Luke Girgis insists AI won’t replace journalists as The Brag Media begins experimenting with AI technology

Luke Girgis - The Brag Media

Starting next week, the outlet will integrate AI into its writing system

Luke Girgis, CEO of The Brag Media, has revealed the publication will begin experiments using artificial intelligence (AI) to write its articles.

Starting next week, the outlet will integrate AI into its writing system. Girgis has insisted the use of the technology will not replace the value of journalists and news writers.

Girgis took to LinkedIn to share the news. He wrote: “Just as the invention of the calculator didn’t devalue mathematicians, and photoshop didn’t devalue the artist, AI writing won’t devalue the journalists and news writers.

“We are going to start experimenting with #AI in our writing at The Brag Media from next week.”

The Brag Media - Luke Girgis comment

The statement was met with mixed views, one commented: “Similarly for songwriters and artists I’d say.” Girgis replied: “I remember when rappers were upset about the invention of the rhyming dictionary.”

Another said: “Video Killed The Radio Star…”
There were others who shared their curiosity at the endeavour, including one who said: “Agree with sentiment, so really interested to see the outcome.”
Someone else said: “This will be a great experiment Luke and I will observe with interest. You never know until you know.”
Meanwhile, another shared their experience with the technology and said: “Having written a handful of articles with it already, it definitely saves time but doesn’t have the voice readers look for.”
Examples of AI software include Jasper AI, Copy AI and ChatGPT. Recently, ChatGPT shared a post on LinkedIn that said: “AI will not replace you. A person who’s not using AI will replace you.”

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The news comes after Girgis spoke to The Silver Bullet podcast about music-focused publishing and events business last year with host Zanda Wilson.

During the interview, he touched on the company’s editorial values and said: “At The Brag Media, we believe our job is to inspire not divide, we want to inspire our readers, we want to bring our readers together, we want to get around their passion points.

“What I feel the real problem right now with publishers is that they’re very, very divisive, intentionally.

“I actually think that some of these other publishers sit around and they go, ‘how can we be offended today?’ or if something’s happened? ‘How does this offend me,’ and then they really lean into the absolute divisive side to every single news story.”

Top image: Luke Girgis

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