Lunch with Sharri Markson before NRMA Kennedy Awards finalists revealed

Sharri Markson news awards

Markson will be the special guest of the Kennedy Foundation’s Sydney Media Club

From bringing down a deputy prime minister, to exposing the appalling inefficiency of bushfire fighting services and investigating the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sharri Markson has made a major impact on Australian Journalism.

A Kennedy Prize recipient as Australian Journalist of the Year in 2018 and multiple Kennedy and Walkley winner, Markson will be the next special guest of the Kennedy Foundation’s Sydney Media Club ahead of the 2021 announcement of finalists in the 10th Annual NRMA Kennedy Awards.

Sharri Markson

Sharri Markson with Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch at the 2018 News Awards

Markson will be interviewed on stage by The Australian‘s editor-in-chief Chris Dore in what should be an enthralling afternoon at City Tattersalls Club on July 21st.

Tickets for lunch and drinks start at $139 and bookings for seats and tables can be made here.

In 2018, Sharri Markson spoke with Mediaweek about her award and the Barnaby Joyce story:

Does the Barnaby Joyce story go much deeper than just someone having an affair?

Of course. Otherwise it would have been a story that lasted a few days. After the big revelation that he was having a baby with his media advisor, two days later I had the story the Turnbull Government had created a new job for her that hadn’t existed before. It became a much bigger story that involved the covering up of the scandal at the highest levels of the Turnbull Government, which signed off on the jobs and other entitled issues.

I first tried to write the story in October last year when we ran a front-page story that said Barnaby Joyce had a crisis in his personal life that was causing ripple effects for the government on the eve of the New England by-election. His whole family was devastated, but he hadn’t publicly said he had split up with his wife. I knew he had, but I couldn’t write about the affair without some sort of proof.

Over the summer holidays I had heard Vikki Campion was pregnant and during the first week back in Canberra in February this year we tried to get a photograph that showed she was pregnant.

Listen to Mediaweek’s Sharri Markson podcast from 2018 here.

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