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News Corp’s Jessica Gilby says that the industry has had tunnel vision on how it defines success using certain media metrics.

As the deprecation of third-party cookies inches closer, national head of digital sales at News Corp Australia, Jessica Gilby says that the industry has had tunnel vision on how it defines success using certain media metrics.

“For the last couple of years, the industry has been focused on outdated media metric proxies as the justification for future investment,” she told Mediaweek ahead of next week’s D_Coded event.

“These proxies look at metrics such as viewability, click-through rate and time decay and are all about the last action that has been taken by a user, not the full journey taken to get to the destination.

“News Corp has noticed this and is now starting to bring this method back to marketing fundamentals around moving users through the marketing funnel by using our Intent Connect measurement and attribution suite.”

News Corp’s Intent Connect is its solution to a cookieless world, connecting audience segmentation and activation to outcomes, and demonstrating media campaign impact on brand, action, and transaction. 

Intent Connect is a full-funnel measurement system and at the top of the funnel, News Corp partners with Kantar, PureProfile, and Brand Metrics to track brand awareness, favorability, and purchase intent. Down the funnel, News Corp analyses user content interaction through partnerships with AdGile and Vudoo, revealing video effectiveness and e-commerce outcomes. 

“In simple terms, Intent Connect centralises all of the different data signals that we have on our first party, or data signals that we can act on our collective audiences that visit our array of sites and sections,” Gilby said.

“On top of that, we overlay around 15 data partners to help enhance our customer views with other partners and that brings real-world insights on what consumers are doing when they’re shopping all the way through to transactional level data from flybuys to understand what they’re actually purchasing and buying.”

News Corp’s 2024 D_Coded event next week has been teased as a look into the future of advertising and Intent Connect will be further explored at the conference. Speaking of the event, Gilby said that global and local guests will talk about the macro view of what marketers are facing and the conundrum they’re currently in. 

“We’re going to have a huge and inherent focus on data, and I think when it comes to data it’s around two core things.

“Firstly, data activation in privacy compliant ecosystems that bring huge scale and addressability within that first-party data ecosystem as well, and secondly it’s around measurement, and an understanding of how to measure the success of your campaigns with a suite of solutions, rather than using historic proxies to understand performance.”

D_Coded will be headlined by Evan Shapiro, media universe cartographer and professor of media and entertainment, who will discuss the implications of a new user-centric era. 

LiveRamp senior vice president Daniella Harkins will deliver a keynote on the impacts of signal loss and the opportunities a collaborative approach to data practices will bring to the Australian market. 

Omnicom Media Group chief investment officer Kristiaan Kroon, AdFixus head of sales Roland Irwin, and Journey Beyond Group manager digital and loyalty Wade Stokes will also be among the presenters.

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