Man of Many unveils its AI chatbot integration “Ask MoM”

man of many chatbot

Scott Purcell: “We look forward to harnessing the efficiencies and possibilities of AI”

Man of Many unveiled its new AI chatbot, “Ask Man of Many” or “Ask MoM,” in a strategic partnership with

The website chatbot integration marks the next stage of the Australian men’s lifestyle media company’s AI journey, following the successful launch of its ChatGPT plugin, a first amongst major publishers.

The innovative new chatbot, developed by, is designed to offer personalised, instant responses to user queries, reducing search fatigue and significantly improving reader engagement. Ask MoM boasts advanced features, a large language model and knowledge base training, providing users with accurate and immediate responses to queries surrounding a wide variety of subjects.

To ensure the accuracy of responses, Ask MoM will exclusively deliver information published on the Man of Many website. Clear disclosure regarding the chatbot’s AI nature and any propensity for missteps in responses will also be visible to users, safeguarding trust and transparency.

Scott Purcell, co-founder of Man of Many, said: “Our partnership with signifies our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide enhanced customer service and engagement. The introduction of Ask MoM is an exciting development for us and our audiences, bringing a new level of interaction to our platform and a seamless user experience for our readers.”’s system also provides valuable insights from customer interactions, helping Man of Many continually refine the chatbot’s responses and improve its accuracy.

Frank Arthur, co-founder of Man of Many, added: “Man of Many is excited to embrace this new chapter of AI integration. We believe the Ask MoM chatbot will enhance our site’s user experience and redefine how we engage with our readers. It’s all part of our ongoing commitment to innovation, digital accessibility, and first-class customer service.”

As Man of Many continues its foray into artificial intelligence and its applications, the publisher is committed to maintaining the highest standards of accuracy, originality, and quality in its published content.

While the media brand is exploring innovative ways to use AI tools such as Ask MoM and their ChatGPT plugin to enhance user interaction and improve efficiencies, any content influenced by AI in its ideation or structure will carry clear and transparent disclosure per the publisher’s strict Editorial Guidelines.

Man of Many’s journalism remains the product of meticulous human effort, with every piece of content thoroughly vetted and signed off by human editors. The deployment of AI in the media brand’s reader interactions is aimed at supplementing and streamlining content discovery rather than supplanting human effort or journalism.

“Man of Many’s commitment to the integrity of journalism is unwavering,” Purcell added. “We look forward to harnessing the efficiencies and possibilities of AI while ensuring that the high quality and authenticity of our content remains paramount.”

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