Matt Rossi leaves Eucalyptus to launch media agency startup, Oodle

Matt Rossi - Oodle

Rossi was previously at Koala as head of creative and Canva as head of brand marketing.

Matt Rossi is departing his role as head of growth at healthcare start-up Eucalyptus to start a new media buying service, Oodle.

Rossi spent the last seven years building internal creative and media functions for some of Australia’s biggest success stories, such as Koala, where he was head of creative, and Canva, where he was head of brand marketing.

At Eucalyptus, he was responsible for driving growth for its brands, Pilot and Juniper, with offerings such as channel expansion and brand storytelling that Oodle says it will offer at scale for its clients.



The media buying service launches with founding clients: fellow startups Hnry, Spriggy, and Koh. 

Rossi argued brand advertising should not be so opaque. “It’s arguably the single biggest lever to grow brands, but it’s also the lever with the most barriers in front of it. From inconsistent pricing to unreliable measurement and bespoke creative,” he noted.

Rossi noted that Oodle aims to offer something different. “We’re demystifying the industry and empowering brands to scale into brand channels with confidence.

“We believe effective brand media drives incremental conversions whilst improving brand metrics in the process. We care about media that works, and we know how to put plans together that drive growth.”

James Fuller, Hnry co-founder and CEO, called Rossi’s results-oriented approach a “refreshing change.”

“We know we’re in safe hands as we continue to scale Hnry’s increasingly sophisticated channel mix with Oodle.”

Charli Walters, Koh CEO, said: “Matt’s been invaluable to Koh’s successful move into brand channels. We’re thrilled to be able to continue that arrangement more formally with Oodle.”

Alongside integrated media planning and buying for brand channels, Oodle will be working closely with in-house teams to develop their campaign tooling and measurement expertise. Rossi said the business will focus on media strategy and buying for ‘growth-focused’ brands.

Top image: Matt Rossi

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