Mediaweek 100: Considerations Portal open, criteria announced for all three lists

Mediaweek 100

The Mediaweek 100 Industry Lunch is October 13, at The Crown Sydney

With the Mediaweek 100 Industry Lunch upcoming on October 13, the company is excited to announce that the Considerations Portal is now open for the Mediaweek 100, Agency 50, and Starpower 25 lists till midnight on September 17. 

The Mediaweek Considerations Portal is available here

While you don’t have to be nominated to make any of the Mediaweek 100, Agency 50, and Starpower 25 lists, the considerations portal exists to allow people to put their case forward to make the list or improve their placement.

Along with the considerations portal, Mediaweek can also announce the criteria for all three lists which can be seen below.

Mediaweek 100 criteria

The media executives on this list are the ones who control the direction of the most influential media companies in the country. From operations, sales, marketing, or content, these decision makers shape the industry.

1. Accomplishments and wins
2. Innovation
3. Revenue and profit
4. Cultural contributions

Agency 50 criteria

The Agency 50 will count down the top 50 most influential and powerful media agency executives in the country and how they positively influence the industry, their organisation, and the client’s business.

1. Real power is positively influencing your industry, your organisation, your category and your client’s business
2. Your role in the industry is a table stake to the top 50, but what you do with that power counts.
3. The media industry faces many issues and challenges around ESG: including DEI, environmental sustainability, workplace safety, ad fraud, transparency, and more.
4. The Agency 50 is about recognising those who not only have positions of power and influence but are actively using their position to encourage the industry to address these issues for the benefit of their clients, employees, businesses and their business partners across the entire media supply chain.

Starpower 25 criteria

The Star Power 25 will count down the top 25 most influential and powerful talents on screen and on air.

1. Ratings/ Viewership success
2. Commercial success
3. Longevity
4. Volume of work
5. Breadth of reach
6. Contributions to community

The Mediaweek Considerations Portal is available here and you can buy tickets here.

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