LiSTNR launches Dr Golly and The Experts

LiSTNR dr golly and the experts

The podcast follows parents who have become a specialist in their child’s – or their own – health journey

A new LiSTNR original podcast titled Dr Golly and the Experts, released on April 26, will follow Dr Daniel Golshevsky (Dr Golly) talking with ‘experts’ – parents who have, through necessity,  become a specialist in their child’s – or their own – health journey, from diagnosis to day-to-day treatment and beyond. 

As former chief resident medical officer at The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Dr Golly has treated many high-profile Australian families as they deal with medical conditions ranging from epilepsy, autism, eczema, sleep deprivation, croup and ADHD, and he has a rare talent as an expert, and as an expert translator. 

In the first episode, Dr Golly speaks with Australian sports broadcaster and Seven Sport presenter, Hamish McLachlan, whose daughter Milla was diagnosed with West Syndrome at eight months old. 

Dr Golly and the Experts leans into the fact that parents are often more knowledgeable on the specific of their child’s – or their own – condition that a paediatrician or GP. Parents often need to become an advocate, keeping up with the latest research, trials and treatments in order to feel educated and empowered to make crucial decisions for their family’s health. 

In talking to parents, Dr Golly shares their challenges confronting a diagnosis, managing their own struggles, and finding solutions and treatment for their children, and themselves. With both in-depth storytelling and Dr Golly’s evidence-based explainers, this podcast combines compelling interviews with information for parents battling significant parenting obstacles and long-term medical issues. 

In upcoming episodes, Dr Golly speaks with Steph Claire-Smith, co-Founder of @keepitcleaner about childhood eczema, AFL players Jarrod Roughhead and Jordan Lewis on their fatherhood experiences, former AFLW player Moana Hope and model Isabella Carlstrom on breastfeeding issues, and bestselling author, podcast host and TEDx speaker Melissa Ambrossini on mixed families. 

The first episode of Dr Golly and The Experts is available on LiSTNR now.

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