LiSTNR launch investigative journalist Adam Shand’s Real Crime podcast collection

real crime

• The new series Australian Detectives features the nation’s best investigators talking about iconic cases

LiSTNR is the new home of Walkley Award-winning investigative journalist Adam Shand and his acclaimed body of work in true crime podcasts. Three new series will be featured under the Real Crime brand: Real Crime Feature, Real Crime Interview and a brand-new series Real Crime – Australian Detectives.

Shand is an investigative journalist, author, TV presenter and podcast creator with a passion for the truth. Shand does not try to prosecute or defend, but tells a story from original case files, investigators, victims and their families.

The series comprises all of Shand’s work, including The Trials of the Vampire, ATM Boy, In Plain Sight, Lawyer X, The Great Qantas Hoax, Packer’s Gold, Lucille Butterworth, the award-winning NSW Police State Crime Command series Lost at Sea. Shand’s interview series includes The Real Chopper, Control, Jailhouse Lawyer and the most recent War on Ourselves based on the Afghanistan War accusations.

The new series Australian Detectives features the nation’s best investigators talking about iconic cases they have worked on, giving a step-by-step insider’s account of how the crimes were solved and the villains brought to justice.

Adam Shand said: “Real Crime brings together nearly five years of investigation and collaboration. It’s an anthology of work that continues to grow and evolve, with fresh cases, breaking leads on existing cases and a brand-new series, Australian Detectives. We are taking listeners into the world I’ve inhabited for two decades and finding new ways to tell these stories.”

LiSTNR, general manager of digital audio, Grant Tothill said: “Having worked with Adam for close to five years, it’s an exciting time to put all of his work to date in an easily discoverable collection. All the work speaks for itself and reinforces the power of great investigative journalism. Shand is a unique storyteller, his feature series focusses on long term investigations, whilst his interview and Australian Detective series show another side of Adam and his relationship with those who are telling their own story. If you’re into true crime, you’ll love Real Crime with Adam Shand.”

Real Crime with Adam Shand is available now on the LiSTNR app.

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