Mediaweek HOT List March 2024: Closing gender pay gap, IMAA, NRMA, Innocean and Kia

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NRMA appoints Accenture Song, Innocean and Kia bring a Ute full of Australian sporting legends.

Welcome to the industry HOT List of 2024, where Mediaweek Marketing & Agency Editor-At-Large and Founder and CEO of TrinityP3 Marketing Management Consultancy, Darren Woolley, highlights and acknowledges the media and creative agencies, the industry bodies and events turning up the heat.

Autumn is upon us. Longer, cooler nights. Shorter days. But while the weather may be cooling, the advertising, marketing and media industries are still running hot with ideas and innovation as we look at those adding the heat and making a difference on this month’s Hot List. 

Sizzling HOT


Congratulations to Clemenger BBDO, Mediabrands and OMG on closing the gender pay gap according to the WGEA Gender Pay Gap Data released late last month. For the others, there is some way to go to ensure there is less than a 5% gap.

By way of an incentive, we read that in the USA, the class action against Disney, taken by 9000 women paid less than their male counterparts is moving forward with the very real possibility the company will be required to compensate the women for wage theft.

Very Hot

Industry bodies

There are several ways you can measure the effectiveness of an industry body such as the IMAA. One is in their ability to promote an increasingly diverse number of independent media agencies, enriching the whole industry.

The other is the industry award recognition they garner. In the past two years, across the ever-increasing number of awards for Media Agency of the Year in Australia, independent media agencies have won four out of six of the Awards. These agencies include hatched, Match & Wood and This is Flow, who won their second late last month.

Such a healthy and vibrant selection of media indies provides a richer selection pool and greater choice for clients.




NRMA is on fire appointing Accenture Song to overhaul its end-to-end customer experience (CX). The appointment mobilises talent from both global and local pools within Accenture Song to leverage the broad disciplines for an integrated model, across marketing, CX, digital, design, and communication.

This must be the first proper, committed attempt at full-funnel involvement from an agency.

Accenture Song

Also HOT

Creative agencies

How do you launch a Ute into the Australian market almost a year before the first one hits the road? For Innocean and their client Kia, the answer was a Ute full of Australian sporting legends.

Twenty Australian sporting icons launched the most Australian vehicle ever with the most die-hard of sporting fans celebrating being able to name all twenty of their sporting heroes. One thing we can agree on, it is great they didn’t name the new vehicle, Utey Mc Ute Face.

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 Criteria for making the Mediaweek Hot Lists
• Making a difference to clients, staff, the industry, and society at large
• Breakthrough campaign or idea that is a category game changer
• Challenging the status quo to drive innovation.

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