue. [DB]

Peaky Blinders
8.30pm on BBC First
Why is BBC First so slow with its fast-tracking given this third series has already started and finished in the UK. With fans bingeing on the first few series via Netflix, it’s starting to get quite the following, especially with Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy as regulars. Already renewed for a fourth and fifth series (and talk about a movie), it doesn’t look like they are running out of ideas any time soon – but pick up the pace BBC, please. [AM]

The Seven New Signs of the Apocalypse
8.30pm on History
Yesterday on Twitter somebody wondered if Nostradamus’ references to a “trumpet” was code for Trump. Wonder if this all-new doco will also be as disturbing as they pore over ancient prophecies and bible texts to find new ways to scare us alive about how the end is nigh. [AM]

3AM: Sex, Drugs, New York
10:25pm on SBS2
This reality TV show follows young people on the party scene in New York through the late hours of the night/early hours of the morning. Each episode follows six people throughout the night. What makes this show noteworthy is that it is produced by Law & Order’s Dick Wolf, taking a rare step away from crime procedural narratives. [DB]

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