LiSTNR welcomes its new podcast Turia Pitt’s Pep Talk

LiSTNR - Turia Pitt

“I’m excited to share evidence-based methods and insights via my daily pep talks”

LiSTNR has welcomed its new podcast, Turia Pitt’s Pep Talk, hosted by motivational speaker Turia Pitt.

Pitt knows better than most about getting through hard times. She believes it’s the small steps, taken consistently, that create the mindset needed to do extraordinary things.
Following the success of her January podcast series called The First 30, which helped listeners kick start their new year with 30 days of inspiration, Pitt is now providing listeners with regular daily pep talks to deliver ongoing support.
Pitt is the voice that everyone needs to hear to set up their day for success.
In Turia Pitt’s Pep Talk, Pitt will be there Monday to Friday to share short and practical tips, tools, and anecdotes that will motivate and inspire listeners.
Having survived burns to 65% of her body, Pitt has defied every expectation placed on her. Now she is sharing those learnings to help others level up. By downloading each day, listeners will tap into the powerful mindset strategies that Turia uses as an athlete, bestselling author, business leader and mum.
Adding to other inspirational voices featured, including former Australian World Surfing champion Layne Beachley, former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard, Australian anaesthetist and cave diver Dr Richard Harris and many others, Pitt will help listeners build daily habits to face obstacles and thrive. The bite size, five-minute episodes are the ideal formula for busy people that want to reframe their mindset and get in a positive headspace.
Pitt said: “Overcoming the challenges in my life did not happen in some grand overnight miracle, but in small habits, done daily. I’m excited to share evidence-based methods and insights via my daily pep talks — these are tools that help me and I know they’ll help you too.
“I believe that it’s not what your goal is, or how much you want it or even why you want it. All that counts is that you show up and take that small step forward, every day, towards that goal.”
Mike Williams, LiSTNR Original Podcasts entertainment and culture executive producer, said: “We recently saw how keen Turia’s community were to receive a daily boost from one of Australia’s most inspirational voices. Being able to expand the format to a regular daily pep talk is a game-changer for listeners looking to level up. Everyone should start their day with a pep talk from Turia Pitt.”
Turia Pitt’s Pep Talk is available now and new episodes will drop Monday to Friday on LiSTNR or wherever you get your podcasts.

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