Top media people 2016: Steve Price

Steve Price

Our annual listing of 25 media executives who made a difference this year and are shaping how 2017 will look

Steve Price, Macquarie Media & The Project

The media veteran has had many career peaks across a journey in newspapers and radio. He is arguably now bigger than ever with his 2GB/3AW evening show and his twice-weekly regular appearances on Network Ten’s The Project. Price’s at times seemingly gruff manner can confuse new listeners, which is part of the attraction for his regular audience. He still has the ability to upset people familiar with his style too – see the fuss Carrie Bickmore helped create after she accused Price recently on being rude to a TV guest. His daily hour with Andrew Bolt is some of the best AM radio every week, even if it is on at 8pm every day, which is a long way from radio primetime. Price and Bolt won an ACRA in 2016 for Best On-Air team, AM Metro.

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