Mats Brandt steps down as Readly CEO, Philip Lindqvist to take the role


Brandt assumed the role of CEO of Readly in May 2022

In agreement with the company’s board, Mats Brandt is leaving his role as CEO of Readly International. The board has decided to appoint Philip Lindqvist as the new CEO of Readly as of May 31.

Philip Lindqvist has extensive experience from leading positions in media, content and digital subscription services. Lindqvist was previously head of the streaming service C More, and head of strategy and distribution at TV4, C More and Finnish MTV. He has a background from The Boston Consulting Group and today works as an advisor and investor.

Jan Lund, chairman of the Readly Board, says “The Board and Mats have agreed that the time is right for a CEO shift. With his extensive experience in, among other things, digital subscription-based streaming services, both as a content provider and distributor, Philip is the right person to take over the leadership and drive Readly forward. I look forward to him starting immediately. I also want to take the opportunity to thank Mats for what he has accomplished during his time at Readly.”

Philip Lindqvist, new CEO of Readly says “Readly has an important and exciting role in making journalism from around the world available to an increasingly digital audience. The company has a leading position in Europe and a positive momentum to start from. That’s why I look forward to becoming part of the team and jointly taking the next step in Readly’s development.”

Mats Brandt assumed the role of acting CEO of Readly in January 2022 and was appointed permanent CEO in May of the same year. Under his leadership, the company has shown good revenue growth, record high margins and is well on its way to profitability.

“Readly has a very committed team with fantastic competence. I am super satisfied with what we have achieved together and wish the company continued success in the future,” says Brandt.

Brandt’s last day as CEO was May 31. He will continue to be at the disposal of the Board during the notice period.

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