Lifestyle media house Urban List launches new merchandise line

urban list

• This is the third direct-to-consumer product line for the publisher

Lifestyle media house, Urban List, has launched a new line of merchandise for Summer — four collections of totes, tees and masks designed to celebrate the good life, in line with their 10th anniversary.

This is the third direct-to-consumer product line for the publisher, and the first to engage the growing creator economy — inviting creators across Urban List’s community to co-create the launch collections in a play that blends the worlds of Web 3.0 and real life.

Urban List head of content, Tessa Gallagher, championed the initiative, leading the curation and creation of the line.

“We’ve always been inspired by our community — many of whom have serious cultural influence in their own right — and it’s been a blast collaborating on our very first drop. It’s also been an incredible opportunity for the Urban List team to flex their creativity in new ways — the epic line artwork in the Eat.Drink.Repeat collection was created by our art director, Kate Mason; an analog artistry she doesn’t usually tap into at work”, said Gallagher.

The 90+ piece drop includes four pre-designed collections as well as a customisable tote and tee, inviting the Urban List community to design and wear ‘the good life’ according to them, on their sleeve.

Urban List project manager, Ellie Healan, said the customisation element was both challenging and key to the concept.

“We know the good life looks a little different to everyone — that diversity of perspective is a huge part of who we are — and we wanted to open up the frame to allow our community to express and celebrate the good life according to them in a fresh, fun way. We also wanted to keep the price point really affordable for gifting — a thoughtful and creative present for friends and fam who may be getting together for the very first time, without breaking the bank.”

The collection has been curated to align with the Urban List’s commitment to sustainability, focusing on reusable totes made from organic cotton, with each purchase printed to order to minimise wastage.

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