Media Stable signs Lanna Hill & launches new products

Media Stable has announced a new appointment and is also launching two new products this week.

Lanna Hill joins Media Stable

While many media companies have lately been shrinking in size, in the last two years Perth-based Media Stable has doubled its numbers.

Lanna Hill is the latest addition to the Media Stable team, in her new role as talent acquisition manager. The role of talent acquisition at Media Stable is to identify quality business leaders who have an opinion, who are experts in their field and who are also well-regarded in their own industry.

Hill is a successful small business coach with her own impressive media profile. “It made sense to bring in someone like Lanna who has excelled in developing her own media profile,” said Nic Hayes, managing director of Media Stable.

“Lanna knows what it takes to build a strong media presence and is well-positioned to identify the type of people the media are looking to work with.”

Lanna is based in Perth but will also be servicing the Sydney and Brisbane markets in her new role.

New Media Stable products

Media Stable’s Media Training platform has assembled a directory of the cream of the country’s media trainers, who have been vetted for quality and value.

“Our platform gives you the ability to compare and choose the right trainer for your purposes. And because the level of expertise and investment can be varied, by assembling the country’s top trainers in one place we’ve helped to take the guesswork out of your media training decision,” said Nic Hayes.

“Business leaders across all sectors who carry the title of CEO, managing director, general manager, board member, director or the like need to do themselves a professional favour and invest in media training. It can be as simple as some introductory training and theory, right through to high-end practical work in front of the camera. Media training is no longer a luxury for business – it is a necessity these days to be able to communicate with both traditional and new media.”

Media Stable is giving media trainers across the country an opportunity to get a profile on the website. There are a few protocols to go through and, while it doesn’t cost the trainers anything to be listed, there is a commission fee for every job allocated. The platform can be found here.

The second new product is The Registry, a new service from Media Stable aimed at those wanting to build a media profile. It also suits those with an existing profile, who are looking to maintain a media presence and engage with media on a more strategic level.

For a one-off fee, a curated profile is created and then registered within Media Stable’s existing expert database. With over 600 media subscribers, The Registry places the expert profile within a searchable platform that enables the media to directly engage the expert. However, it’s very different from the Expert and Premium Profiles offered by Media Stable, which both have far more proactive approaches to building your profile as an authority.

“The Registry is the place to be if you want the media to come to you for your expert advice and opinion,” said John Solvander, director of media engagement at Media Stable.

Those looking to take up a profile in The Registry should send an email of interest to [email protected].


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