Mediaweek TV Guide – 17 May 2016

Today’s picks include the plastic-surgery-gone-awry reality show Botched, and the fantastic comedy Casual.

Mediaweek’s guide to the best TV on the box tonight. Suggestions by Andrew Mercado (AM) and Dan Barrett (DB).

Britain’s Got Talent – 8.30pm on Nine
Australia’s Got Talent didn’t work but the original version of this franchise is still going strong in the UK because it seems to attract talent from all over the world. Similar to the moment when they discovered Susan Boyle, this series has had several other “gotcha” moments so far that have screened on all our morning shows (like a Russian sword swallower who slides head first down a strippers pole). Not quite sure this is the right timeslot for such a family-friendly show but good luck to them. (AM)

Casual – 9pm on Showcase
From producer Jason Reitman is this completely underrated gem that stars Michaela Watkins, Tommy Dewey, and Frances Conroy. Watkins stars as Valerie, a psychiatrist going through a divorce from her cheating husband who moves into her brother’s house with her teenage daughter. The brother, Alex, is a software designer who got rich from developing the algorithm that powers a successful dating website. While the initial premise of the show has the promiscuous and spiritually vacant Alex introducing Valerie to the world of modern dating, the series takes some considerably more complicated turns as the reason for Alex and Valerie’s difficulties socially start to be revealed. (DB)

Botched – 9.30pm on E!
It’s the third season of this series about plastic surgery that has gone horribly wrong. And apparently this is now a franchise, because it will soon have a spinoff called Botched By Nature which will cover those unfortunate people who have born with a physical deformity. Classy. (AM)

Quantico – 11.15pm on Seven
The US terrorist drama wraps up its first series by revealing the season-long question as to who the bomber is. Despite opening with 7 million viewers, and then slipping down to 3 million by the end, this show will be back for a second season – not that Seven would seem to care much judging by this late timeslot. (AM)

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