Mediaweek TV Guide – 19 September 2016

Recommendations by Andrew Mercado.

You’re Skitting Me
7pm on ABCMe
Hot on the heels of its re-branding, ABC’s fresh spin for its kids channel now includes this brand new skit comedy. These new teenage comedians will follow in the footsteps of some Australian TV greats like The Mavis Bramston Show, The Paul Hogan Show, The Comedy Company, The D Generation, and Fast Forward. So even if some of the skits are hit and miss, Aunty should be applauded for trying to find the next generation of comedians. Bravo.

The Case of JonBenet Ramsay
8.40pm on Nine
Fast-tracked from the US, this two-part documentary (which was reduced from three nights after a change from its American producers) will recreate the infamous murder case on its 20th anniversary. The family’s house, aka the murder scene, will be completely re-created and the show promises to unmask her real killer.

American Horror Story
9.30pm on Eleven
This sixth season of Ryan Murphy’s horror anthology began in the US last Wednesday and still has viewers scratching their heads over what is happening. Sarah Paulsen and Cuba Gooding Jr (an interesting pairing given they just went head to head on The People vs O J Simpson) play a couple being haunted by evil spirits talking about their experiences for a documentary which includes re-creations in which they are played by actors. Confused yet? Some theories suggest there are multiple stories going on this season and/or every season of AHS has been leading to this. Good luck – you have been warned.

The 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards
7.30pm on Fox 8
Here’s your chance to catch an encore screening of today’s live screening, and with the fast forward button you should be able to get through it in about 90 minutes. Host Jimmy Kimmel’s opening was OK, but his comments throughout the show have been much funnier. And after the controversy over the lack of diversity at this year’s Academy Awards, it’s good to see that television is a much more welcoming place with some truly inspiring speeches and moments.

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