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In light of recent coverage, and the awareness of the impact this coverage will have on Mediaweek’s employees, audience, clients and partners, Trent Thomas, Managing Director and Publisher has elected to step back from his role to ensure that the business can continue its commitment to delivering a brand based on a foundation of quality and respected content for our audiences, clients and partners.

The business will continue to be led with its Senior Leadership team, Sarah Chapman, General Manager, Kellie Brown, Digital and Marketing Director, Andrew Mulready, Chief Revenue Director and James Manning, Editor-In-Chief and is committed to demonstrating and supporting the rights of all their employees. Furthermore, Mediaweek remains committed to providing a brand safe environment for all our partners; as well as continuing to provide best in class advertising, content, media and event solutions.

Mediaweek acknowledges the rights of all workers to raise any type of workplace concerns and is committed to receiving all concerns with a person-centred and trauma informed approach providing a safe workplace for everyone that defines appropriate conduct and best practices.

Over the last eight weeks Mediaweek demonstrated our commitment to safe work practices by engaging independent HR consultants to investigate, support and address concerns brought forth by two employees. The outcome of this investigation propelled our business to swiftly implement an industry leading prevention and response plan, HR training and robust HR guidelines and policies to take proactive and meaningful action to eliminate relevant unlawful conduct in the workplace.

Any questions. please contact: 

Sarah Chapman on [email protected], Kellie Brown on [email protected] or Andrew Mulready on [email protected]

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