Brands that backed the Matildas are reaping the rewards

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Mikayla Hopkins: “While many said there’s no money in women’s sport, this data proves the exact opposite”

As World Cup fever spreads and the Matilda’s waltz to the tournament’s semi-finals, are the brands backing the tournament and women’s support solidifying a soft spot in the minds of consumers?

Fresh data from brand tracking platform Tracksuit says yes.

Their survey of 4000+ Aussies in fact showed that 42% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand that actively promotes and supports women’s sports over brands who do not.

Beyond this, the survey also showed:

• Gen Z are leading the charge with 60% of Aussies aged 18-24 prefer brands that back women’s sport (compared to only 40% for those aged  35-64)
• 45% of men are more likely to purchase from a brand backing  female sport compared to 39% of women 
• Almost 77% of Aussies have noticed an improvement in attention and support towards women’s sport in recent years
• Those aged 65 or older have noticed the change the most (81%)

In response to the data, Tracksuit’s head of marketing Mikayla Hopkins said:

“Brands that have prioritised supporting women’s sport are reaping the rewards. While many said there’s no money in women’s sport, this data proves the exact opposite.

“The Matildas versus France game was the largest TV sport event in Australia in over a decade, with an average audience of 4.17 million viewers throughout the game.

“More businesses should be capitalising on the opportunity that comes with backing women’s sports and building brand awareness and consideration with these highly engaged consumers.”

The Matildas v France game’s adjusted average audience of 4.17 million included a national broadcast audience of 3.69 million viewers on Seven (2.62 million in the capital cities) plus 472,000 viewers on 7plus making it the biggest streaming event ever seen in Australia. It was also the highest rating TV sport program of the past decade.

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